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as promised, i went to the most fabulous shop today….GATHERINGS…in Georgetown, TX. i visited this fab place during the summer and had a minute to run thru and drool, buy one old sweet doll head, listen to my family whine about that and then have my husband tell me it was time to go. okay…..ugh. well…i was floored with how beautiful this place was. during the short time i spent browsing, i saw some of the most incredible vignettes and displays i’ve ever seen. for my friends marta, cheryl, and marnee… all will love this post. buttons galore….tons and tons of creamy colors, pale pinks, off whites…..bakelite, mother of pearl, old lace, dreamy old photos of unknown fancy families…covered in buttons and ribbons, old bird cages, chippy mirrors, dressers, doors, pillars galore, hand made furniture, old door knobs, cloches filled with amazing little goodies, statues, lamps, chandies, etc…etc….etc….vintage, vintage, vintage!!!! wow.

i shot 44 pictures, so i will do lots of photo posting and not too much blah, blah, blah about each photo. they speak for themselves. the ladies that run this operation really know how to buy, sell, display and make you feel totally at home!!! there are also 5 vendors that add completely to the overall look and feel of this dreamy, vintage fairytale land. UNREAL. please stop in one day if you are in Georgetown and have time to browse. you will leave with not only some beautiful, timeworn treasures, but a feeling of nostalgia, inspiration and happiness. it’s worth the trip!!!!!!!! thanks for making my day a delight and inviting my mom and i into your little world. nice to meet you Margie as well!!

please check out their OPEN HOUSE NOV. 13th from 10-5pm…all day long…display after gorgeous display!!!!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!! these are in a random order. i can’t wrap my little ADHD brain around an organized way of displaying these. sorry. it will take me too long and cause my brain to soften. also…PARDON MY CRAPPY PHOTO SKILLS. this store is so gorgeous compared to my old, camera photos. some are blurry, some are the wrong color, and some are very busy, but i wanted to post them all, so excuse my inconsistency.

let me introduce you to my hip mom with a crusty doll head. my mom comes all the way from d.c. to visit me and i make her take a photo of herself with a doll head. she took a photo once years ago holding a dead chipmunk. she is wearing that same expression during both of those photos. go mom. thanks for being a sport.

that is is….how many photos do i have???? and this is a sampling of what the store has to offer. lots of primitives, formals, garden goodies, etc….,but i mainly took photos of the center part of the store. you have to see this place to really get the full feeling

oh…and for my blogging friends who want to buy online….I WISH I COULD SET UP AN ETSY ACCOUNT, but i just don’t have the time. michelle….thanks for all the great comments about my things. i wish you lived closer…i would drop them off at your and rachel. if i ever get the time, i may start a flea market friday on my blog, but i’m overbooked right now with my crazy kids, booth and projects. ooooohhh i wish i could buy time. don’t we all??  but i am thinking about flea market friday maybe starting in the spring.

you all…thanks for all your support and thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoyed the show.




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family time…..

well…it is about time for a post!!! family time is slowing down. for the last 2 weeks, i’ve had my aunt and uncle at my house visiting from florida. i’ve had my mother in law visiting from houston and my mother visiting from Washington DC…..i know…i know, the home of america’s politicians!! it was a very interesting place to grow up. i’ll say that. but that is not my point.

i totally enjoyed having lots of activity in my house. i had not seen my uncle and aunt in many, many years. they lived in maine forever…it’s where my mom’s side of the family is from. i spent many summers and winters in maine playing with my cousins and listening to maine talk…eating lobster…swimming in cold, black lakes and the best….shopping at great yard sales!!!! if you have never been to maine, it’s worth the trip. it is a magical place. anyway…. it was great having my aunt and uncle visit. they drove a million, zillion miles just to come trudge thru my cluttered, funky home and visit with me and my wild and crazy kids. i’m sure they still haven’t recovered yet. thanks you two. we really do live too far away from each other. i really enjoyed having you stay!!!

my mother in law came at the same time as my aunt, uncle and mom. she washed a zillion dishes and oodles of dirty blankets and stinky kid clothes. having everyone here gave them all a chance to get to know one another. we ate tortillas and drank a million cups of coffee. they all watched me spaz about all the crazy collections and maddening amounts of treasures i pillage thru everyday. i’m sure they are wondering why i couldn’t be a school teacher, a nurse or a corporate workers. why the claim of an artist??? why the junk??? maybe they didn’t care. it was just great seeing everyone. thanks you all!!!! my love to you!

i’ve missed blogging though. i am not the best hostess. with all my adhd, i just had to get back to my blog. i enjoyed my visiting and now that it’s just mom and me….i’m squeezing a post in about a whole bunch of nothin. i’ve been watching election news….i’ve been listening to baseball….i’ve been keeping up with my dishes. i think the last is the most disturbing. i plan on taking my mom on an adventure tomorrow. stay tuned.

i have been maintaining a distressing pile of weirdness on my back porch….in anticipation of alteration, sales, or storage. i think i got thru a little of that today. i managed to set up a small portion of the booth with vintage holiday goodies and i’ve tackled a few other projects as well. they should be creeping into the booth soon!!! i found a great, new thrifting haunt this past weekend, so i’ll be adding some items from there, as well as some items i found today.

found this cute nightie and some great linens and an awesome pair of cottage rose pajamas. those are coming soon.

i love this little blue table. of course it was a scary brown and i painted it out a robin’s egg blue. i have a sweet shabby shelf to add to the top. i plan to pack it full of linen napkins and placemats…perfect for the upcoming holidays.

i love vintage christmas!! i found this crazy, kitch wreath today made from plastic bags and an old hanger. it’s tacky and shabby fabulous. i love it!!

more vintage ornament bling. i love vintage santas….and some other ornaments in here may get a small makeover. they will be coming soon too. SATURDAY IS OPEN HOUSE AT THE BOOTH. i am planning a 20 percent off sale for the day on everything except my Holiday items. everything else is SALE, SALE, SALE!!!

here are some other finds from today….the rose picture and the bird s&p shakers…cute.

these sconces will also be making their way to the booth soon. i think it will keep them simple. just some cast off wall thingies with old cups, saucers and mirrors. simple, shabby and fun. just add tealights or flowers and you have instant romance.

i have some other projects in the works, but i’m at one of those economic junkin crisis right now. my supply and demand are not stable. i have way too much stuff and i’m overwhelmed again. i know i am not alone. i know other vendors do this too….buy more than you can sell. is it the thrill of the hunt that motivates us to stay creative and keep selling??? without that, would we work less and become more creatively redundant???

i will say yes to justify my big trip with my mom tomorrow. i plan to take lots of photos. stay tuned.

for you zoey fans……here she is jumping and acting super cute on her new trampoline.

where is her brother you might ask???? i asked him to come jump with zoey and she got totally excited. arek got on the trampoline, jumped 2 times, zoey fell down, arek got off the trampoline. when i asked him why he got off, he said he just wanted to jump long enough to watch zoey fall down. nice kid. go back in the house.

you all take care and i plan to have a great post for you tomorrow. at least i will try. life has been very, very busy. i’ve had tons of distractions and obligations. i guess that is why the saying ‘one day at a time’ is a good way to live when i can live it. it helps.



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the party has started!!

okay…like my mom has only been here a couple of days and already i’m making her hold up my gorgeous pink prom dress….compliments of CINDY…..for a blog photo. poor lady. like there are not a million things we could do besides dig in junk….and we are digging in junk. shameful. can’t help myself though…

cindy rongey brougt me some great vintage goodies this weekend….love them all….LOVE THIS PINK DRESS. she found it for $3 at a yardsale and thought of me. now that is a friend indeed that has a friend in need. thanks cindy.

also she found these beauties. she couldn’t understand why i got so excited over some plastic plates and a turquoise cup. well….i guess because they are pink and blue and oh so cute. guessi could find an old fan motor and if it was pink…i would think it was cute. love the rhinestones too!!! found them on a $1 homemade dress. i ripped them off. i did the dress a favor.

next up….let’s see…a shout out to miss rachel!! thanks so much for the box of goodies. so much fun to go thru. i still have a few items in their wrappers, but these i’ve opened already. i love the little doll head. so sweet and the heart pillow. adorable!!! and if this isn’t enough………

lord have mercy….i am crazy over this bear (the one in the center)! and arek too!! he named it flowerie. i know it’s probably intended for zoey, but arek stole it right away. he said it’s a companion for BEAR BEAR. well, he might not have said companion, but you get it. I ADORE this bear, rachel. i am sure you made it. what talent!!! zoey had to have her doll to carry along with arek and the two bears. very sweet.

it made arek……smile. scary thing is…he at this. chocolate syrup head, raisin nose and eyes, cheese spread lips. mix it all together and yuck.

projects, finds and displays from the weekend……first a very small bench. i painted it pink and intend to put tealights on it. it will come to the booth very soon. the pink pot in the backround is filled with the cutest shower curtain ties. thanks so much cindy. those are at the booth.

sweetness. buttons in the background??????? yes, they are fabulous!!! found a bunch this weekend. plan to use them in jewelry. love the old buckles. very shabby victorian.

more buttons…these are rusty and dark. love it.

those of you that shop the booth know my love of paris inspired displays. i just took this display to the booth today and revamped it. i plan on keeping a paris section running all the time. i am using two old windows, gorgeous fabric and a wreath and angel for my display.

paris market tote. this is on display at the booth.

more items making their way into the booth this week……

a small section of my wall with a homage to the birds.

falling asleep at the computer….BIG TIME. you all take care.



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keep checking!!!

sorry for no posts lately. KEEP CHECKING IN. my camera batteries went kapooie (is that a word?). i have family visiting this week. i have a lot going on, but i have some great junk to show you all!! compliments of cindy!! thanks. plus some good finds today.

thanks to terry lee for buying something from my booth today. i think i sold a few things!! thanks. i will be bringing in the new goodies next week!!! i have some cute, cute stuff coming. lots of vintage. lots of pink!!

you all take care. i’m posting soon. promise.


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for my customers…..SIDEWALK SALE…..

THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, FOR ONE DAY ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! crafters corner in copperas cove texas

it is that time of the year once again for a SIDEWALK SALE at crafter’s corner this weekend!! FOR ONE DAY ONLY…October 18th on saturday, i will have EVERYTHING in my booth 30% OFF. i want to clear the way for holiday items. i will also have lots of items marked down as well…so you get a markdown and an additional 30% off that!!!!!  i will try to bring some items from home for the street sale in the front of the store. i have to get ready for open house the following weekend, so i need to clear a path in that PACKED OUT booth of mine!!! i will mark down some items before the weekend. if you are in the area, please stop by.

really nothing else except that today. it was a busy day and i took no photos really. i finished a chair and took it to the booth today…’s unusual. it’s more of a statement piece i guess. would look cool in a shop or something. it was what i feeling at the moment. lots of vintage lace. this poor chair needed something. i also did a little vintage sign w/ (what else)…vintage scrabble pieces.

i took a couple more items to the booth as well. that’s all i’m bringing for the week and then it is major overhaul time.

better go to bed. zoey was up with a bad case of the throwups last night. nice. i’m a naughty mom. i let her sleep with me sometimes. she was sleeping with me last night and started upchucking at 3:30am. you moms out there know how much that sucks, right? ack. everywhere on my new blanket….pillows, in zoey’s hair. yuck. she hasn’t been right since. poor thing.

i spent yesterday morning in the ER with a sore eardrum. nice. nothing to worry about i guess. it’s pretty much gone now. no infection, but it hurt and felt very strange. weird.

i’m falling asleep at 9:30. shame on me.

poppies, poppies, flying monkeys….i better snooze.

take care



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a dose of retro vintage flair!!!!! let’s take a tour….

i know, i know….I SPELLED MADNESS WITH 2 S’s…really. you just can’t see the other S!!! duh. i am glad someone isn’t paying me to do this. i’d be fired!

FIRST UP ON THE TOUR….today i am sick. i have some kind of ear thing going on today. ringing in my ear. buzzing. heavy head and pain in my right ear. my throat is somewhat sore and my glands are swollen. i have diagnosed myself as having an ear infection. that is not good. i am taking zoey’s antibiotic because i do not want to spend the afternoon in the hospital e.r. that said, i decided to do what crafting i could with kids and sickness. boy, i have actually had fun. i found some retro vintage mags. in the trash the other day (terry lee…stop laughing) and i went nuts!! i’m now on a mid-century vintage kick. start looking for mid-century collages…sweet, innocent vintage dress pictures, cat eye glass, pearls, gloves and pill box hats!!!!! i love it all. it has made my head decide it’s okay to hurt today. that and zoey is napping. YAY. and arek is making videos of MARBLE BLAST GOLD….a game on my apple laptop that keeps arek busy for hours. he builds levels, reconstructs the levels, then video tapes them, puts them on youtube and shows other people how to build custom levels. he actually goes into the software, types in a bunch of gobblety guck. makes cheats, level and stuff that looks like geometry. then he plays his own games that he makes. this is my 8 year old that is falling behind in school. okay.

okay…back to my post…vintage, retro flair….here is the book that inspired it all……in the TRASH…curbside. ready for the dump. how sad.

NEXT STOP….i found some pink frames in the g.w. bins….so cute…too new…but so cute. take a look now!!!! i ripped these sweeties out from the vintage book i found and dressed these queenies up. sequins, pink ink, a bow, birds and some stampies. easy, easy, easy and cute.

more pages from this sweet book….

some cute pages and retro toys and dominos on there way to the booth…..

cute page from another dressmaker book i found….

LADIES…MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTN: i got a little carried away and decided to make a vintage collage with dressmaking notions and pages from the book. i will hang it with a vintage tape measure. i have most of it laid out, but it will take some time to put it all together….especially with zoey’s help. she had some little thimbles she was playing with while i was laying this out. she said…’ah look mom…cute…little cups’. um, okay. i told her they were thimbles. she wasn’t buying it. ah, zoey, please do not put those in your mouth. yikes. here, play with these tiny buttons, sharp rusty scissors and old sewing needles instead. there.

this is on a long board about 2+ feet long. should be fun.

ALL ABOARD…..i hit a yard sale yesterday and found some old toys, bingo cards, chandie prisms and other little things for a SONG… this graphic!!

found this retro vintage christmas card box and opened it up. FULL of vintage dominos!!! it was like a quarter i think???? yes. i plan to do ‘vintage and shabby’ for the holiday season this year at the booth. i can’t wait!!

i found these santas about a week ago in the g.w. bins. so sweet.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…..i also found this dress in the bin. i LOVE IT. sweet, yellow cotton 1950’s housedress. probably made from vintage flour sacks. i think i will wear it out to check the mail. maybe pick arek up from school in it. i could wear it for halloween and go as MYSELF.

NEXT STOP……..found this AWESOME pink and white wool blanket. from the late 40’s or early 50’s as well. i paid $2 at g.w. i couldn’t believe i was the taker!! how someone miss it? it is on the bottom of this stack of blankets. i have been wanting one for a long time. they are pretty collectible these days.

IF YOU WILL GIVE THE TOURGUIDE YOUR ATTN; still on a vintage kick…i found these pink curtains a while back for 50¢ at you guessed it…g.w. love the vintage look of these!!!!! i put them in my bedroom.

i finally put my grandmother’s inherited Fransican china behind glass my mom will be proud. i love the look of this very feminine china in my very, chippy masculine hutch. the china is no longer in a plastic container in the storage heap. i still refuse to make it everyday china. can’t replace it. too expensive. i eat off of 10 cent plates i find at yard sales….not the good stuff.

I ADORE these little chairs. i think i paid a quarter for them. they are just divine.

THIS IS THE END OF OUR TOUR….and last but not least, i added a sham to my bed. i just pinned it with safety pins to my bedspread. it was a rachel aswell pink sham that i ripped up. it was for a twin bed, so i ripped it up and pinned it. i like it. i have a high bed that is brown and ugly. this hides it now. i will use the small section of the sham to make a lampshade. i’ll show you when i do it. i had the sheet left, so i will make rag balls with the strips and use the other strips to make bundles for my booth….sat night live needs to do a skit on my life. woman decorates house from her own pajamas. freak.

case in point. i bundled this pretty blanket with cotton strips i ripped up from the sheet. it will go to the booth next week. it’s such a cute spread.

that is my vintage tour. HOPE you had a good time. stop by again. who knows what foolishness i’ll be blah, blah, blahing about next time. A SHOUT OUT to Terry Lee. she’s a sweetie. her compliments are beyond kind and i need to thank her for being such a dedicated patron and junk lover of all things shabby and chic and VINTAGE. terry you keep me in business. i thank you.

you all take care and hope your treasures were abundant and fun this saturday!!



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howdy…WOW…WOW…WOW…yummy shop photos!!!!!!!!

HOWDY. y’all. go get yourself a cup of hot coffee and sit down for a virtual tour of my friend marta’s shop!!!!! y’all are not going to believe how texas cool it is!!!!!!! man o man. so absolutely ‘yummy’ as she would say. and there is reason why…………lots and lots of photos of her latest vignettes and creations. she is one amazing talent and a very, very inspiring and important person in this industry we call shop owners and vintage re-sale. she has an amazing spirit and she motivates me when i visit her place. MARTA’S ANTIQUES….in Belton, Texas. what a place!!

be prepared. i have a million photos!! i will just let you enjoy the eye candy. marta is known for her cloches…she is the queen of them…her vignettes and her fab, fab displays of random, ordinary objects turned extraordinary. also my friend cindy has several consigned pieces at marta’s as well. i walked away from the shop today with new eyes…..this is the reason why……

i am not the best photographer and my some of my pictures are blurry, but you can get an idea of how fabulous this store is……….drop by next time you are in town.

this is why i like texas so much. so many amazing, talented folks. marta…you are are on that list big time!!!

okay, as if that wasn’t enough…..i have some project photos and home redo photos. i won’t bore you with too much blah, blah, blah…i’ll just show you what i’ve been up to. i have been using lots of found trash and turning it into little projects. dumpster girl….to diva cute. i’ve gone pink cottage CRAZY!!!! look out!!

found the white bench curbside!!! fits perfectly with my craft table.

got this pink window from marta’s place as well. i love it.

projects…..headed to the booth on friday……and more to come as well because i hit the MOTHERLOAD today at g.w. and wait until i show you what i found curbside!!!!!! save that for a different post.

this is a collage that you can hang purses or scarves from

i will have some linens and really cute cottage things friday as well. look for pink and roses. also some old chairs from germany.

better go. this post was way, way, way long. i hope you enjoyed the virtual shop trip. you all have a great night i’m going to go put my little bookworm to bed. he is falling behind in 3rd grade reading, yet he reads 2 hours a night sometimes?????? i don’t get it. oh well. i’m not sweating it. i know he read a lot, so he will catch up eventually.

oh…one last thought. i had a man tell me today that ‘shopping is one of life’s pleasures’. i thought that was awesome!!! it is true. so take pleasure in your next shopping trip. it’s on life’s list of things that make us happy.



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