feeling winter’s pull……


i know that ice cream and blankets are a juxtaposition when it comes to winter’s arrival, but it is not really winter yet in texas and i love ice cream. this is the time of the year when i get significantly hungry for comfort food and completely overwhelmed with the stress of the holidays….which translates to…..i’m overwhelmed…time for some ice cream and a good movie. aaahhhhh the couch looks wonderful!!! about the blanket…well, it’s cold in my house. it can be pretty warm outside, but i still get very cold at night here. i’m constantly looking for a blanket. tonite was no exception. TBS at 10 (sex and the city re-runs), a warm blanket and plenty of peppermint ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream!! now i want to crash.

where is the treadmill? where is richard simmons???? where is a pillow? i’ll take question number 3!!

my booth has been on the back burner lately. for my booth customers reading this….know that i will become a machine again soon and transform my space into a walking vintage wonderland in the next month. this is a busy time for me around the holidays and i try not to burn myself out! hence the ice cream, rest and warm blanket!!! besides, this is the time of the year when folks are saving their monies for big ticket items like TVs, appliances, trips and toys to help santa become a rock star.

i have slowly been transforming the house into a shabby festive holiday girlie bliss. my poor kids. my poor husband. i found the most perfectly unperfect tree for $5 at a local thrift haunt. i have shame about this tree. the previous owners taped, wired and bound this poor tree with string to get the branches to stick to a pole not original to the tree. what that means??? charlie brown tree. i was delighted to give it a little LOVE. i bought cheap ornaments, displayed broken cheap pearls and added a garland rachel made for me out of cast off rose fabric. arek says he loves the tree more than any tree we’ve ever had (we have had some trees). i also used a big, industrial metal base i found in the garbage as the base for this beauty. i think she shines. i think she’s a star!




i plan to decorate her some more with old postcards, lace bows and little frames. i added new curtains for my holiday decor. i found these sheer curtains in germany. i am sure i found them junking. anyway, i dyed them pink and i love the subtleness of it all. they work well with the roses.

here is the entranceway into the house.



i was inspired by several things around the house today…..











projects that are current……..





i’m falling asleep at the computer AGAIN. oldie, oldie, oldie. arek is still awake and going strong. i on the other hand am falling out. i better go. i wish you all a great weekend




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6 responses to “feeling winter’s pull……

  1. cheryl

    So creative, chic & pink! ~I love it all….So pretty!!~As always! Take care! 🙂 Cheryl

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    Looks great. I like that you displayed the necklace I gave you. Very chic. I’ve been busy making more ornies for my tree. I’m exhausted. I’m getting old too. Stayed up till 2 am last night and it’s killing me!

  3. Debbie

    Bless Arek’s heart– that IS the most beautiful tree! You have given it new life! Ah, you inspire me; I have a smaller one that I should get out of storage and let it shine…

  4. Ron

    I hope the beautiful tree is fire proof. Don’t burn down the house!

  5. Sue – it is so beautiful in ‘here’ I don’t want to leave!

    I know what you mean.. it IS cold here.. but nothing deters me from Hagen Daaz… well maybe a look at the bathroom scale.. but I cleverly drop my towel on it every time… and the mirrors fog up from the nice hot showers… LOL

  6. Michele

    Love the tree!
    Save me some peppermint ice cream 🙂

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