daylight saving nap….and too much sugar!!

you would think these youngins would go to sleep early tonight, but i doubt it. with the change in the time, i suspected an early morning….i was right. 6am…early to rise…..ugh. and that’s after a late night…lots of candy and an hour of saturday night live. drats….i needed much more sleep than that…….

why????? well because i was exhausted from THIS….

and this….

and tons and tons more. i got a little nuts at the flea market this weekend. i bought tons and tons of stuff??????!!!!! what can i say???? the rust cart above was 25 cents and the shelf was only one dollar. who could resist?????? well…that is rhetorical, because a lot of poeple could, but that is not the point,  i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  the chippy dresser. i found some vintage patern pages i will decoupage on it and add glass knobs. yum. i won’t tell you how cheap i found all this stuff. i got lucky. i went to the lampassas flea market and found my fairy junk mother, another vendor i love……i found the two ribbons from her. i love them. the faded pinks are my favorite. i found the clock from another vendor and a huge pack of pattern books. found the little elf girl and roses this weekend as well. they are on a rusty baker’s rack i found for $10. i am gaa gaa over it.

i found 2 huge baskets for a song….i painted out one of them pink and added some vintage tulle inside that will make its way to the booth this week. i was lucky and found a ton of the tulle. i just LOVE IT.

i also met two vendors…Susan from FOUND AROUND and  A JUNK QUEEN. texas is so huge, but the creative antique and vintage vendors here seem like such a small family. it’s a small texas world when it comes to junkin. seems everyone knows everyone. i was excited to meet kindred spirits and i found some super cute treasures as well. i’ll have to save those for another post. i found a box of the CUTEST vintage doll clothes for $1. thanks!!!!

okay…blah blah……i was invited to be a vendor at a benefit. as flattered and star stuck as i am, i am also struck with intimidation and rejection fear. that means i need to clear my head and just be myself. i need to bring what i love and make what i think will sell and folks will like. i was asked to keep a theme…go with creams, whites, patinas, tea stain colors, beige and ivories. keep it simple with buttons, vintage photos, monochromatic objects and collages and tags. i already have some furnitue picked out, so i am moving on to my smalls. i will be taking pics as i find time to show what i’m collecting for my space. i was told collages….i will try to make as many as i can. i have been experimenting some with clothing. seems like everyone has stamped and collaged using packs and kits from stores. i want to step out of that box. i want to use objects and cast offs….so i have my hot glue gun ready……collaging on pillows and clothing is my new trick. we’ll see how it turns out.

these are the colors that will inspire me for the next month…..(of course i will throw in some pink too)

i love these colors!!! i found a box of old pearls this weekend too. i can’t wait to price them out and get them teamed up with all these pretties for the benefit. it’s a little overwhelming trying to maintain a booth and then another booth….ack. if any of you can navigate me to some blogs that are filled with vintage creamy colors, please let me know where they are. i am always looking for new blogs to inspire me!

i have so many cute things i need to share with you all that i found this weekend. here are a couple of redos in my house. i found this HUGE birdcage for like $1 at goodwill and filled it with crap…oh cuties.

and my entranceway….

i found the rusty, round tin at gatherings. i also found 3 new doll heads there as well….

scary and wonderful. love the super chippy one on the mantel. my friend tina would say…” I AM NOT FEELING IT”

lastly….for you zoey fans, i have not been able to take any good photos lately because zoey is determined to not have her photo taken. she’s constantly on the go. she’s a typical 2 year old these days. today was a VERY challenging day. i got very tired from the constant power struggles. 2 is like the active stage of labor. it starts out okay… a little pain and then……BAM….it gets rough. that is where i am. the rough stage. she is stubborn and determined…just like daddy. arek is strong willed….just like i am….persistent and driven by 1 or 2 things. argggg. maybe it is the time change. everyone tells me to enjoy them while they are little, but it is hard to enjoy a 2 year old that screams and hits for 20 minutes because you want to wash her barbie pants.

okay….here is a blur of her arm. she’s waving it around with all her bling on. she loves to put bracelets on her arms.

here she is on halloween. she did not want to wear anything but this outfit. i’m not even sure it is an outfit. she is dressed as a stubborn 2 year old. at least she has on clothes. lately she has been stripping when we go out in public. ack. it’s always my kids.

arek is dressed as a thrift shop mummy…..ooohhhh scary.

okay…i have no idea what i just posted. it took me 6 hours to do this post. now on with the night time rituals… know….sacrificial stuffed animal stuff to make the kids know i mean business (no, not that type of ritual). i’m kidding. i just need to turn the lights out for arek. zoey on the other hand, takes more patience. she’s not a good sleeper and not a good napper.

you all have a peaceful night. hope you don’t have toddlers swarming and climbing on you like ants…..but if you do…give them a tickle and a kiss and hope the next meltdown isn’t right around the corner.




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5 responses to “daylight saving nap….and too much sugar!!

  1. Sue

    I love your blog immensely, and your photos tell all! You have found some fantastic specials, well worth the effort!’I have forgotten what it is like to have a two year old, and I find after reading your post, Im exhausted!!! With all that you do and with young children, you deserve a medal…I didnt do any junking when the kids were small, my life revolved around them, and what they wanted to do, so now Im making up for lost time!
    I can tell the way you write, you cram in every minute of the day! Have a nap when little Zoey naps, if she does!

  2. cheryl

    Hey Sue! Great finds! Cute pictures! I know the pink chippy dresser will be even cuter after you give it your special touch of magic! The kiddos look so happy! Don’t eat all their candy! lol…I have a new email address..just in case you have tried to email me..
    Love ya!

  3. Wow! Great post. First, you have the cutest kids. Next, isn’t Renee a hoot? You’ve already got one of the best in the business at white on your favorite list. Theresa at Timeworn Interiors is fabulous. Check out Garden Antiques Marburger post. Peg at French Vanilla and Judy Hill are over the top when it comes to creams and sepia. Another is Linda of Willow’s Nest. I’m a little partial to Texas girls! Good luck and what a honor to be asked to participate. Make us proud! Debbie

  4. Wow! You scored some awesome things on your thriftin day out. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your blog and your style!


  5. Renee

    It was good to meet you it is a small world! You have so much energy, your girls were very cute and I cant wait to see what you do with the doll clothes.

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