for a day store displays and crafty mess…..


i have been way too busy lately. i need a paper bag busy. life is overwhelming this time of the year for me. i am inspired by peace….not hustle and bustle and busy, busy, busy…but that is the way it seems to be this time of the year…eh???

busy as i may be, i found a day to go to MARTA’S for inspiration and some consultation and some…best of all…SHOPPING!!! marta has updated all her holiday displays and her store looks amazing!!! i took a million photos. i will just show you photos and not type. i’m busy…remember???? too busy to type. that’s sad. actually, i’m just lazy and photos in the case of marta…speak louder than me writing a bunch of blah, blah, blah. i will say that i’m doing this benefit with marta scheduled on DEC. 15th. and we had to consult about her BIG furniture (thank you Marta) and my little smalls i’m bringing. that is the main reason i stopped by her shop. but that isn’t the fun reason. THIS IS…….

please sit back…get a cup of tea and ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY!!!!!

marta is the queen of vignettes. you can click marta’s shop photos in my category list to see old posts about her store. she is located on highway 190 close to belton, texas. if you have a chance to stop by and see her….you will be sooooo glad you did. she has charmed her store with shimmery holiday displays and soooo many cute treasures, there is eye candy, whimsy and elegance everywhere you look!! she has only original pieces and takes great care shopping and buying items for her store.

























hope you enjoyed! i took a lot of obscure photos of her shop this time. i love her doll collections and i LOVE this birdcage upside down with brushes. just adore it. it is on display in one of her WCs. how cool.

i have been making pillows, necklaces, signs, whatever i can…for this upcoming show. here are a few things in progress. i also have a HUGE mess on my table when i’m finished. it is total FOOLISHNESS like on clean sweep. that house show….they would have fun in my house. what could they sell at a yard sale and make any money on here???? hot glue sticks? vintage oddities???? FOOLISHNESS……


i bought a bunch of oval disks from marta and tried my hand at collage necklaces. i made about 20. i will try to post photos of the other soon, but i can’t promise anything. between cubs, a birthday party, a derby car to make, pricing for the show, laundry, food shopping, cleaning and meals….i’m super worn out this weekend already. zoey is potty training too….yay. i like being home so she can get used toΒ  going potty at her leisure…which means peeing on the floor and then sitting on the potty afterwards. puddles of pee. what a life!!! i know…i’m on a tangent.



altered pillow.


part of a collage.




okay….too many cartoon noises in the background…better go turn something off. did you get that mom? yes…noise after 10pm is so distracting for me. my mom thinks i’m crazy because i hate loud noises after 10. i can’t help it. i hear loud noises all day long. i have to have the quiet for my sanity. am i alone on that one????

okay….tired, tired, tired. hope you were inspired.

you all have a great weekend.




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10 responses to “for a day store displays and crafty mess…..

  1. Marta’s shop looks amazing. Can’t wait to see it hopefully soon!!

  2. Woweeay! I’ll say that is some great displays. And may I add your photos are terrif! I’m planning road trips for after the first of the year and I think this is one stop that needs to be penciled in. BTW-I like quiet before 8am and after 9pm so you’re not alone in needing peace. I started that when my kids were little. I called it me time. Debbie

  3. Ron

    The dolls are a little scary.

  4. terrylee

    marta’s store is truly amazing! yummy yummy eye candy!! am hoping to visit again soon.

    you sound entirely too busy! but you also sound very happy … so i won’t tell you to slow down. πŸ™‚

    gorgeous, scrumptuous pics of your projects! i hope the “big show” goes well for you. try not to stress too much over it.

    the FAGs are headed to the christmas stroll in salado this afternoon. hope to take some pics for inspiration. that place overwhelms me sometimes.

    good luck with the potty training. oh my. lotsa fun! haha!

    love and hugs,
    terry lee

  5. Sue

    Fab photos, fab store, not so fab potty training….
    Since my youngest of 3, is 14 yrs old, I have a lot of teenagers in amd out and they dont know the meaning of quiet! I have to sit in the car for that!
    Good luck with the show, and Im adjusting to your speed , but dont forget to breathe!Lol

  6. Mom

    Marta’s shop is beautiful, Sue. I loved seeing your face in a mirror!

    Re noise: You’ve always had a low tolerance for noise, regardless of the time of day or night.


  7. cheryl

    Gorgeous shop photos! Most definitely a place I would like to shop! Take care!

  8. Chaotic Mom

    I’m very inspired! Can’t wait to drag my camera around with me now, too. It’s like getting lost in another world, taking photos, just forgetting everything else stressful in the world. VERY much liked your photos, and getting lost in Marta’s world. If even for just a few minutes.

    I’ve penciled in the open house, will definitely be there. With my camera. πŸ˜‰

    Sorry, but I have to agree with Ron about the doll heads. Something about them reminds me of Cornish hens…

  9. cindy

    Do you all agree with me? SUE is where Arek gets his photographic abilities. Girl, you do everything artistic very well.

  10. Michele

    How much for a collage necklace???? Love them….they’re fab!

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