a dose of retro vintage flair!!!!! let’s take a tour….

i know, i know….I SPELLED MADNESS WITH 2 S’s…really. you just can’t see the other S!!! duh. i am glad someone isn’t paying me to do this. i’d be fired!

FIRST UP ON THE TOUR….today i am sick. i have some kind of ear thing going on today. ringing in my ear. buzzing. heavy head and pain in my right ear. my throat is somewhat sore and my glands are swollen. i have diagnosed myself as having an ear infection. that is not good. i am taking zoey’s antibiotic because i do not want to spend the afternoon in the hospital e.r. that said, i decided to do what crafting i could with kids and sickness. boy, i have actually had fun. i found some retro vintage mags. in the trash the other day (terry lee…stop laughing) and i went nuts!! i’m now on a mid-century vintage kick. start looking for mid-century collages…sweet, innocent vintage dress pictures, cat eye glass, pearls, gloves and pill box hats!!!!! i love it all. it has made my head decide it’s okay to hurt today. that and zoey is napping. YAY. and arek is making videos of MARBLE BLAST GOLD….a game on my apple laptop that keeps arek busy for hours. he builds levels, reconstructs the levels, then video tapes them, puts them on youtube and shows other people how to build custom levels. he actually goes into the software, types in a bunch of gobblety guck. makes cheats, level and stuff that looks like geometry. then he plays his own games that he makes. this is my 8 year old that is falling behind in school. okay.

okay…back to my post…vintage, retro flair….here is the book that inspired it all……in the TRASH…curbside. ready for the dump. how sad.

NEXT STOP….i found some pink frames in the g.w. bins….so cute…too new…but so cute. take a look now!!!! i ripped these sweeties out from the vintage book i found and dressed these queenies up. sequins, pink ink, a bow, birds and some stampies. easy, easy, easy and cute.

more pages from this sweet book….

some cute pages and retro toys and dominos on there way to the booth…..

cute page from another dressmaker book i found….

LADIES…MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTN: i got a little carried away and decided to make a vintage collage with dressmaking notions and pages from the book. i will hang it with a vintage tape measure. i have most of it laid out, but it will take some time to put it all together….especially with zoey’s help. she had some little thimbles she was playing with while i was laying this out. she said…’ah look mom…cute…little cups’. um, okay. i told her they were thimbles. she wasn’t buying it. ah, zoey, please do not put those in your mouth. yikes. here, play with these tiny buttons, sharp rusty scissors and old sewing needles instead. there.

this is on a long board about 2+ feet long. should be fun.

ALL ABOARD…..i hit a yard sale yesterday and found some old toys, bingo cards, chandie prisms and other little things for a SONG…..love this graphic!!

found this retro vintage christmas card box and opened it up. FULL of vintage dominos!!! it was like a quarter i think???? yes. i plan to do ‘vintage and shabby’ for the holiday season this year at the booth. i can’t wait!!

i found these santas about a week ago in the g.w. bins. so sweet.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…..i also found this dress in the bin. i LOVE IT. sweet, yellow cotton 1950’s housedress. probably made from vintage flour sacks. i think i will wear it out to check the mail. maybe pick arek up from school in it. i could wear it for halloween and go as MYSELF.

NEXT STOP……..found this AWESOME pink and white wool blanket. from the late 40’s or early 50’s as well. i paid $2 at g.w. i couldn’t believe i was the taker!! how someone miss it? it is on the bottom of this stack of blankets. i have been wanting one for a long time. they are pretty collectible these days.

IF YOU WILL GIVE THE TOURGUIDE YOUR ATTN; still on a vintage kick…i found these pink curtains a while back for 50¢ at you guessed it…g.w. love the vintage look of these!!!!! i put them in my bedroom.

i finally put my grandmother’s inherited Fransican china behind glass my mom will be proud. i love the look of this very feminine china in my very, chippy masculine hutch. the china is no longer in a plastic container in the storage heap. i still refuse to make it everyday china. can’t replace it. too expensive. i eat off of 10 cent plates i find at yard sales….not the good stuff.

I ADORE these little chairs. i think i paid a quarter for them. they are just divine.

THIS IS THE END OF OUR TOUR….and last but not least, i added a sham to my bed. i just pinned it with safety pins to my bedspread. it was a rachel aswell pink sham that i ripped up. it was for a twin bed, so i ripped it up and pinned it. i like it. i have a high bed that is brown and ugly. this hides it now. i will use the small section of the sham to make a lampshade. i’ll show you when i do it. i had the sheet left, so i will make rag balls with the strips and use the other strips to make bundles for my booth….sat night live needs to do a skit on my life. woman decorates house from her own pajamas. freak.

case in point. i bundled this pretty blanket with cotton strips i ripped up from the sheet. it will go to the booth next week. it’s such a cute spread.

that is my vintage tour. HOPE you had a good time. stop by again. who knows what foolishness i’ll be blah, blah, blahing about next time. A SHOUT OUT to Terry Lee. she’s a sweetie. her compliments are beyond kind and i need to thank her for being such a dedicated patron and junk lover of all things shabby and chic and VINTAGE. terry you keep me in business. i thank you.

you all take care and hope your treasures were abundant and fun this saturday!!




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4 responses to “a dose of retro vintage flair!!!!! let’s take a tour….

  1. tami

    You always have such great ideas!

  2. Michele

    dude, you inspire me every day…..keep up with the collages.
    half, half, half…..

  3. Rachel Knoblich

    Too funny…sick as can be and making things. That’s my girl. What a cute book. I love vintage graphics too. I can’t believe people throw that stuff away. I got a magazine with vintage graphics in a free box at my friends occasional sale. It’s got some goodies.
    You get some rest and get better…hope you don’t have an ear canal infection. I’ve had two this last summer…they suck!

  4. terrylee

    Love the tour! Love the pink-framed vintage ladies! Love the sewing collage!! Love it ALL!!!

    However, I’m sooo sorry to hear that you’re sick. You should be resting. But I know that creating IS your medicine (don’t get me started on taking another person’s antibiotics … !!!). 🙂

    Thanks again for all the lovelies. Truly enjoyed our quick chat the other day. I hope all goes well this week.


    Terry Lee

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