junk is my nemesis…clutter is my hero….i’m all messed up…

so today was filled with second thougts of being an absolute junker and collector. i was filled with responsiblity…i registered to vote. last day. procrastinator. shame on me. shame on me. i have been registered since i was 18, but i’ve lived all around the place in the last 5 years, so i’m confused. anyway…it’s a long, somewhat embarrassing personal complication that i need to figure out. that said…i managed to get underway with the first on my list. on that long, redundant chore list…i needed to add cleaning, laundry, dishes, clean the craft table, clean the back porch, clean the kids bathroom, do something with the yard, find the critter that has been digging under the house, clean the vehicles (right…when???? and why????), go to a cub meeting, go to another cub meeting, meet with arek’s teacher, go to the bank, go shopping for den leader clothes, oh…and wash my hair for crying out loud.

this leads me to my first point….when do i have time for junk???? why do i make it a priority??? is it a distraction from real life (i’ve had this question a million times) or a need to fulfill??? i look around and wonder why i have such a love for stuff…old and crusty, bantered, tossed out, discarded and recycled stuff??? my friend marta (whom i will visit tomorrow i hope) always finds a way to inspired me when i have days of junking doubt. she told me she heard a great quote…..’you have to do what you have to do in order to do what you love to do’. it is simple and true. i would be busy doing something else if i weren’t busy creating all the time. it’s the right side of my brain punishing the left side for being so responsible and serious all the time. i have nothing to do with it at all.

so junk…it is my nemesis and my hero. i love it and fight it. i want to continue to create and have a booth, but i am overwhelmed by so many other things too. it’s hard to fit all of it in a day. i guess that is the beauty of time…there isn’t enough, so spend it doing what you love….even if it costs you more time. a paradox….

i am rambling…i know.

enough. if any of you have thoughts about the costs of being creative and collecting…of filling you life with time to enjoy what is around you and displaying it and creating it and trying to have a normal, responsible life mixed in with it….let me know how you continue to be inspired and cope. i find my inspiration from my friends, my work and these fabulous talented bloggers i meet!! then i know i am doing the right thing. point taken….look at my child. does he not have normal toys???? maybe he can go as a walking thrift store for halloween……what is on his head do you ask???? why, it is a pan and a rusty wire fence piece of course. look what type of example i setting for my children?? he is standing in a thrifty maid vintage pot.

easy come…easy go. why is my daughter always barefoot and topless? oh well…could be worse. could be me and lord knows i can’t get away with that anymore. i don’t know which is scarier…my feet or my ‘top’. and for those of you who think i clean constantly….think again. i left my back porch in sight for all to see. this is why i feel overwhelmed. sooo much stuff, but it is my mock studio. i don’t have any other place to work. i am the only mom for miles with 5 gallons of oops paint and a tub full of glue sticks on my garden table instead of a plant. arek knows what oops paint and zoey thinks needle nose pliers are an accessory you carry in your purse. okay…on with the crazy stuff….what is this??????? aaahhh potential…potential. that is what it is. that long wood table. oooohhh la la. i see a future for it. little tea cart?? i see a little storage table on wheels. and the rake….it will become a garden stake for christmas with little holiday sayings on it. oh…maybe. and lots and lots of signs with all this wood.

and i wonder why junk is my nemesis….

curtains, chicken wire, tons of old wood, a rust stand base (can’t wait to use it), old table, chairs…etc.

why, why, why????

it doesn’t stop. seek and you shall find….TOO MUCH junk and a very embarrassed child. hiding and pretending he is invisible. poor thing. what is this foolishness????? i can’t wait to do something with that rusty martha stewart sponge mop. does she not know she was tossed into a heaping pile of odd kitchen cabinets, bags of flaking tile and bathroom throw outs and lots and lots of sticks. poor martha. sad thing…it rained cats, dogs, and elephants last night, so alllll my junk is soggy now and uckier than it was when i got it. i guess i will just leave it in the truck and let it dry…right? i get the strangest looks from folks when they walk by the truck. i wonder what they are thinking????

okay…this is why i junk. cuz it inspires me to make things that i love. i used cheap, plastic bangles and wrapped them in old ribbon and embellished them with bling and buttons. what fun i had making these.

i also found a $1 slip at g.w. this past friday. i loved the lace on it, but it was too new. i gave her a tea bath and used the entire slip as a collage. fun, simple, quick project. what a great way to recycle and use up embellishments that would otherwise sit in a box. i had a pic of the entire slip, but it turned out blurry. i hung it on a wood hanger and tied little bows to slip as well. it is in my booth. bangles are too.

okay….thunder…more rain….soggier trash….okay…lightning. better go. thanks for letting me go on and on about the same ole junking madness. you all have great night and for you texans…enjoy the rain. maybe my car will get washed and i can cross one thing off my list. hee hee.




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7 responses to “junk is my nemesis…clutter is my hero….i’m all messed up…

  1. Such a great post… I can relate…

    Oh – Congrats on updating your voter’s registration!

  2. ..BTW – Absolutely fabulous finds and re-creations!

  3. cindy

    Is it the TX weather, the overcrowded garage and back porch or the DIRTY vehicles from all the junk we pile in it but I am having the exact same feelings today. I am thinking it would be best to have a garage sale, sell all my crap and be done with it!


  4. You are too funny! But I can so relate…I sit and look at my craft room and think, I can’t fit another thing in here…and then I go out and get more junk.

    I love your bangles…and that lace slip is gorgeous!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  5. oh sue, that picture of arek with the pot on his head just cracks me up! too funny!

    the vintage slip collage is now hanging in my bedroom. ohmygosh, sue. it’s gorgeous!! one of my favorite pieces. was SO afraid it’d be snatched up before i could hit your booth.

    i should just give you the pink eiffel tower bottle. YOU’D know what to put in it! ideas! i need ideas! 🙂

    later, girlie.

    terry lee

  6. Rachel Knoblich

    Hey…at least your not pregnant and have no energy. I’m so embarrassed by how my house looks! I’m glad no one ever comes to visit. My garage is a disaster…I finally had my husband unload my van after the flea market this weekend. He wants to get a car in there for the winter…yeah right!
    You need to quit punishing yourself so much. Kids don’t remember a messy house. They remember how much fun they had with their mom. That’s why I laxed out on cleaning. There will be time to clean when they’re gone! I can see in the pics that they are having fun.
    And don’t worry….my kids run around in pj’s all day. So Zoey isn’t so bad. LOL

  7. vintagesue

    thanks for the comments you all. you keep me going. rachel…you are soooo right. all of it. everything you said. terry lee….feather, feathers, feathers in that paris bottle. michelle….you’ve inspired me to buy one more thing…and then one more thing!! cindy…don’t sell it all…you rock!!! your stuff looks gorgeous at martas!!!!!!

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