snow where???? not here….it’s hot, windy and my house is humid and messy!!


MERRY AFTER CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE. for all of my family, friends and new blogger friends i’ve made along the way…..i hope you all had a great christmas day. we did, but we are tired now and still full from too much food.

now that the excitement is over….and i have a new crock pot (no…i didn’t make any food in that yet) and the kids have lots of new toys, i’m hot, tired, and very, very bloated from all the junk food i keep eating!! i know that half the country is dusted heavily with the cold, white stuff, but we just ain’t having non of that in this part of texas at all. it’s almost 80 degrees today….windy and humid. it makes my carpet feel like a sweaty man’s back and it makes me tired so i keep eating more junk food to stay awake. that is my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

it is sooooo windy today….i’m surprised that none of my holiday decorations have flown into the neighbor’s yard yet. i kinda wish they would today. what a job it is to take all these pretty decorations down. luckily….i hardly decorated. other good thing about taking them down is that i need the space back from these temporary displays. i have already taken down zoey’s little trees in her room, a wreath and some ornaments. i haven’t taken down my tree. that won’t come down until new year’s day. my husband took a pic. of it xmas morning. it’s so sad and glorious at the same time. luminous though and good enough for us. everything is sooooo peaceful.

until…….what is that whisky bottle on the floor???? arek got a bottle of ginger beer from santa (that santa) and almost refused to open it because he thought it was real beer. now what kind of santa would bring beer to a 3rd grader???? what is all of this??? legos (that were covering everything), a play bow and arrow set that got shot at my front door and the tv, a tub of popcorn the size of the family car, so many sets of pajamas that we might need another washing machine to put them in, an alien space maker kit (oh the fun we had with that today), craft books, barbie stuff, blankets, foam soap for the bath tub (that will cause a fight i am sure), and the list goes on and on. what fun. really. arek got a voice changer and a voice warp machine from santa. he has not stopped making noises since. between zoey’s requests for sharpie markers and arek’s compulsive noise making….it sounds a lot like Christmas…as it should.


how embarassing. this is kinda what my house looks like most of the time anyway. i take photos of stuff looking clean, but mostly….it is a full time daycare look with an occasional grouping of serious vintage objects surrounding it. it was worth the mess….my mom sent the kids some of the cutest things…a big king crown hat, a tiara for zoey and a head dress of pretty flowers for zoey as well…..along with her signature hand knit items. thanks mom.

rachel, thanks for the super cute dolls. handmade and ADORABLE. i love them. the kids love them. arek loves both of them. these are seriously cute.


arek looking rather urban in his grammy handmade scarf set…..oh…and yes santa brought him some new p.js that match!! hee hee


my kitchen has now become FAMILY LANES.



zoey got make-up from santa and i think that is all she cared about the entire day….



after about an hour of this….we had makeup all over everything….yay.

she got a red sharpie marker today while i was not paying attention to her…..of course……i didn’t notice, her brother didn’t notice and her dad was waaaayyy too busy looking for camera lenses and facebook accounts on the internet or something….anyway….if you give a 2 year old a marker they will either 1. draw on the couch or 2. draw on their siblings or 3. draw on their body ….. case in point. love the eyeliner zoey….no…sharpie marker is not makeup. after we took the marker away from her, she cried for over 20 minutes. one of ‘those’ meltdowns. poor thing.


i was pricing things for the booth and taking photos while she was eyeling like she was dressing up for project runway. i am slowly gathering items for valentines day. i plan to have a sale at my booth the beginning of next week…..and re-do the booth for the first of the year. i have been busy making little items, altering small things and i plan to paint some furniture as well….a table and a bench.

come on out the first of the year for a new look and new merchandise.


little altered container


those cast off primitive hearts that are a dime a dozen at the thrift shops……i painted them out, put letters on them and glitter.


vintage cards….


that is about it for now. i better go pay attention to zoey. see what she is into now. that little girl. she’s a mess….i mean really a mess. wipe your eyes girl. wait until she can wear makeup to school. i’m in for BIG trouble.

take care everyone….




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7 responses to “snow where???? not here….it’s hot, windy and my house is humid and messy!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Sue, did you realize those toys I made for your kids were out of chenille pieces you sent me? I think even the embroidered pieces on the cat you sent me too? I’m not sure!
    Everyone who has kids have a mess! You are not alone! Zoey looks adorable putting makeup on! The red is great too! LOL Glad everyone had a good Christmas!

  2. Oh your babies look so pretty! I hope you had a great Christmas.

    • vintagesue

      thanks theresa….i had a great christmas. nice and hot….eh? not the 24 degrees we had not long ago. hope you had a good holiday too. your house looks great and i love when you post photos of your friends house with all her things. love it.

  3. Oh Sue…I am laughing so hard at Zoey’s eye liner!!! My Cassie would have such a blast with her…she loves to do make-up and hair…and now that she’s in cosmetology school, that’s all she wants to do. Kids are so mesmerized with can’t really tell what her calling or hair!


  4. OMGOSH! So adorable… Christmas just the way it should be… like a scene out of “A Christmas Story” LOL

    So much fun!!!!!!!

  5. Michele

    Zoey is looking like she’s been hanging out in the Village with Siouxie & the Banshees, or Nina Hagen….priceless.
    Love & miss ya,

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