as promised, i went to the most fabulous shop today….GATHERINGS…in Georgetown, TX. i visited this fab place during the summer and had a minute to run thru and drool, buy one old sweet doll head, listen to my family whine about that and then have my husband tell me it was time to go. okay…..ugh. well…i was floored with how beautiful this place was. during the short time i spent browsing, i saw some of the most incredible vignettes and displays i’ve ever seen. for my friends marta, cheryl, and marnee… all will love this post. buttons galore….tons and tons of creamy colors, pale pinks, off whites…..bakelite, mother of pearl, old lace, dreamy old photos of unknown fancy families…covered in buttons and ribbons, old bird cages, chippy mirrors, dressers, doors, pillars galore, hand made furniture, old door knobs, cloches filled with amazing little goodies, statues, lamps, chandies, etc…etc….etc….vintage, vintage, vintage!!!! wow.

i shot 44 pictures, so i will do lots of photo posting and not too much blah, blah, blah about each photo. they speak for themselves. the ladies that run this operation really know how to buy, sell, display and make you feel totally at home!!! there are also 5 vendors that add completely to the overall look and feel of this dreamy, vintage fairytale land. UNREAL. please stop in one day if you are in Georgetown and have time to browse. you will leave with not only some beautiful, timeworn treasures, but a feeling of nostalgia, inspiration and happiness. it’s worth the trip!!!!!!!! thanks for making my day a delight and inviting my mom and i into your little world. nice to meet you Margie as well!!

please check out their OPEN HOUSE NOV. 13th from 10-5pm…all day long…display after gorgeous display!!!!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!!!!!! these are in a random order. i can’t wrap my little ADHD brain around an organized way of displaying these. sorry. it will take me too long and cause my brain to soften. also…PARDON MY CRAPPY PHOTO SKILLS. this store is so gorgeous compared to my old, camera photos. some are blurry, some are the wrong color, and some are very busy, but i wanted to post them all, so excuse my inconsistency.

let me introduce you to my hip mom with a crusty doll head. my mom comes all the way from d.c. to visit me and i make her take a photo of herself with a doll head. she took a photo once years ago holding a dead chipmunk. she is wearing that same expression during both of those photos. go mom. thanks for being a sport.

that is is….how many photos do i have???? and this is a sampling of what the store has to offer. lots of primitives, formals, garden goodies, etc….,but i mainly took photos of the center part of the store. you have to see this place to really get the full feeling

oh…and for my blogging friends who want to buy online….I WISH I COULD SET UP AN ETSY ACCOUNT, but i just don’t have the time. michelle….thanks for all the great comments about my things. i wish you lived closer…i would drop them off at your and rachel. if i ever get the time, i may start a flea market friday on my blog, but i’m overbooked right now with my crazy kids, booth and projects. ooooohhh i wish i could buy time. don’t we all??  but i am thinking about flea market friday maybe starting in the spring.

you all…thanks for all your support and thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoyed the show.




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10 responses to “YOU ALL GET READY TO DROOL!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Love the photos-they’re so nice and big to see things with my dear. Your mom is such a good sport. Great photo with the reflection in the mirror. Thanks for taking me shopping with you even if it is vicariously. Debbie

  2. Oooooooo….I am so having to wipe the drool from my chin! I want that silver Christmas! Love it!

    Thanks for taking us shopping with you.. beautiful pictures and it looks like a wonderful shoppe!

    Guess I’ll have to just wait for Flea Market Friday’s…I know your schedule is jam packed. I don’t know how you do it girlfriend!


  3. What a fun day you and your Mom were having when I saw you Tuesday at GATHERINGS in Georgetown! Thanks for all the pics!!
    Margie in Round Rock

  4. Gatherings

    Hey Sue!
    The pictures you took yesterday in the store are fabulous! We appreciate your glowing remarks soooooooooooo much. We’re having fun and working hard…Come again soon; things will look totally different. We’re getting all gussied up for the holidays!
    Cathy and Stephanie

  5. Sue

    Love,love,love the photos!! Wish I could be there!It looks so fantastic!Thankyou for sharing.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful photos– I could look for hours!

  7. Rachel Knoblich

    Sue…I can’t get into my email. I need you to call me and let me know what size your miniture tree is. I made a skirt today and it is oh~so~cute! I would like to send it to you, but I don’t know if it will fit your tree. The skirt is as big as a large plate…the tree I have is a small pink feather tree. I’m just wondering if you have a small tree like that or one that is 2-4 feet? Anyways…my number is 605-351-8964. I can’t find your number…imagine that! Rachel

  8. Michele

    Wow. Talk about amazing.
    Dude, give your mom a hug for me.
    Miss ya!

  9. cheryl

    Yes..You are so right..I do love this shop! Lots of inspiring displays! I would have commented the 1st day you posted but we were having technical difficulties with our computer! Lol..My new email address Love ya! Take care of yourself..and hugs to the kiddos! 😉

  10. Renee

    I had a chance to get to know Stephanie at Warrenton she is a talented and helped me when a wind came from no where and tried to take my tent away, she controlled any damage that might have occured! Thanks Stephanie!!

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