pre-pre eve….too many roses and lace and not enough holly and green pine!!!!


so…it is almost Christmas Eve…my favorite time when the kids get all nuts and sugar crazy on cookies and candy canes…..and i still have no holly or green pine in my house this year. i have been inspired by lace, roses and white. it must be a phase. i think i’ve had green and red in my house every year i can think of, but this year brings more rose inspired fabric, lace, and vintage cards that are already reminding me of valentines day!!!

i took several photos of things around the house that are inspiring me right now. i plan to make several wreaths for the booth with vintage lace and old photos, notions, jewels and buttons. i was inspired by a few wreaths i’ve seen on other blogs and i thank the bloggers in blog land for sharing what inspires them!! my booth has been strangely abandoned this month and i have hardly managed my rent for the month. i hope that january will be better and i can deliver the fun and enjoyment i get from creating unique displays that make my customers want to come browse and shop week after week. for those die hard customers of mine…..hang in there. i have big plans for january and february. i didn’t mean to abandon you this month, but i’ve had some unexpected and expected experiences that have slowed my booth progress down greatly.

okay….just some random rose photos, lace photos, vintage card photos and some displays around the house that help keep me happy while the cold days keep me from painting and crafting outside. to my friends in the snow right now…….hang in there. i love snow, but i too feel that cabin fever pressure you get when you can’t get out the door and manage to ‘escape’ from your house and your kids. lol. i know, i know….bake cookies, stay warm, drink hot cocoa and enjoy the beauty of the white stuff…BUT….that only goes so far and for those junkers and treasure collectors out there…..IT IS TIME TO GET OUT AND GO SHOPPING!!!

zoey and arek are crawling all over me right now with there cold hands and feet digging impressions on my warm arms and legs. STOP. heehee

a small altered wreath with little sparkles and below that are some lacy vintage hats i have.



sweet wreath i found for $1 at the sally store. she already had lights!!! i know…i know….no holly.


fabric scrap i found in the bins at g.w. looks like barkcloth, but it isn’t. so sweet anyway.


this is an iron board cover. i found the iron board w/cover for $2 at a thrift shop in town. it is a small iron board, so i hung it on the wall above my washer.


pillow my friend marnee made for me. i love this fabric!!


plates….can’t have enough rose plates.




small rose pic i found for $3 at crafter’s.


a bevy of fabrics i can’t seem to stop buying. the rose pattern on the right is a handmade dress i found at a charity shop. they have a $1 fill a bag in the back of the store. i love fill a bag day!!! i found this dress for i guess 10 cents because i think i got 10 clothing pieces in that bag.


here is a lousy photo of the dress. it is very cute. this photo does not do it justice!!!!


close up of a vintage fabric rose.


onto some vignettes around the house….i got tired of curtains so i hung these crazy old linens above my sink….


redid a shelf in the laundry area and below that….i redid an area above the bed with a cheap little chandie, a romantic print i found in europe..framed and only about $20, a paris sign and some neat german curtains that were roadkill.



an antique book page taped to a vintage bed dress that hangs in my hallway.


vintage lamp i found for $8 at the sally store (sal army)


vintage lady i found from marta’s place. i love her….i added some glitter around her. i thought she needed to sparkle more!



i found these cards while i was cleaning up this weekend and i love them. i forgot i even had them!! lol. i have collected them on my travels. i have such an addiction to vintage ephemera. it’s my nicotine. i need a patch.





geeze…is that enough?????? okay folks. enjoy your pre Christmas Eve day and i hope you don’t have to compete with traffic and shopping today. hopefully you can stay warm in the house with coffee, tea, cocoa, and some awesome crafts….lots of blogging time…and a nap to boot.

hubby taking a photo of me as we speak. stop, stop, stop…….go find something cute to shoot. ack.




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5 responses to “pre-pre eve….too many roses and lace and not enough holly and green pine!!!!

  1. Sue, love the rose things too. I’m like you can’t seem to quit buying rose printed things. Always drawn to them.

  2. cheryl

    Hey Sue! ~I just love the linen idea over your sink! Too cute! You could even do hankies. I will never tire of anything with roses! Hope you all have a wonderful christmas!!!~Cheryl

  3. HeidiAnn

    Wow wow, wow! Such an abundance of loveliness I have seldom seen1 Thanks so much for sharing all of those beautiful photos with us. I love it all. Happy Ho Ho Holidays from Heidi Ho.

  4. Rachel Knoblich

    Have a good Christmas Sue…it isn’t always about green and red. Mine is a very white tree, candles, and pink Christmas. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m done with my shopping. Just sitting here watching the kids demolish the house. Bryan works yet tomorrow, but has Friday off. It will be nice to have a quiet Christmas with just the 6 of us. May yours be happy…and rosy too!

  5. Renee

    I love all the florals and all your great ideas! Have a Merry Christmas.

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