poor taste….no tasting!!! it’s thanksgiving!!


okay….i admit it…..i’m a day late on the happy thanksgiving salute and i have very poor taste when it comes to thanksgiving decorating. don’t be afraid of this. just know….i will never cook, nor will i eat, a cornish hen again!!! what strange little birds these are. they don’t look like this before they go into the oven. they look like little chickens, but when they come out….ack….who could eat this? i didn’t know they would look so adorable and alive…like little beached sunbathers on a sweet summer day. darn. the vegetarian in me put these directly in the trash after my friends and i dressed them up w/spoons and forks and vintage flowers from an old hat. okay…i got carried away with the doll heads. tina…i know you are retracting to a corner and averting your eyes….see what a glass of wine will do to a girl.

my friends that visited me today felt the same way about these little girls. they too could not understand the personal satisfaction one might get from ingesting these pitiful little creatures. god bless them and let them go (the hens…not my friends). next thanksgiving i’ll stick with turkey, call it tradition and be done with it.

i hope you all had a wonderful day and didn’t eat too much….haa haaaa haaaaa. well you certainly wouldn’t if you ate one of these.

okay….. i’m falling asleep at my computer again. yawn. and how strange….i had no turkey to make me do so. must be the pie and wine.




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5 responses to “poor taste….no tasting!!! it’s thanksgiving!!

  1. What a hoot! That one looks like it just had a c-section. The Chippys have got to see this one. Mmm Mmm Yum-My! Debbie

  2. Chaotic Mom

    I am laughing my huge hiney off right now!!!!!

  3. Ron

    I get the eebie jeebies looking at the pictures.

  4. Mom

    So do I. It’s the heads that do it.


  5. Chaotic Mom

    C-section or appendectomy?

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