for my customers…..SIDEWALK SALE…..

THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18TH, FOR ONE DAY ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!! crafters corner in copperas cove texas

it is that time of the year once again for a SIDEWALK SALE at crafter’s corner this weekend!! FOR ONE DAY ONLY…October 18th on saturday, i will have EVERYTHING in my booth 30% OFF. i want to clear the way for holiday items. i will also have lots of items marked down as well…so you get a markdown and an additional 30% off that!!!!!  i will try to bring some items from home for the street sale in the front of the store. i have to get ready for open house the following weekend, so i need to clear a path in that PACKED OUT booth of mine!!! i will mark down some items before the weekend. if you are in the area, please stop by.

really nothing else except that today. it was a busy day and i took no photos really. i finished a chair and took it to the booth today…’s unusual. it’s more of a statement piece i guess. would look cool in a shop or something. it was what i feeling at the moment. lots of vintage lace. this poor chair needed something. i also did a little vintage sign w/ (what else)…vintage scrabble pieces.

i took a couple more items to the booth as well. that’s all i’m bringing for the week and then it is major overhaul time.

better go to bed. zoey was up with a bad case of the throwups last night. nice. i’m a naughty mom. i let her sleep with me sometimes. she was sleeping with me last night and started upchucking at 3:30am. you moms out there know how much that sucks, right? ack. everywhere on my new blanket….pillows, in zoey’s hair. yuck. she hasn’t been right since. poor thing.

i spent yesterday morning in the ER with a sore eardrum. nice. nothing to worry about i guess. it’s pretty much gone now. no infection, but it hurt and felt very strange. weird.

i’m falling asleep at 9:30. shame on me.

poppies, poppies, flying monkeys….i better snooze.

take care




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5 responses to “for my customers…..SIDEWALK SALE…..

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    I’m sorry Zoey is sick…it is no fun for her or you. I hope you get some good rest.
    The chair is very neat. Never would of thought to do something like that.
    I’m going to start going through Christmas stuff this week too. I have to redo my booth after Halloween. It’s going to be an overhaul. Maybe I should do a sale too. Great idea!

  2. cindy

    the chair is to die for! Now I want to find a chair and do that too and I have nowhere to put it or sell it, I just want to play with the laces!

  3. Ohh, I’m so sorry that Zoey is feeling sick…hope she gets to feeling better soon.

    Soooooo, is there any way to buy any of your things online??? Since I don’t think Glenn would go for me driving all the way down there for your sale!!!

    Love your stuff!


  4. Michele

    I would drive 3 days to buy your stuff, but I don’t think my car will make it from Georgia….damn.

    Can we buy anything of yours online (ebay)? I get the feeling myself & the other Michele would be your forever customers…..


  5. cheryl mehaffey

    I hope you & Zoey are feeling much better today! The chair you revamped is so chic! You know you want to keep it for yourself! It is so unique! I wish I could visit your booth! Maybe you should start back to selling on ebay! We all hope you get to visit this coming holiday season! Take care! Love ya! 🙂

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