howdy…WOW…WOW…WOW…yummy shop photos!!!!!!!!

HOWDY. y’all. go get yourself a cup of hot coffee and sit down for a virtual tour of my friend marta’s shop!!!!! y’all are not going to believe how texas cool it is!!!!!!! man o man. so absolutely ‘yummy’ as she would say. and there is reason why…………lots and lots of photos of her latest vignettes and creations. she is one amazing talent and a very, very inspiring and important person in this industry we call shop owners and vintage re-sale. she has an amazing spirit and she motivates me when i visit her place. MARTA’S ANTIQUES….in Belton, Texas. what a place!!

be prepared. i have a million photos!! i will just let you enjoy the eye candy. marta is known for her cloches…she is the queen of them…her vignettes and her fab, fab displays of random, ordinary objects turned extraordinary. also my friend cindy has several consigned pieces at marta’s as well. i walked away from the shop today with new eyes…..this is the reason why……

i am not the best photographer and my some of my pictures are blurry, but you can get an idea of how fabulous this store is……….drop by next time you are in town.

this is why i like texas so much. so many amazing, talented folks. marta…you are are on that list big time!!!

okay, as if that wasn’t enough…..i have some project photos and home redo photos. i won’t bore you with too much blah, blah, blah…i’ll just show you what i’ve been up to. i have been using lots of found trash and turning it into little projects. dumpster girl….to diva cute. i’ve gone pink cottage CRAZY!!!! look out!!

found the white bench curbside!!! fits perfectly with my craft table.

got this pink window from marta’s place as well. i love it.

projects…..headed to the booth on friday……and more to come as well because i hit the MOTHERLOAD today at g.w. and wait until i show you what i found curbside!!!!!! save that for a different post.

this is a collage that you can hang purses or scarves from

i will have some linens and really cute cottage things friday as well. look for pink and roses. also some old chairs from germany.

better go. this post was way, way, way long. i hope you enjoyed the virtual shop trip. you all have a great night i’m going to go put my little bookworm to bed. he is falling behind in 3rd grade reading, yet he reads 2 hours a night sometimes?????? i don’t get it. oh well. i’m not sweating it. i know he read a lot, so he will catch up eventually.

oh…one last thought. i had a man tell me today that ‘shopping is one of life’s pleasures’. i thought that was awesome!!! it is true. so take pleasure in your next shopping trip. it’s on life’s list of things that make us happy.




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8 responses to “howdy…WOW…WOW…WOW…yummy shop photos!!!!!!!!

  1. Marta's Room

    Well Ms. Sue, I don’t think you are the least aware of your own fabulousness. I hope one day when you become a millionare you will remember all your adoring fans. Your visit today was the highlight of my day. I wish you will sell tickects so we can come and see you work your magic. Don’t worry sick about Arek, remain vigilant as the good mamee you are and trust that this stage will resolve itself as everything in life does. I leave you with a sign that I saw and read so true to me. “Happiness is a choice”. Choose joy, peace, love, friendship and everything good since it all comes from God. Love, Marta.

  2. What a beautiful store with fair pricing. (I peeked at tags as I looked). Thanks for the tour and the heads up for a stop the next time we’re thru there. Love your work place. Wish I had an area that size. I like your attitude about your little one’s reading. If there is a real problem, I’m sure his teacher will let you know. Until then, just keep doing what you’re doing. My baby girl had a problem reading aloud in class, but with the help of a really great teacher, the problem was recognized and resolved. Debbie

  3. oooooooo, I’m in love with Marta’s shop! I wish I lived there…OMG! And I love your craft area…you have outdone yourself with all your projects!!!


  4. Sue

    Great post!! Love all the pics, and love your ‘pink cottage’! I hope to get over to Texas in 2010, hope everything is still there!

  5. Such beautiful things.. I am seriously loving the buttons..

    My little book worm did better in Reading when I read the book to him, he read it him self & then we would read it together.. but as the books progressed to Lemony Snicket’s sized novels.. that was just getting to be too much!

    Last year he started to fall behind in his Read Comp tests as he was opting for the comic novels.. So now I tell him the comic (even comic novels) are to be read AFTER he finishes a regular novel.. he’s in honors and MUST keep up.. so we will see….

    I think you are taking the right approach – calmness.. Just ask him questions about the books he read to make him think about what he has read.

  6. Ron

    I hope all these pictures didn’t come from my house. I can’t believe you still have room to walk if so. Where are my children? I love seeing there faces and not with buckets on their head.

  7. Rachel Knoblich

    I love, love, love, love this post. Great shop! I want my shop to look like that some day (when will I have time to run a store with 5 kids?) Marta…you are awesome. Sue…you are awesome! Come to my house and decorate…I’ve lost my touch right now. Hopefully soon I will get it back…until then I will just look at your pics and pretend it’s my house. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. cheryl mehaffey

    Awesome shop! Lots of inspiration for all of us!Keep up the eye candy photos!

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