vintage projects galore!!


okay…i have been a foolishly, tired creator of odd, vintage collages for this upcoming show. i have a color scheme i’m following (tan, white, beige, faded hues and ivory and cream) i have so many randon tidbits and little odd vintage cast offs that need a good place to land. why not on an old board, a wedding cake doily/plate yo say?, an old photo, a cast off pillow, clothing pieces, a suitcase, an mismatched tin, cast off crumbly vintage purse..the list goes on.

here are a few collages i’ve been making on cardboard cake doilies…go figure. i have been decoupaging old sewing patterns onto them and adding embellishments. quick and easy, but still interesting. i keep seeing all those cute roses and flowers made from old patterns, but i’m just not that smart and crafty. i have a million old patterns though. it’s a shame not to do something with them…so here are some ideas.





also made some tags….


i found this little box for a song. i added the word paris and some glitter. she’s now going to the show.


a collage using old rusty nails and a million vintage photos of complete strangers. it’s odd and yet compelling to look at.


like what do you do with those cast off metal/brass flower baskets from the 1980s? make them into wall pockets that will hold ribbon, lace or string for your craft area.


had her in my booth forever and nobody bought her. i added some shine and a little clock in her hands…guess cuz we can only dream for more time…eh?


i am not really into altered jewelry (making it that is). i’m not good at it at all. it just does not click for me, but i need at least 5 or 6 pieces for the show. this is an attempt at a restrung beeded necklace. the hearts in the back are from another necklace i made.


last but not least…this crazy collage with a vintage girdle. what am i thinking????? see cindy….i make odd things too. i hammered 2 old nails on the bottom to hold purses, scarves or towels in the bathroom…


that is it folks. i’m falling asleep as we chat. i’m ssssoooooo tired. good night.




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4 responses to “vintage projects galore!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Glad you got to crank out some projects. Get some sleep!

  2. cheryl

    Looks like some fun projects you made…I especially like the vintage eyeglass tags ! If you are still planning to have flea market fridays….I would love to buy some! Just let me know. Take care…get some zzzz’s…Love ya!!

  3. Cindy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the little girl picture you altered. It is so innocent and so amazing!
    The girdle collage—not getting it, but someone will snatch it up in a heartbeat!
    And I remember when we unearthed those cakeboards and you were going to GASP throw them away. Now they look fantastic.

  4. Hey Sue,
    Love your doll heads on your flickr sight. Are you interested in selling any??? Let me know if so. Thanks, Lauri @ chippys

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