new nikon, cheap thrift fixes and a seasonal decorating crisis……


you would think with the holidays here and all the cold weather across the country, i’d have my sweet little girl..wrapped up…in swaddling clothing….big red cheeks, hair in a big sweet bow, pretty red Christmas dress, clean….proper and adorable.

WHAT IS THIS????? well, it’s texas in the middle of december…hot, unpredictable and worlds away from the cold and snow i grew up with during the holiday season.

why is zoey not dressed, not groomed, and blue around the mouth????? i guess we could blame that on the terrible twos….and candy. both my nemesis these days. “i want candy” is the first demand i get of the day. well….nearly the first. it’s in the top five for the first 10 minutes of the waking morning hours. that and “don’t touch my hair”.

that said….my husband took a great photo of this wild, little toddler. ron just bought a new nikon and treated himself early this christmas to something he really wanted. i may use this new, intimidating piece of photography equipment soon, but i am too afraid i’ll break something or have to fight with the kids about how much they want to take just one photo. i think i will leave well enough alone, and stick with the basics…..what i already know.

i have been so busy enjoying family time lately, that i haven’t been blogging so much or buying so much for the booth. i did manage to hit a couple of junking spots last week. i hit the g.w. bins and another awesome thrift stop that sells junk jewels for 10 cents and such. they even have a ‘free’ pile outside of the shop. i found a friend’s gift there this season. don’t ask. it’s great. i love it.

my friend marta says she needs a g.w. bin fix. i love that. cheap fix…junking in the bins for a quick, cheap treasure high. why not! it’s cheap, it’s fun and it burns calories. all of which i need in my life these days. that said…on with some photos and less blah, blah, blah…

these 2 pics were taken with my old crappy digi camera. for some reason, i think they turned out great.



the pic below was taken with the new nikon. it will take ron some time to get used to using it. i adjusted the color saturation in image ready to make the photo look vintage.


i wish i had more time to mess with digital imaging. it would be fun to create some collages that way.

okay…on with junk finds this week! i’m gearing up for valentines day. it is my time….lots of florals, pinks, sparkle and vintage goodness…roses, fabric, little collages, hearts, romance….so much fun.

i found some things to alter and some goodies just to hold on to…..all for a song.


love, love, love this baby quilt!!!!!!!!!! 50 cents!!! it was sittin on the top of the linen pile…like a lost swan. i can’t believe folks didn’t grab it up. i’m so glad they didn’t. guess it was meant to come home with me. so glad i didn’t have fight for it….like i did for the stack of plates and silver urn…i think i actually put my hand thru someone’s arm to reach for some of this stuff. am i that hooked?????? call me a rehab….but i’ll say no, no.






love this old book binding….i didn’t know there were 250 ways to prepare anything…much less game birds and potatoes. and what’s with the body building recipes for children. i don’t think they should be training for that at such a young age. i’m also not so sure i have time to read 2000 useful food facts. i’m hardly able to read my cable bill.





everlasting love is on the way to rachel’s house. thank you rachel again for such sweet gifts for Christmas. really….VERY, VERY kind!!!

a mantel photo with my $1.50 saint angelo (me thinks) candles. i love the graphics on these candles. i also used some vntage pom pom fringe instead of a green pine garland this year. i am so tacky….i actually have a flower box outside with pink metal tulips, and a white metal flower sign. okay…juxtapose that with my yard ornies, my sad outdoor tree and my plastic bag door wreath. what gives????? who time of the year is it anyway? let’s play for $10,000. can anyone guess? christmas in july? beward the ides of march? what then


oh, it gets weirder…..what is this? the g and the o fell off the other day and now it just says R1W1. what does that stand for? ‘really wrong’. i’m having a seasonal decorating crisis this year. i’m sorry.


i tend to find waaayyy too many of these glass candle inserts when i go thrifting. i love them, but i run out of ideas for them.

i found this great, rusty light fixture for $4 at an antique mall. i just added this glass globe and put tons of trinkets in it. i love it. i can’t afford those glass cloches and i really don’t have room in my house for them, so this is a great way for me to display my baubbles and bling without a lot of effort.


i love this sweet, old doll. i found her for a song at marta’s shop. thanks marta. she’s incredible. i also found this great, old box at marta’s too. lovely.


that is about it. a bunch of random blah, blah, blah.

trying to get ready for Christmas, but still finding time to squeeze in some junking as well. the kids will probably get some vintage hats from santa and wonder what kind of workshop he is actually running down at the pole. instead of new pajamas and slippers, they will get vintage aprons and beaded gowns. and instead of sugar plums dancing thru their heads…there will be beaded fruit and plastic grapes.




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9 responses to “new nikon, cheap thrift fixes and a seasonal decorating crisis……

  1. Sue: you are just a riot!! And that pix of your baby is just the sweetest, can it get any better, well yes now that your honey is home! Check out Marta’s shop I just posted when you get a chance. Have a great weekend, Theresa

  2. Sue

    I do love the phat pom poms. Just might try it myself!

  3. cheryl

    Hey Sue! Those pictures of Ron & Zoey are too cute! She is absolutely precious! I know you are happy for Ron to be home! I hope yall have the best christmas ever! Love ya!

  4. Just discovered your fabulous blog! Love your junking finds! I’m also squeezing in a little junking in between preparing for Christmas – doesn’t it make things just so much more bearable?

  5. Renee

    Love the photos, your baby is the cutest.

  6. What a precious, precious child! I will be a frequent reader of your blog just to see that beautiful baby! I, too, am in Texas and understand the shirtless days…if only I could get by with that!

    You have a great blog…please check ours out!


  7. Rachel Knoblich

    Love all the fun stuff Sue. I need to hit your thrift stores…you always find good cheap junk. Love it!
    I love the vintage look picture of Zoey…you’ll have to send me one so I can pretend I have a little girl, no? LOL
    Another storm day here for us…our Christmas party got cancelled, so another day of whiny children and football. Putting myself inside a box and shipping myself to your place as we speak! LOL Rachel

  8. No two ways about it… I simply adore your blog…. you always bring a smile to my face… even when I don’t wanna smile! Like now… I’m lovin the bulb… LOVIN the bulb!!!

  9. Michele

    Tell Ron I’m jealous of his Nikon, but am extremely giddy for him.
    Hope you have a wonderful Xmas!

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