finally!!!!!! virtual house tour part I!!


okay….grab a cup of tea and take a virtual tour with me!!! my friend cheryl has been sending me pics of her house forever and i haven’t been able to upload them and post them. well…today i could!! don’t know what was different about today, but i have some sweet photos of cheryl’s house. she is an avid collector of cottage memorabilia and all things roses, shabby, pink and precious. she loves to do sweet cottage vignettes and little groupings of collections. her house is ever changing and she’s constantly coming up with new ways of showcasing her collections and passions. she’s very inspiring!! i hope you enjoy!!!!

she has a vast collection of vintage bridal cake toppers, glassware, roses anything, button flowers (which she makes herself), enamelware, vintage ironware (white mostly), vintage coke displays, flower frogs, post cards, linens galore, tons and tons of pastel colored pottery, display cases, old advertising tins, vintage kitchen collectibles, large furniture pieces, and i think her favorites…..vintage toys and garden items! here is a sampling of her bridal toppers




barkcloth, dolled up gals, princess phones, stained glass, display cases…all things girly and shabby cottage chic.



hat boxes, rose plates, vintage oil portraits, barkcloth purses, garden inspiration and shabby pink bed tables….



vintage hats, quilts, pink signs, old mirrors, architectural pieces, painted pink lovelies, pottery and little accent pieces….so sweet.


old baskets, bling bling, hat pins, lamps, and a gorgeous mirror.


love this display case….lots of goodies.


fab WC….i’d stay in here for a long time. this would be my new office!!! kids….leave me alone…i need privacy!!!!!


hope you enjoyed the tour.

my husband bought me a new nikon camera for my birthday. what a guy!! it will take me some time to adjust to it. i haven’t used it yet. mom…it’s the same kind as yours. i’m excited about the close shots i’ll be able to take w/ it. you will know when i switch cameras. my blog photos will be completely transformed!! give me some time. from here until the new year….I AM SOOOO overwhelmed with stuff. as we all are. i am so amazed by the talented bloggers and vendors out there that accomplish sooo much for their holiday sales. i have such a hard time keeping up this time of the year. i do what i can and try not to sweat it. i try to enjoy what others are making and get ideas for next year.

i have one more item to share…..arek’s 3rd grade school pic. i’m not much of a traditionalist in the way of school photos, but i have to admit…..i LOVE THIS ONE. last year, arek face was all tweaked funny…he looked like he smelled something foul and was trying not to laugh about it. last year was also the year i ordered like 99 wallet size, 68 of that other somewhat bigger size and 15 5×7’s or whatever. we didn’t give any out.

this year, i only ordered a couple, and this photo is so cute. so here it is online! go arek…you are sweet with your long surfer hair, dirty teeth and thrift store hand knit sweater. too much halloween candy. i know, i know…they make toothbrushes for kids his age, but i this photo was taken after lunch.


i found this photo of me at age 8. i am sooo old now that the photo is so old now and scary and dirty. i’m too lazy to clean it up in photoshop. sorry. don’t you did my hair clip??? i was vintage cool before vintage was cool. eh?


okay folks…you all have a great thursday and thanks for stopping by. terry lee….you know that diva suitcase will come your way….you can have it cheaper…please. it can host your homeschool items. oh wait…that suitcase does not open. oh well…you will just have to display it somewhere and move on to the next item!! you can take a friday reprieve and meet me junkin somewhere girl!! i wish you all the best with your new endeavors!!

you all take care.




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6 responses to “finally!!!!!! virtual house tour part I!!

  1. Joanna

    Awwwww, look how cute you were at 8! Arek is absolutely adorable! Love the blog. Miss you. Take care. Joanna.

  2. What a beautiful home! I can’t get over your collection of Vintage Tablecloths~ WOW 🙂

  3. Cheryl and i are friends too! I LOVE her house! Her bathroom and sunroom and kitchen are my favorite rooms!

  4. terrylee

    oh. gawd. somebody at crafter’s has a big mouth. that is way TOO embarrassing! can’t believe they said something to you. geez. i LOVE the diva suitcase but wouldn’t DREAM of asking you to mark it down. it’s worth that much and MORE!

    thanks for your good wishes. it’s definitely going to be an adventure for both of us! and since we have flexible hours, junking and barnstorming will be more convenient. surely there’s something educational about rummaging through bins at the GW barn … recycling, re-purposing, economics?!

    love the pics of you and arek. very darn sweet. very. and cheryl’s house … well … i’m drooling!! yummy stuff!

    hope you’re feeling better.

    terry lee

  5. Ron

    Great improvement on the school picture. Last years picture was a real hoot.

  6. Kaye

    Arek’s getting so big & you were a cutie (still are). Still envy your creativity!

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