sick and tired…..oh…but i can junk and love roses and get started on the holidays!!!

okay…it has been a few days between blog posts. i’m sick, but not that sick because i can’t stop eating. my computer keeps cutting out because of this crazy texas wind and i’m just busy and lazy at the same time….if that is possible, so i haven’t blogged.

what is up???? i’m fixing to start making holiday items for the booth, i’m loving roses lately, and i trashed picked BIG TIME today with the kids. my poor kids. i bribe them with sonic and then i drive around for two hours looking at houses for sale and junk piles. sometimes arek likes it and sometimes he would rather clean his room and play with his sister. back to the holidays…. i have decided to go shabby for Christmas. i have some neat, sparkly, old, crusty, pink, glittery, red, cute, darling, sweet things to put out this season. i plan to launch an open house at my booth the weekend after halloween is over. i will have some type of buying incentive for my boothers. maybe for every $10 you spend, you get a free ‘gift’. i may have grab bags or something at the booth. i will think about it. i am also planning a sale on october 18th, so look for the details on that.

anyway…back to the holiday projects and my love for roses lately….i have been reajusting my house lately. tweaking it a bit and trying to downsize on the clutter (who am i kidding). i am sticking with a rose theme. my husband will just love this. i am going for pink, shabby, white on white, sweetness and softness. can’t help it. it’s the mood i need right now. found these sweet cards at one of my junking jaunts….i think this sets the tone for the colors i’m looking for lately.

found this rose at the same store. i took it out of it’s original pot and put it in my mosiac pot. i love it. (i love pots…and you know the rest michelle) it looks sooooo real. just darling.

i made this collage for the booth. it’s somewhat trick or treatish. it reminds me of fall and winter. i have been trying to use up some of my pretty lace i’ve had it for such a long time. i need to use it and show it off. it’s much prettier on a collage than in a box. this collage has already sold. i am a little slow getting pictures up.

christmas angels i sprayed with glitter and painted pink. these are pre=pink paint. i will make an angel collage with these. my themes this year are angels, victorian, vintage and shabby for christmas.

found this sweet reindeer and added a little lace to him. i also have bags of pretty ornaments i will be selling.

love the shabby ornaments. will be selling as many ornaments as i can find but these are getting harder and harder to find. especially the pink ones!! they look great just sitting in a bowl!!

i have other photos of my junking today and more christmas items, but i guess i will save them for another post. arek was mortified while i junked today. he covered his head with a blanket every time i found a pile and pretended to become invisible. i found scary, scary piles today. i love scray piles. i found a lawnmower motor cover and almost trashed picked it. i was trying sooo hard to find a way to turn it into something really pretty and useful, but sometimes you just have to let things go. don’t judge me though…i didn’t let the martha stewart rusty mop handle stay in the pile. what in the world am i going to do with that thing????????? we’ll see. i have plans.

okay….zoey and the word bloom….goes with the whole theme today…whatever theme that is. zoey found my stilla glitter eye shadow and decided to diva herself up. she matches my house now. go zoey. what is she holding???? a pepperoni??? i have no idea.

and two tags on old lace……roses bloom. for my shoppers….look for a new shipment this week. i have old silverware, tarnished silver bowls, cyrstal, pink depression glass, some linens, and other misc.

happy junking.




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2 responses to “sick and tired…..oh…but i can junk and love roses and get started on the holidays!!!

  1. I’d be willing to bet your house if just beautiful. If you need some inspiration, Look at Gina’s booth on my latest blog. Your colors! Debbie

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    Everything looks great! I wish I could get my house cleaned and looking good again! You always inspire me…when I have more energy I’ll try some of your fun ideas.

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