family weekend……and too many random words…..


okay…it’s like not even 10pm and i am soooooooo tired. i can hardly keep my eyes open. it was a heck of a week, so i did almost nothing this weekend craftwise ( time and energy). i spent the weekend entertaining arek and zoey. movie day on saturday and today was chuck cheese bday party. oh what fun!!

i did manage to slip into the g.w. bins on saturday before we hit the movie. it was pretty cold and very, very windy. arek was screaming at me like one of those high pitched bad actresses in a $2 horror flick. it was rediculous!!! zoey had on no shoes (she was wearing socks) and the ground felt like ice. both of them were cold. arek sat in the buggy with a pink and yellow print polyester 1970’s blanket covering him. he was reading a calvin and hobbs comic book and screaming at the top of his lungs that the pages would not turn. uum…okay. i was so embarassed. i put zoey into the linen bin and started finding vintage ribbon. that is when i knew i had to do what a junker had to do!! keep digging and ignore the kids!!!

after about 15 minutes, both zoey and arek were so into digging in the toy bins that i couldn’t get them out of the store. they were throwing things at each other and arek had one of those fisher price toddlers vacuum cleaner toys with the little balls popping all around the cold cement making a ton of noise. after i made him put that back, he found a child’s play drum and a drum stick and decided that made less noise. uuh…no.

zoey had a little plastic water can and a toy plastic small house filled with tiny treasures. of course she dropped it on the floor and it broke and all the treasures spilled out. whatever…i think that is when i found PINK twinkle lights, so i didn’t care!!!!

when we got to the counter, the wind was blowing in so hard that all my crap kept blowing off the counter and onto the floor. arek was spazing again and screaming ‘come on mom. hurry up. let’s go. i’m freezing’….like we were ice fishing or something. he can make me laugh and scream at the same time. he did the same thing the first time we visited france. it was so cold and the wind was blowing and arek screamed and cried…’i want to go home’ over and over again. ron and i were so mad, by the time we made it the big cathedral we wanted to see…ron screamed…’look at the church arek…look at the church!!!!’. i felt like screaming the same thing…’look at this $20 basket , arek…look at this $20 basket!’

how fun it is to shop with kids!!!! eh? it was.

i also hit the g.w. (a different one) on friday and found all of these for less than $3!!!jewel1

and this stack of plates and goodies….


i have plans for some of this. as i said in an earlier post, i am volunteering to be a vendor in an upcoming benefit. i’m excited, but i DON’T DO SHOWS!! this is causing me a problem, sort of. i have to sell stuff from my personal collection, so i have been going thru the stuff in my house. i have started downsizing and my house is not going to get decorated much for christmas. i’m not much of a holiday decorator anyway. the kids can help me put up a tree and i do a few things outside, but i’m a ‘red neck’ holiday decorator when i do decorate. when i start, i can’t stop and i have a million things going on and random lights about and trees made out of old lamp posts and stuff. oddness. or i just do nothing. this year is a do nothing year. i have too much to do with the booth and a show. i am soooooooo amazed at all the talented bloggers out there that knock out so much work!!! they have a ton of stuff for their etsy shops, ebay, stores, booths and online web stores. i’m blown away!! i can hardly manage laundry at my house right now, much less 100 tags and 25 crown kits!! i must be doing something wrong. i am hardly managing sleep as it is. when i just had arek, i stayed up way into the wee hours of the night and made collages and jewelry like mad. now, i’m sooo juiced by 9pm with zoey and arek, that my eyes slam shut and i can’t pry them back open, much less try to generate creative sparks for cute projects.

i did manage to play rock star with the kids tonight. we acted like total fools. i had the ipod cranked way up on our little bose speaker in the kitchen. we listened to tom petty (saving grace), talking heads (slippery people), three dog night (shambala and one man band – stop laughing), and stone temple pilots (wicked garden) and i was lead singer for every song. arek gave me his giant toy microphone and he was a drummer. he smashed one of my sugar bowls and hit everything he could find that made noise with a giant metal soup spoon. zoey was spinning around in a circle and eating cheetos while standing on the counter. it was completely rediculous. i was laughing so hard i couldn’t breathe. well…i blamed it on that anyway. arek smashed his play guitar (big metal strainer) on a chair after every song. i guess that was better than any craft or project i could have made tonight. i tell myself that anyway. i think i believe it!!

this is a very bad shot of a somewhat cute collage i made. i hung a little prism from the bottom and used vintage bias tape to hang it. i think that is me on the end with the crown.


i pulled out my girl from france. she is covered in lights, tulle and a 25 cent heart wreath i got my friend cindy. i’m not sure i get this at all. it is odd, impulsive, sloppy and yet, it distracts me from my dirty house and clutter.


this is the top of the baker’s rack i found for $10 a couple of weeks ago. i am using it as storage for craft supplies. i’ve shown my ladies before, but i wanted to show the scrolling on the top of this rack. it is so pretty. the salt and pepper shakers were a gift from my friend mike years ago. i love them. i love the colors.


you all have a good night and i’m sorry about the random thoughts and limited photos this post. it is just where i am in my life…too many random thoughts and not enough pictures, but plenty of complaints and way too many rock songs!!




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2 responses to “family weekend……and too many random words…..

  1. cheryl

    Hey Sue..Sounds like you had a great time with the kids in the GW bins! LOL! Love the bling! Great finds! I love your mannequin with the twinkle lights around it..mmm..maybe not the heart & tulle (spell check) though….just an idea…Hope all is well..Take care! Love ya! 🙂

  2. Hi Sue ~ Sounds like quite a fun time at GW…at least the kids had fun with the toys there!!! I soooo love your bling…and it was cheap too!

    Rest up…you have more energy than I do these days!


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