family time…sick time….and a bunch of blah, blah, blah and random photos


okay…so i admit it. i have turned a blind eye to my blog for a week. i am sorry. i have been quite sick with some funky virus. yuck. i have also been up to my scary armpits (yes they are) in things to do with the kids. they (not my armpits) have been keeping me quite busy these days. i usually try to ignore them a little so i can knock out a project or two, but lately, we have been having some fun doing things together and having not so much fun doing things together. for those of you with small children…you know what i am talking about. anyway….arek has been super busy with scouts and school. zoey has been super busy with dolls and demands. i have been super busy taking all their requests….like a crazed radio personality….playing your favorite hits!!! zoey above making cinnamon ornaments. her fat little hands are so cute!!!! they are the busiest part of her….that and her mouth. she got it from her mama.

to make a long story short, i have been busy with activities other than junkin and crafting, so the pics i took for this post are so random….. some projects i’m working on for the upcoming show i am doing, some inspiring things around the house and some materials i’m working with for my collages and what is inspiring me now. i hit g.w. on friday and found some okay things and then i hit a i love….$20 a box store. the owner is a devout church going woman who listens to her friend preach on the radio for several hours a day at her shop. it’s a great store w/ a great vibe. it’s not offensive and the owner is not pushy at all. she is respectful and friendly and i feel welcomed and very cleansed when i leave. i found a bunch of crazy junk there friday….BIG, BIG box….all for $20. i call it my ‘blessings store’. i will be using many of my finds there for some upcoming projects.

i also took some photos of some goodies my blogging friend RACHEL made for me. she made me an awesome necklace out of a little silver tray, but it is in my car, so i didn’t take a pic. of it. she has wicked sewing talent and makes little things looks incredible. she really puts martha stewart to shame. oh…did i say that?

okay…blah, blah, blah…on with the show…..some experimental collages done on clothing. i tea stained this shirt and added some cast offs….also below used an old slip to glue stuff to. my husband would say it is SOOOOO TACKY. he is right, but it’s still fun and a good way to use up all those cute cast off vintage items you have no clue what to do with. besides, it’s only tacky if i actually wear it. would i do that????????? hmmm.



beginning of a collage


things that are inspiring met at the moment….lace, ribbons and vintage ephemera and painted frames for collages. i love the pale pink paint….










some inspiring things around my house…dolls, dolls and more dolls. what is the thing about vintage dolls that make them so interesting??? i just adore them. the poor chipped on is making my friend tina go insane right now. sorry tina. i hope she doesn’t bring you scary dreams.


oh…now she will for sure with this close up.


i found all of these lovelies at the ‘blessings thrift shop’. they were all part of my $20 box. i thinks these are great. they are not quite that ‘vintage’ but they needed me. the lady that owns the store was so happy that someone took them. they were just sitting in a dark cardboard box. they all look like a misfit sorority of some sort.


dolls in zoey’s room. the one below has no feet. something or someone chewed them off. poor thing. i love her. i found her in the trash in germany. i was so excited to get her. my husband just shook his head.


other cuties….




and some stuff around the house. you bloggers that know me know i love to take a bunch of pictures. my friend cheryl and i always say that we like to read blogs, but we LOVE to look at the photos more. that’s why i also have so many stinkin pics. i dragged my daybed into the house. the kids and i love this little couch.


wall pockets i found for 25 cents.


my growing tin collection.


FLOWERS FROM MY HUSBAND FOR MY BIRTHDAY. thanks ron. i had to put a little touch on them. i wrapped them in fabric. i have to mess with everything.


RACHEL, RACHEL…you outdid youself on this garland. sooo sweet. ripped sheets and little fabric flowers. adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!


tree skirt to die for. pom poms and little buttons and glitter spray. ThAnKS rachel!!!


arek will be so mad at me when he is a teen and he sees this pic. yes…he is helping me bake and he is wearing an apron. we made red velvet cake. zoey helped too….ack. this is why i am so busy with the kids.



it took me a week to clean up this mess. yes. i am politically incorrect. i let my kids lick the cake batter. i did when i was growing up. my mom always let me have the beaters when she was finished whipping up something sweet and she let me eat raw hamburger meat too. that was the good ole days!!! THANKS MOM!!! hee hee.

okay… this post made no sense at all. i have also been sooooo busy reading other blogs these days, i don’t tend to mine as much. there are soooo many good blogs out there. amazing talent. amazing creativity. addiction number 117 or something like that to add to my list. blogging. comes right after licking cake batter.

you all have a good night.




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10 responses to “family time…sick time….and a bunch of blah, blah, blah and random photos

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    OMGosh! Zoey is so funny! Arek will kill you someday with the flowered apron pics. Save those for his wedding day. Make a projector show of him and his lady…then put those in there. He will love you so much! Glad you like the stuff I sent. I’m using my flower garland for my white Christmas tree. I like how you hung it from a peg hanger/coat hanger.
    Feel better soon Sue! Wish I could eat some red velvet cake with you!

  2. Ron

    That old slip is sooooo tacky……..there I said it. The flowers are wonderful. Why is Zoey eating soooo much sugar? Now you know why she bounces off the walls. Arek and his cheesy smile……I love him. I hope you feel better.


  3. Sue

    Perfect last photo to end a perfect post!I loved licking the bowl, but now I can only look at a distance or I start growing outwards!
    I love photos too, maybe it makes us feel content knowing there are others out there so much like us! Love you daybed!

  4. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but you still managed a great post. Loved it. Love the daybed, too! Great to know the stout woman like me can be stylish. Who knew Lane Bryant had been in business that long. Your kids are the cutest! Take care of yourself. Deb

  5. Oh Sue…what beautiful treasures! I love that day bed too!

    My mom always let me lick the beaters too…and I did the same thing with Cassie. My ex always frowned when I did that…but I’m still alive and kickin!


  6. Cindy

    That ad for stout women is MINE. Give it to me plain, make it into a collage, whatever, but that is MINE. I am the stout woman and getting stouter by the day!

  7. When you’re feeling better, come visit my blog. I’ve got a little surprise for you. Deb

  8. terrylee

    You absolutely KILL me, Sue! Oh.My.Gosh. You’re too funny. And creative. And so much fun! Love all the pics … especially the kids. How precious!

    Hate to hear that you’ve been sick, again! Whatup with that?! Didja see a doc? Take care of yourself and get some rest, girl!!

    The Girls (hate to call us by our official name on your blog!) and I would totally FREAK OUT if we could visit you at home! We’re all huge fan(atic)s, as you should know. And btw, you are ALWAYS welcome to junk with us. We’d be honored! 🙂

    News alert: I quit my day job. Honestly. I’m going to home school my son. Am very excited … but scared too. Yikes!!

    Take care, girlie.

    Terry Lee

  9. Mom

    That daybed brings back memories for me, Sue. It brings back Germany when Zoey was first born. I slept on it more than once to be close in case you needed help during the night. I remember how short it was and how my legs stuck out at the end. It was fairly comfortable, though, in spite of being only about four feet long.

  10. cheryl

    OMG! I just love your iron daybed! It looks awesome in your livingroom!! It looks so inviting… I would love to just come on over, have coffee with you and look at magazines! I have a late birthday present for you that will look so pretty on it! You are going to love it!! I will send it along with the other treasures in the big box of stuff I will be shipping to you! Take care, Love ya! 🙂

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