grab a cup of coffee in your favorite rose teacup and toast to an almost a new year of junking!!


with the beginning of a new year approaching and 70+ degree sunny weather today AND a trip to the bookstore…i have been inspired by ROSES once again!!! i bought the magnolia pearl book i’ve been wanting and 2 collage books i just can’t seem to live w/o. i will go thru those soon and take some photos of my favorite things. i sometimes think i’d like to make my own book about altered junk….only because i use just about everything junky i can find…..the junkier and trashier (are those words?) the better. i don’t use kits. i don’t buy too many fancy craft embellishments from the store and i don’t use ‘techniques’ much. i’m too ADHD and i can’t focus on doing things the ‘right’ way. i just let it come out. whatever i can find to stick on a board or tin or cast off item. i use a little glue, some old ephemera, some nails, hot glue, buttons, vintage junk jewels, glitter glue, odd clothing pieces, roses anything, rusty bits and broken vintage cuties….whatever seems to work at the time. i wish there were more books out there with ideas from a spectrum of things that go WAY beyond the obvious. i know those books exist because i have found a few, but i get lots of free ideas from online, so it is hard to justify $20 for a book unless it is totally what i am into at the time. blah, blah. sorry.

see, i’m on a tangent. anyway…..with the warm weather and the holiday decorations going back in the shed, i’ve decided to post on my love of doilies, roses, and dishes that seem to inspire me daily. also other inspiring things around my house as well. i’m one of those souls that needs lots of light…i thrive on sunlight and open blinds….curtains that are sheer or white…tied back for all the possibilties of sunshine to come into the rooms. this is something that helps keep me happy. i always seem daunted by the thought of endless housework….for those of you with small children (big ones too), you know how overwhelming it can get around the house. mess after mess….chore after chore. the sunshine helps me stay alert. it is like nature’s cup of joe. i feel the same way about roses, chipped paint, rust, doilies, old papers, vintage clothes and hats, rhinestones, vintage kid things, old plates, ironstone, cream colored lace and bits and pieces of cast off junk that seems to go unoticed by most buyers…..i feel the same way about digging for treasures in junk shops and thrift stores…..i feel the same way about making fun projects and seeing what will happen when i add a little paint, glue and pizazz. i guess the point of this post is to inspire. everyday is a chance to find something new, create something new and be inspired by something i haven’t seen before.

i had to sort thru 2 big boxes of lace, ribbon and material today. that prompted me to buy some fun books, take lots of home photos and look forward to the new year….. another year of crafts, blogging, meeting new customers, vendors, and wonderful folks in this industry we call resale and art. zoey helped me go thru quilt squares, sort thru ribbon and fold bits of fabric tucked away for next year’s projects. arek inspired me to take lots of photos and impulsively crop them big….up close and colorful….unafraid to show the flaws….the cracks, breaks, and stains. i took a bunch of photos of my plates. i’m not sure where this obsession came from…probably from several years ago when i would put them in my flower gardens….anywhere and everywhere!! i had my friends marnee and cheryl inspire me with anything and all things rose plates….the older the better. pretty pink flowers…chips and all. so sweet and used to be so cheap!!! now, it is harder to find those cutie pie cups, plates, saucers and vases, so naturally….i grab up all that i can when i find a good deal….as you can see by the inside of my cupboard!!! these i use everyday…i love them. i also like the aqua colored and faded yellow colored cups and saucers. if they break…i just use them for projects. why not????? all of this makes my husband nuts!! he says, “don’t you already have one just like that?” everytime i find a new piece. ummmm, no, and if i do, then i will add another and make a collection. does it matter if i already have one like it???? duh. lol. oh well….i’m a cheap date. when we got married, i didn’t want china…i wanted retro drinking glasses from the 1950s and 60s. i still have that collection. i will save it for another post.


found a set of 6 of these fab cups….I LOVE THEM. paid about $2 for the whole set from goodwill. yummy.


i have a small (only 3) collection of these name mugs. I LOVE THEM. i give ron the edith cup. i’m pauline. lori was in the garden.


I LOVE THIS PLATE…it is small and solo. i got it from marta’s shop. it was not expensive….even better!


these are in my dish drainer…some i use for my wax melts tarts and some for food and some for future projects.


mini tea pots. can i get enough of these???? apparently not.


rose bowl on my window shelf.


more stacks of cups…..lovely floral cups….single and alone, but together they look like a family.

just got this from marta…..OOOHHH LAA LAA.



love this pink $5 shelf. yummy. couldn’t resist the overload of cups and sugar bowls, salt shakers and little plate. it has already changed since this pic. i’ve added more and took away the little doll.


i’ve had this pink vase for about 8 years. i paid almost nothing for it. it’s one of my favorites. i keep planning to turn this little doll into a piece of jewelry, but i only have so much time.


a shelf of minis and little dolls….i’ve shown this before, but it has changed since then. i can’t get enough of these little minis.


i am also a sucker for vintage fabric….blankets, quilts, doilies, fabric scraps….barkcloth, cotton, chenille, vintage fabrics, linen, lace….anything with roses…faded, colorful…whatever. if it has a rose on it, i’ll like it.







the texture of faded, old lace is such an uplifting image to me. it’s romantic. i would just store bundles and bundles of this stuff if i had that much. i use it for soooo many projects.


old hats….




lovely vintage potholders in green lid glass jars….why not??? i know…most folks have cookies or macaroni in jars, but i have old potholders and velvet fruit. whatever.



and i can’t get enough vintage postcards and greeting cards. i love the faded graphics, roses, little illustrations on them.





i love this little valentine card tucked away inside a non working old clock.


old calendar….


stacks of old books…..i ripped the backing off the binding of these books. shame on me, but look how fantastic they look!! i can’t afford those old french books that are so beautiful and time worn, so i created a look for almost nothing. i found several of these books in europe and several at an antique book sale….25 old books for $10!!!!!!



i’m also drawn toward rose paintings, crusty metal furniture, groupings of faded old goodies, neat vintage kids things, and just about anything pink or white and chippy.


cute kids clock from my friend cheryl….


paint by number….found these for $1 each!!!! i have a set of two.what a find!!


i found this french soap at tuesday morning. i love the packaging of it. i can’t justify opening it. it’s way too pretty.


found the lovebird candles at ROSS. i bought them for my friend TERRY LEE. they are a Christmas gift, but they haven’t made their way to her home yet. the collage underneath is one of the first ones i made several years ago. i found the window curbside and attached all the elements with glue. it was a feeble attempt at altering something, but that was way back before this stuff was that popular…no computers…no etsy…no ebay….no flickr….no blogs. i have learned so much for all of those tech treats we have today.


finally…are you tired yet???? a new plate from marta. she is a beauty. she’s not too vintage yet, but she’s so adorable….i had to have her.


these are the decorations and vintage items i seem drawn to over and over again… will set the stage for a new year of booth redos, crafting, blogging and collecting. i’m sure i’ve repeated photos in this post. maybe i am just traveling down vintage sue memory lane….looking back on all the junking madness i’ve been thru for a year. all the revamps, redos, collecting, selling, and gifting. i don’t really have new year resolutions, but if i have to make one this year…it will be to junk more of the items i love. to be a little more receptive to what i truly love and continue to post photos that i hope inspire others to do the same.

it’s time for another cup of coffee after this post!! lol



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11 responses to “grab a cup of coffee in your favorite rose teacup and toast to an almost a new year of junking!!

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    You know Sue…all those fabrics would look lovely in my house too! LOL
    What, no pictures of kiddos? What is up with that?
    Love the post!

  2. One word………GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!~

  3. OMGosh.. I have to finish cleaning the house.. but I will be back with hot cocoa in hand! Oh gosh… your stuff looks so good!!!! (I know.. I never clean… or on a Monday night.. but I want to do something different before the new year..) LOL

  4. Suzanne Harley

    Hi Sue, just found your Blog. Wow!! I am in heaven! I will have to go through all your previous posts!! I am loving this! Suzanne.

  5. Hi Sue, Greetings from Australia, Suzanne. I just found your blog. All I can say is wow!!! Now I will go through all your previous posts. I am just loving it!!

  6. Girl, I swear you find the coolest stuff. I’m lovin all your roses!

    Hope the you and the kids had a great Christmas!


  7. I have that exact two tiered shelf, only mine was black, now it’s white. Great minds think alike. 🙂

    Only in Tx. will you go from freezing at night to 70’s during the day. Glad you get to enjoy the wacky Tx weather.

  8. Thanks for the eye candy! I loved all of your pictures and I’ll definitely lift a glass of something and toast to a New Year of Junking. My absolute most favorite thing to do (okay, maybe second to spending time with my family). I have really enjoyed reading your posts this year and am looking forward to seeing more of your delicious finds and creations in the New Year!

    Best wishes,


  9. Michele

    Go with your gut and write the book. Your creativity continues to astound & inspire me…..always.

    Peace & love to you in ’09.

  10. I stumbled onto your blog by looking for Teacups on Google. Just love it. It’s so me. Great collections of pretty vintage linens and china. Right up my alley. Love it all.

    Take care,

  11. Hi Sue! I accidentally found this old post while searching images on Google! 🙂
    Such a pretty post! You know I love the vintage fabrics and roses… dreamy!!!

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