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feeling winter’s pull……


i know that ice cream and blankets are a juxtaposition when it comes to winter’s arrival, but it is not really winter yet in texas and i love ice cream. this is the time of the year when i get significantly hungry for comfort food and completely overwhelmed with the stress of the holidays….which translates to…..i’m overwhelmed…time for some ice cream and a good movie. aaahhhhh the couch looks wonderful!!! about the blanket…well, it’s cold in my house. it can be pretty warm outside, but i still get very cold at night here. i’m constantly looking for a blanket. tonite was no exception. TBS at 10 (sex and the city re-runs), a warm blanket and plenty of peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!! now i want to crash.

where is the treadmill? where is richard simmons???? where is a pillow? i’ll take question number 3!!

my booth has been on the back burner lately. for my booth customers reading this….know that i will become a machine again soon and transform my space into a walking vintage wonderland in the next month. this is a busy time for me around the holidays and i try not to burn myself out! hence the ice cream, rest and warm blanket!!! besides, this is the time of the year when folks are saving their monies for big ticket items like TVs, appliances, trips and toys to help santa become a rock star.

i have slowly been transforming the house into a shabby festive holiday girlie bliss. my poor kids. my poor husband. i found the most perfectly unperfect tree for $5 at a local thrift haunt. i have shame about this tree. the previous owners taped, wired and bound this poor tree with string to get the branches to stick to a pole not original to the tree. what that means??? charlie brown tree. i was delighted to give it a little LOVE. i bought cheap ornaments, displayed broken cheap pearls and added a garland rachel made for me out of cast off rose fabric. arek says he loves the tree more than any tree we’ve ever had (we have had some trees). i also used a big, industrial metal base i found in the garbage as the base for this beauty. i think she shines. i think she’s a star!




i plan to decorate her some more with old postcards, lace bows and little frames. i added new curtains for my holiday decor. i found these sheer curtains in germany. i am sure i found them junking. anyway, i dyed them pink and i love the subtleness of it all. they work well with the roses.

here is the entranceway into the house.



i was inspired by several things around the house today…..











projects that are current……..





i’m falling asleep at the computer AGAIN. oldie, oldie, oldie. arek is still awake and going strong. i on the other hand am falling out. i better go. i wish you all a great weekend




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poor taste….no tasting!!! it’s thanksgiving!!


okay….i admit it…..i’m a day late on the happy thanksgiving salute and i have very poor taste when it comes to thanksgiving decorating. don’t be afraid of this. just know….i will never cook, nor will i eat, a cornish hen again!!! what strange little birds these are. they don’t look like this before they go into the oven. they look like little chickens, but when they come out….ack….who could eat this? i didn’t know they would look so adorable and alive…like little beached sunbathers on a sweet summer day. darn. the vegetarian in me put these directly in the trash after my friends and i dressed them up w/spoons and forks and vintage flowers from an old hat. okay…i got carried away with the doll heads. tina…i know you are retracting to a corner and averting your eyes….see what a glass of wine will do to a girl.

my friends that visited me today felt the same way about these little girls. they too could not understand the personal satisfaction one might get from ingesting these pitiful little creatures. god bless them and let them go (the hens…not my friends). next thanksgiving i’ll stick with turkey, call it tradition and be done with it.

i hope you all had a wonderful day and didn’t eat too much….haa haaaa haaaaa. well you certainly wouldn’t if you ate one of these.

okay….. i’m falling asleep at my computer again. yawn. and how strange….i had no turkey to make me do so. must be the pie and wine.



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motivation and a junk pill….


i admit it has been days between my last post, but i have lost a little motivation. i guess it was the fear of this week’s cub scout campout and all the work involved in taking it on!!! no worries. we got thru it and came out smelling like a bag of cheetos and a pit full of soot. what a weekend. lots and lots to do. arek did great. he had a really good time!!! zoey on th other hand….welllllll……she was cold all weekend and dirty and she ate at least an entire bag of marshmallows and cheetos. she smelled soooo bad saturday night, but i was waaay too tired to bathe her and she was waaayyy too tired to bathe, so she slept in her own funk and woke up with a cold.

i still haven’t recovered from all the prep work. i still have a truck filled with who knows what a cooler full of bread, yogurt and leftover bits of perishables that probably will get ransacked by a wild texas critter of some sort in my driveway. who knows. i think i did 4 loads of laundry today and hoped that arek and zoey would chill out and sleep or watch a nice quiet movie of some sort. whatever. zoey is coughing. she wouldn’t be if she would put on some clothes. she wore a tee shirt almost the entire weekend in 40degree weather. i had to bribe her and fight her to get a coat on. aaarrgghhh.


this picture speaks for my day today. welcome to sibling H-E double toothpicks! NO, not everyday is fun.

i did manage to get zoey to take a nap. i knocked out a couple of collages while she slept. arek kept asking me for snacks, but i threatened him with the glue gun until i was finished. i’m kidding. he is 8. he can get his own snacks. case in point….i watched him pull almost an entire block of cheddar cheese out of the camping cooler tonight and eat it. nice. then zoey wanted it, so he gave it to her and she nibbled it. that was a $6 block of cheese. zoey said she didn’t want anymore and smeared a huge chunk on the front door window. that was after a day of the above, a huge pile of pee on the floor from zoey, arek putting a chain in a tree and trying to climb up it, zoey spilling a huge tub of junk jewels all over the table and then putting little polished stones in her mouth and calling them candy, arek and zoey having a fight over an orange magic marker in the back yard that sounding like meat being thrown to the lions. what a day. savages. they are lucky they are cute and loved. hee hee… on with some project photos.

i found this beat up small screen that was falling apart at goodwill. i knew the screen pieces would make cute collages, so i salvaged 2 of them. this is one that had a bird on it….


this is one with a huge pink flower….


a cast off purse….


and that is all i could produce in an hour. it takes me longer to clean up than it does to create.

why is that? oh…because i don’t have a craft room?

i was also visited by my friend cindy who brought me that delightful chippy chair. i don’t know how much she spent on it, but it was well under the $2 price range. i love it.



cindy also brought this awesome crown and and the most precious pink tulle tree ever! thanks cindy. i think i will strap that crown to my head and just wear it everywhere. okay…why is the tree under a cage? go figure.



and for terry lee…this is dirty and dingy…but here is the layering i was talking about. layer books…statues, clocks, blah, blah, blah….and mirrors. i redid my entranceway and did some layering of pictures and mirrors.

i had some old papers out of a school book that were attached to the top, but they fell down. it would look awesome to put a bunch of old pages behind all this mess.


this is on a cabinet below the mirrors. i love this old mirror behind the statue. i found both of these at an estate sale in georgia. this girl sold a bunch of things really cheap from her antique business. the mirror was $1 and the statue was an old ashtray. ron cut the ashtray part of the top for me, so it’s just a cherub. i paid $3 for her. the books are just junk finds along the way. i upsize and downsize my old book collections. sometimes they stress me out and other times i think they are completely wonderful. what is the disease called for that. is there a pill?


if there is, i don’t want it. as crazy as a junker’s life is, how boring it would be without. i’m happy collecting. besides, what would the kids be able to get into all day to stress me out if i didn’t have a big pile of junk waiting for it’s turn into the world of creative display? what?

you all take care. i have to go rescue arek from his crazy art making. he keeps making obscure songs on garage band on my apple lap top in the living room. he sings, makes odd noises with his mouth, bangs things together, drops in beats, and then uploads his songs to itunes. he is 8. what have i created? oh…not to mention he makes his own cd covers, makes up the songs, titles and words to his songs and band names. geez….but he can’t remember to turn in his homework. am i the only one with the extreme busy kids?

we are an odd bunch.

you all have a great night.



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vintage projects galore!!


okay…i have been a foolishly, tired creator of odd, vintage collages for this upcoming show. i have a color scheme i’m following (tan, white, beige, faded hues and ivory and cream) i have so many randon tidbits and little odd vintage cast offs that need a good place to land. why not on an old board, a wedding cake doily/plate yo say?, an old photo, a cast off pillow, clothing pieces, a suitcase, an mismatched tin, cast off crumbly vintage purse..the list goes on.

here are a few collages i’ve been making on cardboard cake doilies…go figure. i have been decoupaging old sewing patterns onto them and adding embellishments. quick and easy, but still interesting. i keep seeing all those cute roses and flowers made from old patterns, but i’m just not that smart and crafty. i have a million old patterns though. it’s a shame not to do something with them…so here are some ideas.





also made some tags….


i found this little box for a song. i added the word paris and some glitter. she’s now going to the show.


a collage using old rusty nails and a million vintage photos of complete strangers. it’s odd and yet compelling to look at.


like what do you do with those cast off metal/brass flower baskets from the 1980s? make them into wall pockets that will hold ribbon, lace or string for your craft area.


had her in my booth forever and nobody bought her. i added some shine and a little clock in her hands…guess cuz we can only dream for more time…eh?


i am not really into altered jewelry (making it that is). i’m not good at it at all. it just does not click for me, but i need at least 5 or 6 pieces for the show. this is an attempt at a restrung beeded necklace. the hearts in the back are from another necklace i made.


last but not least…this crazy collage with a vintage girdle. what am i thinking????? see cindy….i make odd things too. i hammered 2 old nails on the bottom to hold purses, scarves or towels in the bathroom…


that is it folks. i’m falling asleep as we chat. i’m ssssoooooo tired. good night.



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family weekend……and too many random words…..


okay…it’s like not even 10pm and i am soooooooo tired. i can hardly keep my eyes open. it was a heck of a week, so i did almost nothing this weekend craftwise ( time and energy). i spent the weekend entertaining arek and zoey. movie day on saturday and today was chuck cheese bday party. oh what fun!!

i did manage to slip into the g.w. bins on saturday before we hit the movie. it was pretty cold and very, very windy. arek was screaming at me like one of those high pitched bad actresses in a $2 horror flick. it was rediculous!!! zoey had on no shoes (she was wearing socks) and the ground felt like ice. both of them were cold. arek sat in the buggy with a pink and yellow print polyester 1970’s blanket covering him. he was reading a calvin and hobbs comic book and screaming at the top of his lungs that the pages would not turn. uum…okay. i was so embarassed. i put zoey into the linen bin and started finding vintage ribbon. that is when i knew i had to do what a junker had to do!! keep digging and ignore the kids!!!

after about 15 minutes, both zoey and arek were so into digging in the toy bins that i couldn’t get them out of the store. they were throwing things at each other and arek had one of those fisher price toddlers vacuum cleaner toys with the little balls popping all around the cold cement making a ton of noise. after i made him put that back, he found a child’s play drum and a drum stick and decided that made less noise. uuh…no.

zoey had a little plastic water can and a toy plastic small house filled with tiny treasures. of course she dropped it on the floor and it broke and all the treasures spilled out. whatever…i think that is when i found PINK twinkle lights, so i didn’t care!!!!

when we got to the counter, the wind was blowing in so hard that all my crap kept blowing off the counter and onto the floor. arek was spazing again and screaming ‘come on mom. hurry up. let’s go. i’m freezing’….like we were ice fishing or something. he can make me laugh and scream at the same time. he did the same thing the first time we visited france. it was so cold and the wind was blowing and arek screamed and cried…’i want to go home’ over and over again. ron and i were so mad, by the time we made it the big cathedral we wanted to see…ron screamed…’look at the church arek…look at the church!!!!’. i felt like screaming the same thing…’look at this $20 basket , arek…look at this $20 basket!’

how fun it is to shop with kids!!!! eh? it was.

i also hit the g.w. (a different one) on friday and found all of these for less than $3!!!jewel1

and this stack of plates and goodies….


i have plans for some of this. as i said in an earlier post, i am volunteering to be a vendor in an upcoming benefit. i’m excited, but i DON’T DO SHOWS!! this is causing me a problem, sort of. i have to sell stuff from my personal collection, so i have been going thru the stuff in my house. i have started downsizing and my house is not going to get decorated much for christmas. i’m not much of a holiday decorator anyway. the kids can help me put up a tree and i do a few things outside, but i’m a ‘red neck’ holiday decorator when i do decorate. when i start, i can’t stop and i have a million things going on and random lights about and trees made out of old lamp posts and stuff. oddness. or i just do nothing. this year is a do nothing year. i have too much to do with the booth and a show. i am soooooooo amazed at all the talented bloggers out there that knock out so much work!!! they have a ton of stuff for their etsy shops, ebay, stores, booths and online web stores. i’m blown away!! i can hardly manage laundry at my house right now, much less 100 tags and 25 crown kits!! i must be doing something wrong. i am hardly managing sleep as it is. when i just had arek, i stayed up way into the wee hours of the night and made collages and jewelry like mad. now, i’m sooo juiced by 9pm with zoey and arek, that my eyes slam shut and i can’t pry them back open, much less try to generate creative sparks for cute projects.

i did manage to play rock star with the kids tonight. we acted like total fools. i had the ipod cranked way up on our little bose speaker in the kitchen. we listened to tom petty (saving grace), talking heads (slippery people), three dog night (shambala and one man band – stop laughing), and stone temple pilots (wicked garden) and i was lead singer for every song. arek gave me his giant toy microphone and he was a drummer. he smashed one of my sugar bowls and hit everything he could find that made noise with a giant metal soup spoon. zoey was spinning around in a circle and eating cheetos while standing on the counter. it was completely rediculous. i was laughing so hard i couldn’t breathe. well…i blamed it on that anyway. arek smashed his play guitar (big metal strainer) on a chair after every song. i guess that was better than any craft or project i could have made tonight. i tell myself that anyway. i think i believe it!!

this is a very bad shot of a somewhat cute collage i made. i hung a little prism from the bottom and used vintage bias tape to hang it. i think that is me on the end with the crown.


i pulled out my girl from france. she is covered in lights, tulle and a 25 cent heart wreath i got my friend cindy. i’m not sure i get this at all. it is odd, impulsive, sloppy and yet, it distracts me from my dirty house and clutter.


this is the top of the baker’s rack i found for $10 a couple of weeks ago. i am using it as storage for craft supplies. i’ve shown my ladies before, but i wanted to show the scrolling on the top of this rack. it is so pretty. the salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my friend mike years ago. i love them. i love the colors.


you all have a good night and i’m sorry about the random thoughts and limited photos this post. it is just where i am in my life…too many random thoughts and not enough pictures, but plenty of complaints and way too many rock songs!!



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finally!!!!!! virtual house tour part I!!


okay….grab a cup of tea and take a virtual tour with me!!! my friend cheryl has been sending me pics of her house forever and i haven’t been able to upload them and post them. well…today i could!! don’t know what was different about today, but i have some sweet photos of cheryl’s house. she is an avid collector of cottage memorabilia and all things roses, shabby, pink and precious. she loves to do sweet cottage vignettes and little groupings of collections. her house is ever changing and she’s constantly coming up with new ways of showcasing her collections and passions. she’s very inspiring!! i hope you enjoy!!!!

she has a vast collection of vintage bridal cake toppers, glassware, roses anything, button flowers (which she makes herself), enamelware, vintage ironware (white mostly), vintage coke displays, flower frogs, post cards, linens galore, tons and tons of pastel colored pottery, display cases, old advertising tins, vintage kitchen collectibles, large furniture pieces, and i think her favorites…..vintage toys and garden items! here is a sampling of her bridal toppers




barkcloth, dolled up gals, princess phones, stained glass, display cases…all things girly and shabby cottage chic.



hat boxes, rose plates, vintage oil portraits, barkcloth purses, garden inspiration and shabby pink bed tables….



vintage hats, quilts, pink signs, old mirrors, architectural pieces, painted pink lovelies, pottery and little accent pieces….so sweet.


old baskets, bling bling, hat pins, lamps, and a gorgeous mirror.


love this display case….lots of goodies.


fab WC….i’d stay in here for a long time. this would be my new office!!! kids….leave me alone…i need privacy!!!!!


hope you enjoyed the tour.

my husband bought me a new nikon camera for my birthday. what a guy!! it will take me some time to adjust to it. i haven’t used it yet. mom…it’s the same kind as yours. i’m excited about the close shots i’ll be able to take w/ it. you will know when i switch cameras. my blog photos will be completely transformed!! give me some time. from here until the new year….I AM SOOOO overwhelmed with stuff. as we all are. i am so amazed by the talented bloggers and vendors out there that accomplish sooo much for their holiday sales. i have such a hard time keeping up this time of the year. i do what i can and try not to sweat it. i try to enjoy what others are making and get ideas for next year.

i have one more item to share…..arek’s 3rd grade school pic. i’m not much of a traditionalist in the way of school photos, but i have to admit…..i LOVE THIS ONE. last year, arek face was all tweaked funny…he looked like he smelled something foul and was trying not to laugh about it. last year was also the year i ordered like 99 wallet size, 68 of that other somewhat bigger size and 15 5×7’s or whatever. we didn’t give any out.

this year, i only ordered a couple, and this photo is so cute. so here it is online! go arek…you are sweet with your long surfer hair, dirty teeth and thrift store hand knit sweater. too much halloween candy. i know, i know…they make toothbrushes for kids his age, but i this photo was taken after lunch.


i found this photo of me at age 8. i am sooo old now that the photo is so old now and scary and dirty. i’m too lazy to clean it up in photoshop. sorry. don’t you did my hair clip??? i was vintage cool before vintage was cool. eh?


okay folks…you all have a great thursday and thanks for stopping by. terry lee….you know that diva suitcase will come your way….you can have it cheaper…please. it can host your homeschool items. oh wait…that suitcase does not open. oh well…you will just have to display it somewhere and move on to the next item!! you can take a friday reprieve and meet me junkin somewhere girl!! i wish you all the best with your new endeavors!!

you all take care.



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family time…sick time….and a bunch of blah, blah, blah and random photos


okay…so i admit it. i have turned a blind eye to my blog for a week. i am sorry. i have been quite sick with some funky virus. yuck. i have also been up to my scary armpits (yes they are) in things to do with the kids. they (not my armpits) have been keeping me quite busy these days. i usually try to ignore them a little so i can knock out a project or two, but lately, we have been having some fun doing things together and having not so much fun doing things together. for those of you with small children…you know what i am talking about. anyway….arek has been super busy with scouts and school. zoey has been super busy with dolls and demands. i have been super busy taking all their requests….like a crazed radio personality….playing your favorite hits!!! zoey above making cinnamon ornaments. her fat little hands are so cute!!!! they are the busiest part of her….that and her mouth. she got it from her mama.

to make a long story short, i have been busy with activities other than junkin and crafting, so the pics i took for this post are so random….. some projects i’m working on for the upcoming show i am doing, some inspiring things around the house and some materials i’m working with for my collages and what is inspiring me now. i hit g.w. on friday and found some okay things and then i hit a i love….$20 a box store. the owner is a devout church going woman who listens to her friend preach on the radio for several hours a day at her shop. it’s a great store w/ a great vibe. it’s not offensive and the owner is not pushy at all. she is respectful and friendly and i feel welcomed and very cleansed when i leave. i found a bunch of crazy junk there friday….BIG, BIG box….all for $20. i call it my ‘blessings store’. i will be using many of my finds there for some upcoming projects.

i also took some photos of some goodies my blogging friend RACHEL made for me. she made me an awesome necklace out of a little silver tray, but it is in my car, so i didn’t take a pic. of it. she has wicked sewing talent and makes little things looks incredible. she really puts martha stewart to shame. oh…did i say that?

okay…blah, blah, blah…on with the show…..some experimental collages done on clothing. i tea stained this shirt and added some cast offs….also below used an old slip to glue stuff to. my husband would say it is SOOOOO TACKY. he is right, but it’s still fun and a good way to use up all those cute cast off vintage items you have no clue what to do with. besides, it’s only tacky if i actually wear it. would i do that????????? hmmm.



beginning of a collage


things that are inspiring met at the moment….lace, ribbons and vintage ephemera and painted frames for collages. i love the pale pink paint….










some inspiring things around my house…dolls, dolls and more dolls. what is the thing about vintage dolls that make them so interesting??? i just adore them. the poor chipped on is making my friend tina go insane right now. sorry tina. i hope she doesn’t bring you scary dreams.


oh…now she will for sure with this close up.


i found all of these lovelies at the ‘blessings thrift shop’. they were all part of my $20 box. i thinks these are great. they are not quite that ‘vintage’ but they needed me. the lady that owns the store was so happy that someone took them. they were just sitting in a dark cardboard box. they all look like a misfit sorority of some sort.


dolls in zoey’s room. the one below has no feet. something or someone chewed them off. poor thing. i love her. i found her in the trash in germany. i was so excited to get her. my husband just shook his head.


other cuties….




and some stuff around the house. you bloggers that know me know i love to take a bunch of pictures. my friend cheryl and i always say that we like to read blogs, but we LOVE to look at the photos more. that’s why i also have so many stinkin pics. i dragged my daybed into the house. the kids and i love this little couch.


wall pockets i found for 25 cents.


my growing tin collection.


FLOWERS FROM MY HUSBAND FOR MY BIRTHDAY. thanks ron. i had to put a little touch on them. i wrapped them in fabric. i have to mess with everything.


RACHEL, RACHEL…you outdid youself on this garland. sooo sweet. ripped sheets and little fabric flowers. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!


tree skirt to die for. pom poms and little buttons and glitter spray. ThAnKS rachel!!!


arek will be so mad at me when he is a teen and he sees this pic. yes…he is helping me bake and he is wearing an apron. we made red velvet cake. zoey helped too….ack. this is why i am so busy with the kids.



it took me a week to clean up this mess. yes. i am politically incorrect. i let my kids lick the cake batter. i did when i was growing up. my mom always let me have the beaters when she was finished whipping up something sweet and she let me eat raw hamburger meat too. that was the good ole days!!! THANKS MOM!!! hee hee.

okay… this post made no sense at all. i have also been sooooo busy reading other blogs these days, i don’t tend to mine as much. there are soooo many good blogs out there. amazing talent. amazing creativity. addiction number 117 or something like that to add to my list. blogging. comes right after licking cake batter.

you all have a good night.



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