holiday reflections was a hit!!!


well…ho, ho, ho and mistletoe and and now i’m beat!!! the Holiday Reflections Open House was a HIT. i really had fun. i was soooooo happy to finally meet Theresa Cano of Vintage Garden Antiques. she was as sweet as she is talented. what a pleasure. what an honor. it was really fun chatting with you in the cold!!! i also had such fun decorating with the goodies i got from her booth at Carol’s Open House. before i show you Carol’s lovely house, i want to show you what i bought from theresa.

for the shoppers that bought from me…thanks for all the kinds words and compliments. i really appreciate it!!! enjoy your goodies and visit me when you get to the COVE. i never know what i will make or bring next. whatever inspires me at the time….that is what i make.

i must say i am sore and tired….bending and standing all day yesterday did it….like my waitressing days. so much work!!! i sold so much and i made so many new friends. i really did have fun. i found there are so many amazing, talented, hard working texas women in this business we call vintage retail. what inspiration. thank you to those of you who came out to support the cause, the vendors and my friends sally and karin that came to see me and cheer me on!!!! it meant a lot to me!!

of course i have a big shout out to Carol…thanks for hosting such a great benefit that proved a wonderful party for all. and MARTA….thank you for putting up with me and my sueisms all day long….lol. i hope your feet are still up on the table and your body is resting comfortably on a nice, comfy couch. you need fluids too…please!!!!!! thanks for you help. you are a mentor and a friend.

okay…now for some redos in the house with some neat vintage windows i found not too long ago from my newest salvage chic contact debbie….and also some redos with some cuties i bought from theresa



love the basket and small table from theresa. i found the ladies on that fab green frog ($5 at a local antique mall) from marta’s booth. also the light switch….LOVE THE PINK ROSES. i didn’t dare rewire it, so i added a light bulb i covered in BIG vintage glitter. the glitter you found back in the 70’s for your school egg crate xmas ornaments!!!!!!! i love the way it looks.



love this old medicine cabinet mirror i found from theresa. i attached it to an old door i found from salvage debbie. i just love the way it turned out and i love the old patina on the mirror. how many time can i use the word love??? upgrade vocabulary now…..ah…adore, admire, dig, amore…i don’t know.



that all said….let me show you some highlights from carol’s open house!! wow. what a gorgeous home. what amazing decorations. what holiday spirit. thanks carol for the cheery looks and inspiration.

i hope you all enjoy. i will just load photos and let your eyes enjoy the tour and let the photos speak for themselves…like the softer side of santa here….he was shabby before it was chic…go santa. is your sleigh white with roses or eggshell blue with birds??






















mega photos!! hope you are inspired and ready for the holidays!!! can you believe that carol decorated this house????? amazing!!!! i can hardly wash my slipcovers….

i love it and i again thank you carol for taking the time to put a smile on so many faces that entered your home monday!!!!


stay warm and you all take care.




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11 responses to “holiday reflections was a hit!!!

  1. Renee

    Theresa Cano, is wonderful, I love following her,and her blog

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    I love those scalloped shelves at the open house. I want so bad. They are to die for.
    I’m glad you had a good time at the sale…I bet you are tired.
    Missed your blog while you were busy. Glad to have you back.

  3. HeidiAnn

    Wow, Wow, Wow -There is so much beauty in all of those photos, I am breathless and nearly speechless. I love it ALL.

  4. Thank you so much for great shots you took of Carol’s home, what a different view than what I took. If I can ever find time to post them I will, hopefully tonight. Glad you liked the things you bought and they really look good in your home. I really enjoyed visiting with you and meeting you. Happy Holidays to you and your babies and hope your husband has a safe trip home.

  5. I meant to tell you that I loved that you glittered the light bulb, so creative!!

  6. Visiting from Theresa’s blog. Love your use of the vintage goodies. What fun the Texas vintage gals have! Pam

  7. Theresa

    Hey Sue, Theresa Cano was telling me all about how excited she was to meet you.

    I noticed the show you set up at was in Copperus Cove? (not sure if I spelled that right) I used to live there when we were military. That was back in 1994 or 1995. Small world!

    I can’t wait to see what Theresa bought from you, she was excited about it. Looks like you girls had a good time. I hope I get to meet you some time, maybe you will come to the Round Top show in the spring.

    Glad I found your blog, I will add you to my favorites.


  8. A big thanks to Theresa Cano for guiding us to your wonderful blog! Is she a sweetheart with great taste or what? Your pics are great and your house is so charming …I’ll be checking back

  9. cheryl

    Hey Sue! ~So nice to have you back in blogland… Gorgeous photos! Those scalloped shelves are awesome..I have a pair of them, I just love!…So pretty! Hey, What are your plans for christmas? Are you still going to try to make it to Columbus? Email me when you get the chance. Merry Christmas!!

  10. cheryl

    Aww..You remembered my birthday! You’re so sweet…I hope you all have a wonderful christmas! Hugs to all…Cheryl

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