motivation and a junk pill….


i admit it has been days between my last post, but i have lost a little motivation. i guess it was the fear of this week’s cub scout campout and all the work involved in taking it on!!! no worries. we got thru it and came out smelling like a bag of cheetos and a pit full of soot. what a weekend. lots and lots to do. arek did great. he had a really good time!!! zoey on th other hand….welllllll……she was cold all weekend and dirty and she ate at least an entire bag of marshmallows and cheetos. she smelled soooo bad saturday night, but i was waaay too tired to bathe her and she was waaayyy too tired to bathe, so she slept in her own funk and woke up with a cold.

i still haven’t recovered from all the prep work. i still have a truck filled with who knows what a cooler full of bread, yogurt and leftover bits of perishables that probably will get ransacked by a wild texas critter of some sort in my driveway. who knows. i think i did 4 loads of laundry today and hoped that arek and zoey would chill out and sleep or watch a nice quiet movie of some sort. whatever. zoey is coughing. she wouldn’t be if she would put on some clothes. she wore a tee shirt almost the entire weekend in 40degree weather. i had to bribe her and fight her to get a coat on. aaarrgghhh.


this picture speaks for my day today. welcome to sibling H-E double toothpicks! NO, not everyday is fun.

i did manage to get zoey to take a nap. i knocked out a couple of collages while she slept. arek kept asking me for snacks, but i threatened him with the glue gun until i was finished. i’m kidding. he is 8. he can get his own snacks. case in point….i watched him pull almost an entire block of cheddar cheese out of the camping cooler tonight and eat it. nice. then zoey wanted it, so he gave it to her and she nibbled it. that was a $6 block of cheese. zoey said she didn’t want anymore and smeared a huge chunk on the front door window. that was after a day of the above, a huge pile of pee on the floor from zoey, arek putting a chain in a tree and trying to climb up it, zoey spilling a huge tub of junk jewels all over the table and then putting little polished stones in her mouth and calling them candy, arek and zoey having a fight over an orange magic marker in the back yard that sounding like meat being thrown to the lions. what a day. savages. they are lucky they are cute and loved. hee hee… on with some project photos.

i found this beat up small screen that was falling apart at goodwill. i knew the screen pieces would make cute collages, so i salvaged 2 of them. this is one that had a bird on it….


this is one with a huge pink flower….


a cast off purse….


and that is all i could produce in an hour. it takes me longer to clean up than it does to create.

why is that? oh…because i don’t have a craft room?

i was also visited by my friend cindy who brought me that delightful chippy chair. i don’t know how much she spent on it, but it was well under the $2 price range. i love it.



cindy also brought this awesome crown and and the most precious pink tulle tree ever! thanks cindy. i think i will strap that crown to my head and just wear it everywhere. okay…why is the tree under a cage? go figure.



and for terry lee…this is dirty and dingy…but here is the layering i was talking about. layer books…statues, clocks, blah, blah, blah….and mirrors. i redid my entranceway and did some layering of pictures and mirrors.

i had some old papers out of a school book that were attached to the top, but they fell down. it would look awesome to put a bunch of old pages behind all this mess.


this is on a cabinet below the mirrors. i love this old mirror behind the statue. i found both of these at an estate sale in georgia. this girl sold a bunch of things really cheap from her antique business. the mirror was $1 and the statue was an old ashtray. ron cut the ashtray part of the top for me, so it’s just a cherub. i paid $3 for her. the books are just junk finds along the way. i upsize and downsize my old book collections. sometimes they stress me out and other times i think they are completely wonderful. what is the disease called for that. is there a pill?


if there is, i don’t want it. as crazy as a junker’s life is, how boring it would be without. i’m happy collecting. besides, what would the kids be able to get into all day to stress me out if i didn’t have a big pile of junk waiting for it’s turn into the world of creative display? what?

you all take care. i have to go rescue arek from his crazy art making. he keeps making obscure songs on garage band on my apple lap top in the living room. he sings, makes odd noises with his mouth, bangs things together, drops in beats, and then uploads his songs to itunes. he is 8. what have i created? oh…not to mention he makes his own cd covers, makes up the songs, titles and words to his songs and band names. geez….but he can’t remember to turn in his homework. am i the only one with the extreme busy kids?

we are an odd bunch.

you all have a great night.




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5 responses to “motivation and a junk pill….

  1. Do you ever wonder where he gets his creative side? Go look in a mirror. I double dog dare you. Debbie

  2. Sue

    I love the layered look, Ill have to try it with some of my junk!
    As usual, you have managed to cram so much in, and still create! I salute you!

  3. cheryl

    I too, love the layered look, especially with mirrors! Your collages look very pretty! Love the chandi, pink dressform, and all the pink hats! Yes, I do believe Arek takes after you with all the creative energy! LOL! Cheryl

  4. cindy

    The chair was a whopping THREE DOLLARS!
    The tree looks fantastic under the bird cage.
    Ladies I was treated to a 15 minute trip thru Sue’s house and believe me when I say that most of this stuff looks SOOOO MUCH better in life than in the photos and I think the photos look great.

    Yes, Arek gets all his creativity from you, he just channels it differently. And better that Zoey be eating junk jewels than dirt or poisonous flowers which is what my kids have done!

  5. Ron

    I laughed out loud while reading about our kids. I can visualize everything you’re saying. Maybe Arek can write a song about turning in his homework……Love ya.


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