family time…..

well…it is about time for a post!!! family time is slowing down. for the last 2 weeks, i’ve had my aunt and uncle at my house visiting from florida. i’ve had my mother in law visiting from houston and my mother visiting from Washington DC…..i know…i know, the home of america’s politicians!! it was a very interesting place to grow up. i’ll say that. but that is not my point.

i totally enjoyed having lots of activity in my house. i had not seen my uncle and aunt in many, many years. they lived in maine forever…it’s where my mom’s side of the family is from. i spent many summers and winters in maine playing with my cousins and listening to maine talk…eating lobster…swimming in cold, black lakes and the best….shopping at great yard sales!!!! if you have never been to maine, it’s worth the trip. it is a magical place. anyway…. it was great having my aunt and uncle visit. they drove a million, zillion miles just to come trudge thru my cluttered, funky home and visit with me and my wild and crazy kids. i’m sure they still haven’t recovered yet. thanks you two. we really do live too far away from each other. i really enjoyed having you stay!!!

my mother in law came at the same time as my aunt, uncle and mom. she washed a zillion dishes and oodles of dirty blankets and stinky kid clothes. having everyone here gave them all a chance to get to know one another. we ate tortillas and drank a million cups of coffee. they all watched me spaz about all the crazy collections and maddening amounts of treasures i pillage thru everyday. i’m sure they are wondering why i couldn’t be a school teacher, a nurse or a corporate workers. why the claim of an artist??? why the junk??? maybe they didn’t care. it was just great seeing everyone. thanks you all!!!! my love to you!

i’ve missed blogging though. i am not the best hostess. with all my adhd, i just had to get back to my blog. i enjoyed my visiting and now that it’s just mom and me….i’m squeezing a post in about a whole bunch of nothin. i’ve been watching election news….i’ve been listening to baseball….i’ve been keeping up with my dishes. i think the last is the most disturbing. i plan on taking my mom on an adventure tomorrow. stay tuned.

i have been maintaining a distressing pile of weirdness on my back porch….in anticipation of alteration, sales, or storage. i think i got thru a little of that today. i managed to set up a small portion of the booth with vintage holiday goodies and i’ve tackled a few other projects as well. they should be creeping into the booth soon!!! i found a great, new thrifting haunt this past weekend, so i’ll be adding some items from there, as well as some items i found today.

found this cute nightie and some great linens and an awesome pair of cottage rose pajamas. those are coming soon.

i love this little blue table. of course it was a scary brown and i painted it out a robin’s egg blue. i have a sweet shabby shelf to add to the top. i plan to pack it full of linen napkins and placemats…perfect for the upcoming holidays.

i love vintage christmas!! i found this crazy, kitch wreath today made from plastic bags and an old hanger. it’s tacky and shabby fabulous. i love it!!

more vintage ornament bling. i love vintage santas….and some other ornaments in here may get a small makeover. they will be coming soon too. SATURDAY IS OPEN HOUSE AT THE BOOTH. i am planning a 20 percent off sale for the day on everything except my Holiday items. everything else is SALE, SALE, SALE!!!

here are some other finds from today….the rose picture and the bird s&p shakers…cute.

these sconces will also be making their way to the booth soon. i think it will keep them simple. just some cast off wall thingies with old cups, saucers and mirrors. simple, shabby and fun. just add tealights or flowers and you have instant romance.

i have some other projects in the works, but i’m at one of those economic junkin crisis right now. my supply and demand are not stable. i have way too much stuff and i’m overwhelmed again. i know i am not alone. i know other vendors do this too….buy more than you can sell. is it the thrill of the hunt that motivates us to stay creative and keep selling??? without that, would we work less and become more creatively redundant???

i will say yes to justify my big trip with my mom tomorrow. i plan to take lots of photos. stay tuned.

for you zoey fans……here she is jumping and acting super cute on her new trampoline.

where is her brother you might ask???? i asked him to come jump with zoey and she got totally excited. arek got on the trampoline, jumped 2 times, zoey fell down, arek got off the trampoline. when i asked him why he got off, he said he just wanted to jump long enough to watch zoey fall down. nice kid. go back in the house.

you all take care and i plan to have a great post for you tomorrow. at least i will try. life has been very, very busy. i’ve had tons of distractions and obligations. i guess that is why the saying ‘one day at a time’ is a good way to live when i can live it. it helps.




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5 responses to “family time…..

  1. Hey girl ~ I’ve been missing your blogs! Glad you had a minute to post somethin! I am so lovin that nightgown….wish you had an etsy shoppe so I could buy some of your goodies!

    That Zoey is toooo cute for words! And brothers…so typical!


  2. Ron

    My little girl is so darling. I can’t wait to kiss her little cheeks. Love ya!


  3. Hi,
    I didn’t know where else to post this. I saw you today in Gatherings with your Mother in Georgetown. I hope you all had fun!!!!!

  4. Rachel Knoblich

    Glad to see your back Sue…I’ve been busy too with getting Christmas stuff ready for the shop. I’ve been hand sewing little stockings made from old pieces of quilt. I also am making white stockings from batting and adding buttons to them. Do you have a miniture tree that needs a skirt? I was thinking of making you one. I got a cool idea. Let me know.
    Glad you had fun with your family. Say hi to the kids and tell them I hope they have fun on Halloween. Trick or Treat!

  5. Michele

    My mother made that same wreath out of plastic bags & a coat hanger. She then tied plastic holly decorations to it. Still have it in a bag with the Xmas stuff….talk about a blast from the past….

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