the party has started!!

okay…like my mom has only been here a couple of days and already i’m making her hold up my gorgeous pink prom dress….compliments of CINDY…..for a blog photo. poor lady. like there are not a million things we could do besides dig in junk….and we are digging in junk. shameful. can’t help myself though…

cindy rongey brougt me some great vintage goodies this weekend….love them all….LOVE THIS PINK DRESS. she found it for $3 at a yardsale and thought of me. now that is a friend indeed that has a friend in need. thanks cindy.

also she found these beauties. she couldn’t understand why i got so excited over some plastic plates and a turquoise cup. well….i guess because they are pink and blue and oh so cute. guessi could find an old fan motor and if it was pink…i would think it was cute. love the rhinestones too!!! found them on a $1 homemade dress. i ripped them off. i did the dress a favor.

next up….let’s see…a shout out to miss rachel!! thanks so much for the box of goodies. so much fun to go thru. i still have a few items in their wrappers, but these i’ve opened already. i love the little doll head. so sweet and the heart pillow. adorable!!! and if this isn’t enough………

lord have mercy….i am crazy over this bear (the one in the center)! and arek too!! he named it flowerie. i know it’s probably intended for zoey, but arek stole it right away. he said it’s a companion for BEAR BEAR. well, he might not have said companion, but you get it. I ADORE this bear, rachel. i am sure you made it. what talent!!! zoey had to have her doll to carry along with arek and the two bears. very sweet.

it made arek……smile. scary thing is…he at this. chocolate syrup head, raisin nose and eyes, cheese spread lips. mix it all together and yuck.

projects, finds and displays from the weekend……first a very small bench. i painted it pink and intend to put tealights on it. it will come to the booth very soon. the pink pot in the backround is filled with the cutest shower curtain ties. thanks so much cindy. those are at the booth.

sweetness. buttons in the background??????? yes, they are fabulous!!! found a bunch this weekend. plan to use them in jewelry. love the old buckles. very shabby victorian.

more buttons…these are rusty and dark. love it.

those of you that shop the booth know my love of paris inspired displays. i just took this display to the booth today and revamped it. i plan on keeping a paris section running all the time. i am using two old windows, gorgeous fabric and a wreath and angel for my display.

paris market tote. this is on display at the booth.

more items making their way into the booth this week……

a small section of my wall with a homage to the birds.

falling asleep at the computer….BIG TIME. you all take care.




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8 responses to “the party has started!!

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue..Your Mom Looks Very Happy To Help With Your Blog Photos! ~What A Lovely Pink Prom Dress!!~ I Still Can’t Believe That Arek Still Has “Bear Bear” After All These Years! ~He Will Most Likely Outlive Us All….HaHa! ~I Hope You Have A Great Time With Your Family Visiting!~Take Care! 🙂

  2. Hi Sue ~ where the heck do you get your energy??!!! Darn girl, you have a ton of stuff going to the shoppe…and that’s not fair that I can’t go buy stuff cuz you live too far away…:(

    Your mom is too cute! She looks like she’s having fun modeling the prom dress!! I love that little pink bench…adorable!


  3. Rachel Knoblich

    Hey Sue…I did not make the bear. That’s the bear I bought on my birthday. I did dress it up a bit. I put on the red button eyes and handstitched the mouth. Then I added the fabric flower…another one made by my friend Kelly from California. It just needed a little TLC.
    I’m glad you are finding goodies. I’ve hit the thrift stores and it’s a joke. I can’t find a thing lately. I want to find more vintage Christmas stuff, but there’s just nothing out there.
    Have fun with your mom!

  4. tami

    Hey Sue your new model is so adorable. I have some friends that are going to be coming to a town that is near you. I told them all about your blog and store. What is the name of the store that your booth is in?

  5. vintagesue

    hey ladies…thanks for all the comments….
    the name of the store i have a booth in is Crafter’s Corner in Copperas Cove Texas. i will try to upload a link to their website tomorrow for my next post.
    michelle….i don’t have that much energy, or i would post a giveaway or a swap or something. i am too lazy to do it. i really have too much going on. i don’t know where i get the energy. coffee. and a lot of inspiration from all these great blogs i read.
    you all thanks again for you comments and support

  6. Such a cute post with cute pictures and a cute mom! I’ll arm wrestle you for that dress. One word-FAB-U-LOUS Debbie

  7. joy young

    Hi Sue- I am your greatest fan from Brady, Texas. Havn’t gotten to Killeen for a while, but I will be coming by Monday afternoon. I can’t wait to stop by your shop!!! Have some surprises for me- I love the pink- everything- especially the dress!!!Joy

  8. terrylee

    hey sue!

    i got the rose cottage collage and a couple others. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! also got the paris tote. too cute!!!

    your mother is adorable and that pink fru fru dress is the best!! hope your visit is going well.

    thank you, dear one for your very precious comments on my latest blog. YOU are a very special lady. 🙂

    love and hugs,
    terry lee

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