holiday reflections open house


it is that time of year again when we crafters, junkers, vendors, and for those of you that do shows (so much work), work our butts off and seasonally challenge ourselves to create that something special for a gift, holiday decor, or just that something special that we think is unique and fun.

i have been invited this year as a vendor in the first season of the HOLIDAY REFLECTIONS OPEN HOUSE. it is a benefit show for the angel tree foundation in temple texas. it’s for a great cause and i know there will be awesome talent there as well. i have been busy making collages, jewelry, altering whatever else i can find, gathering up vintage clothing, a dress form, some other neat accessories, china, glassware, ephemera, lace, tags, and whatever else i’ve been able to accomplish in the last month with 2 kids, cubscouts, a husband MIA for part of this month, an ear infection, stomach virus, homework, schoolwork, derby car race, dirty house, laundry galore, yardwork, foodshopping, event planning, holiday shopping, and some other things that have really taken some time away from the creative process. i’m not sure how i have managed to pull it all off, but i have succeeded in at least gathering up enough goodies to form a ‘look’ and i’m happy and honored that i have been chosen to showcase what i can bring.

if any of you texans can make this show, i hear it is going to be absolutely fantastic!! Carol’s house, i am told, is unreal!! i can’t wait to see it. i can’t wait to meet other vendors and bloggers as well…..i will try to take photos if i have the time.

i hope to see you all there!! i hope i’ve collected enough items to sell!! i did the best i could with the time i had. my booth at crafters has been ignored and abandoned these past 2 months. i plan to kick it in gear the first of the year!!! i’ll be giving the booth a makeover and lifting her up to shabby vintagesue standards.

you all have a great day!!!




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2 responses to “holiday reflections open house

  1. I too am really looking forward to the Open House and sale and seeing Carol’s home. I’m really excited that I’ve been asked to participate as well. I hope to stop by Gatherings on Saturday when I get into town and hopefully swing by Marta’s. See you then!

  2. I hope you have a great show and that you and Ms. T have fun! Bring back photos. Debbie

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