birthday, election day, new post!!


okay…i am up late. how can i help it? i can’t stop watching the news. i’m filled with excitement and anticipation after tonight’s election which is usually on my birthday…the 5th of november. i’ve enjoyed that birthday for 44 years because of it’s historical and political place. it is an honor to have a birthday on a day that the nation can celebrate it’s right to go to the polls. it threw me a bit this election with early voting. i took advantage of that and dragged my kids on halloween. what a luxury…..trick or treat and a ballot to boost!! arek complained for the 20 minutes we stood in line and then screamed at the top of his lungs….”who are you voting for mom? obama?” i said nothing and shhhhshhhed him. i didn’t tell him who i voted for. i don’t even tell my husband who i vote for. arek also voted today at school. he said he voted for both candidates. not a choice in the ‘adult’ world i told him.

the day i turned eighteen was a presidential election year. i felt soooo grown up and proud to vote that year. now….how many years later???? i still feel grown up. way grown up and proud to vote and watch history unfold itself every election. i wish this nation well…..THAT SAID…on with the JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to all the sweet vendors and bloggers for your comments. thanks debbie for the navigation tips to other blogs. i love looking at any and all warrenton and Marburger post pictures i can find for sure. texas truly is a junkers gem…a mecca for lovers of all things old, worn, unique and beautifully vintage.

i spent the day on my project porch…armed with a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, and baskets of lace, buttons, and ideas. this is what i came up with. a suitcase adorned with little vintage treasures. don’t try to open it. it won’t work. next is my my chippy pink dresser that is now storage on my back porch with new knobs and labels, and last a mirror collage made from cast offs.





TRASH FINDS FOR THE WEEK.………this gorgeous print below was tossed in a scary pile of trash in my neighborhood. i pulled it from the wreckage and dragged it home while pushing a stroller and directing an 8 year old out of the leaves and away from the sticks. i walked a block and it took me like 20 minutes to get home. ack. i kept asking arek to help me carry this beauty, but he pretended to be invisible or something. i think it was worth the effort of dragging her home. look how beautiful she is now with this pale pink paint on her ornate frame. i love it. i sprayed her was glitter paint after i painted the frame.


okay…LIKE HOW FAB IS THIS PINK SHELF???? i found this today and had to drive home to get the truck to transport it. i was hoping i wouldn’t have to fight some other junker who just happens to love shabby pink dirty shelves!!! luckily i did not and i scored. zoey kept saying ‘where are we going mom? to get the shelf?’ you bet little girl. the shelf now resides next to my craft table. it is a catch all for little storage items right now. that could all change in a week.


NEW FINDS…..i found a few new items that i am crazy about…like my new girl. i love this statue. found her at  CRAFTERS and she was all of $7!! what a score. i will have to make her a little crown.


also found this sweet vintage hat for $3. i think it’s adorable.


love this mosaic table. i bought it at CRAFTERS as well. i adore it. zoey can’t stop rubbing her fat little hands over the chips. it’s a toy and a decoration. yes.


love this little christmas ornament glitter bird. $1 at walmart. i bought them all. shame on me.


bakers rack for $10 at this weekend’s yard sale. the woman i bought it from said she started to spray it white and then never finished. okay…works for my shabby taste. love it like it is. rust and white. i can’t imagine what my neighbors are thinking about the plates and cups outside. they are probably wondering if i am going to have a party. am i the only one that puts oddball indoor stuff outside?


last but not least…this dainty little faded pink bonnet. silk. 79cents at CRAFTERS. what’s not to love?


now that i’ve bothered you with another completely pointless blog entry, i think i will try to sleep. i’ve had WAAAAAYYYY to much sugar tonight. for those of you who wonder where i get my energy….SUGAR, caffeine, cleaning, creating and running around the backyard with the kids. i was told by Sue at junk it junction that she could tell i cram in every minute of the day. she is soooo right. i do. 20 years ago i would have napped, rested, and relaxed more. i guess the difference now is that i’m 44 and have 2 small children. i guess i am having my mid life hobby crisis in the middle of raising a toddler and an adolescent. scary. i do nap on the weekends with zoey sometimes and sometimes in the afternoon after school, i will come home and try to put zoey down for about 20 minutes. just long enough to build up strength to start blogging and thinking about my next project. my mom told me tonight that she finished knitting another pair of slippers. i said i get it. it’s like my projects. i am working on one and thinking about the next one while i’m fixing what i have in front of me. my mom said the same thing about her knitting. we both have to do our projects. it’s what keeps us motivated. i just love it.

okay…enough blah, blah, blah. the wind is wicked strong outside and my computer connection keeps getting lost in the elements…like my tiny brain. i better wrap it up. i am expecting a big surprise tomorrow morning from my husband. my friend says she thinks it’s a stripper. i think it’s an animal of some sort. if it’s flowers, i hope they are the old vintage kind from some old woman’s hat. wait…that would be me!!!!! ACK.




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11 responses to “birthday, election day, new post!!

  1. Joanna

    Happy birthday, Sue! I love reading your blog and looking at all your finds. Take care, and have a fabulous day!

  2. Ron

    Very profound words darling and I agree with you.

    Happy Birthday and I love you!!


  3. terrylee

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday filled with everything vintage, shabby, rusty, crusty, chippy, junky, blingy, pink and pearly that your heart desires!

    Oh! And I went a little wild at your booth last night. Collages, those grrrrreat old pink Christmas ornament balls in a basket and some other stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

    Enjoy your special day, Sue. You deserve it!! Hope to see you soon.

    Love and hugs,
    Terry Lee

  4. Happy Birthday Sue! I absolutely love everything you did out on your porch…especially that pink shelf…tooo cute! And that mosiac table is to die for!!!

    Enjoy your day!


  5. Rachel Knoblich

    I guess I should move to Texas where people throw wonderful things in the trash. I don’t know…that never happens here!
    Have a Happy Birthday Sue! Maybe your husband got you a nanny? LOL I keep asking for one, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe next year!
    Have a wonderful day. I should be getting your next package in the mail today. I have to get motivated! Take care!

  6. Sue

    A wonderful, funfilled junking post, as usual!
    Breathe,1,2,3, breathe!LOL
    Love it, oh and the picture you trudged home with Arek’s help, gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday, I hope your hubby brings you a bigger truck to fit more junk in!

  7. cheryl

    “Happy Birthday To You…Happy Birthday To You!! (Music)… ~We all wish you a wonderful birthday filled with everything you love and more!! ~Lots of hugs and kisses from Me, Les, Brittany & Rachel!!~Take care and I will talk to you soon! ~ Love ya! ~ P.S…A great post, as usual, Love the huge white frame!~ Everything looks lovely as always!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sue-give a girl a heads up next year, OK? E-mail me your address and I’ll send you a little something from my personal stash. I love what you did with the pink chest. I’m not creative but I love seeing creative minds at work. Debbie

  9. I love it all.. especially the suitcase (gotta love the luggage) and the dresser… and the mirror… and the frame…

    (You know where I am going with this) I love it ALL.. even the baker’s rack! LOL

  10. Michele

    Happy Birthday dude….You forever inspire me with your creativity & wonderment. Keep it up! Half!

    LOVE the dresser!

  11. Carol

    Just discovered your blog… it! And I LOVE that baker’s rack outside! I hope you will be decorating it for Christmas, and will share a picture!

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