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saturday salvage and junking haitus……


i have decided to do a saturday salvage each week. either that or a sunday salvage. depends on my schedule. i am soooooooooo sleepy right now because i took medicine, but i haven’t posted in a couple of days, so i am going to try to struggle thru this.

i am taking a slight junking haitus. i started going thru my things and separating what i want, what i want to sell and what i need to pay forward. okay now it is morning. could not finish the post last night cuz of the meds. probably won’t finish the post now cuz of the kids. kids….meds….oh my.

i have decided to use some of the things i have in shed storage, my yard storage and other storages….oh my….to make my collages, altered things and stuff for the booth. i have been bringing more junk home than i can process out…that is like a bad economy for my junking habit. the law of supply and demand are out of sync. need to remember that it’s about consistency, resistance and focus…..OH SURE…junkers junk cuz they love it. i know that~ha. give me a week of haitus and i’ll give myself a HUGE junk run the next week. it’s like quitting coffee and salt because of my ear. i’ve been told i have fluid in my ear and coffee and salt will make me retain fluid in my ear. this is a strange concept for me. i understand my fingers getting big and my feet sweeling and that bloated feeling around my waist is familiar, but retention in my ears???? glad i don’t have to wear my favorite skinny dress around my head.

okay…zoey is on her 5th piece of gum for breakfast and i think she may have eaten 9 pieces or so last night. i’m such a good mother. she keeps saying just one more piece and i not eat it and i not swallow it and i just chew and i spit it out. then she does not spit it out. then i give into her and give her another piece cuz she’s 2 and she is cute and i want a moment’s peace. i’m such a pushover.

onto the salvage saturday pics. i have defined salvage as anything that is rescued because it is very, very old and worn. can be books, old jewels, arch. pieces, old boards, old linens, dolls, reclaimed stuff…whatever suits me as something that is very time worn.


















hope you get inspired by things all gacky and timeworn…salvaged and loved again.

arek cracks me up…he made a house (talk about salvage) for his bear bear out of a box. i helped him glue in the window treatments and a button for the doorbell, but other than that….he rocked on with his own interpretation of bear, bachelor living. hope we don’t get 25 stuffed bear females looking for a husband. that would be the strangest reality show ever…that an how many different ways one can retain fluid.



potholders for rugs. a little eifel tower. a fish for a pet. wontons for the bear and tea.


lovely eruo chic curtains…..



arek, you are a crack up.

you all have a great saturday and good luck with all those saturday finds and pink saturday posts!!! happy junking…….and hope you salvage something great.




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thyroid mania, inner ear illness and MY ACHING BACK…..


why, why, why do i not listen to my body????? well….i can officially blame it on my thyroid. i have been told by my doctor that i have a hyper thyroid. now i know why i’m so hyper and tired at the same time…..

i’ve been out of commission a bit these past couple of days. i have been slighted by an inner ear illness that won’t go away. i have fluid built up in my inner ear cyber space. i don’t exactly know where the fluid is. i understand it can’t been seen with that ear scope thingy or the human eye for that matter. i am told it’s because of the inflamation surrounding it or something. all i can picture is that foam insullation being sprayed in my ear. that is what i feel like. maybe there is an old vintage pearl in my ear or a rhinestone earring. anyway, ron would say i my whole head is cyber space…but that is beside the point…i have a whole bunch of dizziness, headaches, and nausea that just plain makes me feel like crap. it sucks actually and i’m darn tired because of it. on top of that, i found out my thyroid is out of whack. i think i can blame that on having a baby 2 months shy of 42. i will blame it on that. why not. my hormones are all unajusted and it makes me feel wacky and hyper, but very, very tired and worn at the same time. i thought it was anemia, but it’s not. at least now i know i’m not lazy. i have a reason for being tired. that is good. i also know why great amounts of time i feel very, very creative, motivated and driven. that is the thyroid working overtime. anyway, i need to listen to my body’s cues. i need more rest and i need more sleep. doctor’s orders. what the doctor does not know is that i am in desperate need of my missing partner!!!! i know if he could, he would help me out with some chores, some errands, some laundry, some organizing, some homework, some cub scout stuff and believe it or not……even my booth!! ron, i’d have you jb welding all kinds of crap and dremeling strange lamp parts!!! hee hee. oh well. i will try to sit with the kids more and let some stuff go, but it’s hard to let it go. if i let it go too long, i have to work twice as hard cleaning or fixing it up. i have let my cars go…..sorry ron….i sort of live out of them and don’t clean them out much. i also let the back porch ‘studio’ go. i don’t maintain that very well. i also let the backyard go somewhat with the kids toys. oh well. i have found a friend to take my fish off my hands. one less mouth to feed and cage to clean will ease the stress. now if only i could find someone to clean out my junk drawers…..haa. that is a full time job all by itself!!!

before all this sickness in my ears came back, i got a little over motivated the other day and redid my craft area. it is not a real craft area. it is a dining room. some dining room….we don’t even eat there because i use it to craft. i got tired of looking at the clutter, so i decided to do something about the stark white walls hoping it would camouflage the clutter. i can’t paint or wallpaper because we rent,  so i hung fabric in blocks to mock wallpaper. I LOVE the way it turned out!!



i also moved that HUGE @#* PYLON in the corner from one part of my living room to this part of the craft area. that column weighs over 200 pounds. i slowly pulled it to the ground, rolled it and lifted it back up. my husband keeps saying it’s going to fall on us and put an end to our lives….well….it almost put an end to MY BACK. i now have pain in my lower neck (i feel like i can hardly hold up my head), middle back and shoulders that i will describe as…well…painful.

between the moving pain, the inner ear illness and my thyroid mania, i feel old and doomed. it is 10pm and arek is fighting sleep. he won’t put the book down. he loves to read. arek keeps asking me which presidents are still alive. he asked if rosevelt and taft were stil alive. what…huh???? am i still alive? geeze…go to sleep.

okay…on with the redo show. my house is completely trashed right now. i take photos after i clean, but then it does not look like this for long. there are stamps all over my craft table now, tickets, dolls, and clothes. project stuff is piled here and there and zoey has dress up clothes strewn about like the dressing rooms at tj maxx.

anyway…this is a new look…..




found this cast off plaster lamp base for 50 cents. i love that it looks like books. i painted it out white and shabbied it up. put the doll head on the top. it’s weird, but i like it.









15 dollar old window sash. hot glued 50 cents worth of rose fabric behinde it and i love it.

that’s about it for the craft redos…..

i want to give a shout out to Lisa at Harley and Maudes at the Warrenton Show in Zapp Tent. lisa emailed me and said she has been doing the show for 2 and a half years, but will be unable to attend this coming show. lisa is working on a website and will send info on that for me to post to all of you.

her booth was the one i called “insanely cute” with hankie covered slipcoved stools and super big, fabulous furniture. you can check out my link

this will take you to that post from last year’s Warrenton Show. please take a look if you haven’t already. good luck lisa!!! can’t wait to see the website!!!

i have also been thinking about a new weekly post that has a theme. i’m sooooo bad about blogging like a should with giveaways, giving out awards, tagging folks for things, etc.  so i thought i would start my own blog movement. i thought i would pick a day….either sunday or wednesday and the post about either collections of things or stuff grouped by color. i may even make like every sunday a ‘surprise sunday’ or ‘mystery monday’ and post 10 pictures related to something unexpected…..either by collections, color, projects, finds, or secret stash….like 10 pictures of vintage clothing i haven’t done anything with in a hundred years. i’m not sure. i’ll let you know. it’s the thyroid working overtime……

i’m still taking my vitamins and using my facecreams. have not seen an improvement in my skin, but my hair feels thicker. hmmm.

you all have a fabulous night and i am going to go lay down….doctor’s orders. morning comes quickly. wish i could sleep in. i hate alarm clocks. i hear enough buzzing in my right, inner ear!!

OH… is a coupon for 20% you next purchase at my booth. please use only once before the expiration date. it is good for anything in the booth and on your entire purchase. just print it out and redeem at the checkout. if something is already marked down, you can take 20% additional off the markdown price. 





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junk spells junk and vintage yellow sun!!

my, my….sunday is an overwhelming day for me. i almost didn’t post, but i am hoping it will raise my spirits and inspire me. i read sooooo many good blogs today…..teresa, donna, and others that visited junk palace this weekend. if you go to 2 or 3 of these blogs…it just conneccts you to another fantastic blog and another and another. i just get so inspired by the texas antique and junk vibe. it’s really, really unique…such a mix if stuff…cottage, european, junk, french, found, etc….thanks ladies for having such enthusiam for the world of found objects, antiques, and the uniqueness that makes junk so cool. i love your blogs, stories, and pictures that you share with us all.

i stayed quite a bit these last 3 day.  i helped my friend out and let her kids spend the night this weekend and then she took my lovelies the following day and let me get my ‘junk’ on for a few hours on saturday. my responsibilities were supposed to take me grocery shopping, but my heart led me to junk. that meant another couple of nights with just apples, raisins, and homemade mac and cheese for dinner. my friend told me specifically NOT to go grocery shopping. she ordered me to spend time doing something fun. fun i had. i found a new thrift store and shopped while arek and zoey played at a birthday party and went shopping for m&ms and chapstick. thanks sally…really.

today i piddled, but i felt the urge to really clean. after  6 loads of laundry, 4 dishwasher cycles, and 5 bags of garbage????? i don’t get it. it wasn’t even the good kind of garbage….i finally felt like i could breathe. i was not very attentive to arek and zoey. sometimes i have to just make them find something to do while i get stuff done. it’s frustrating and i admit i yell way too much. zoey wanted to wash dishes (flood the kitchen), eat cheese (throw shredded cheese all around), have umpteen snacks (put stuff on the carpet and smash it) and wear her brother’s lipstick (carmex). she kept squeezing it real hard and smearing it on the couch. ugh. and of course she was only wearing her high heels and kept slipping on them.

arek on the other hand, tracked mud in the house 3 times and wore some angel wings all day pretending he was john travolta in HAIRSPRAY while he played enemy attack with his ‘army’ buddy across the street. i found 2 steak knives outside and 2 of my blankets on the trampoline. the night before, he and his friend made a ‘garden’ in his room.  it was awesome, but this morning, i had rocks, plastic flowers galore, beads everywhere, stuffed animals, papers, and scarves (i didn’t get the scarves, but i think they were the ‘edging’). it looked like some kind of art installation project. it was so avant garde, i couldn’t even begin to figure it out. kids….they keep ya guessing.

anyway, it’s all calming down for the night finally. the week awaits me with lots of doctors appts, junk pickups, grocery shopping, cubs (i wish it was clubs), and not so many projects or fun stuff. oh well. one day at a time…..

i leave you with my some of my junking finds from the weekend. i found lots of stuff, but only managed to take a few shots. i also made a purse for zoey with my pitiful sewing skills. i have NO CLUE what i am doing. zoey did not seem to mind at all. she was happy she got a little purse. ALSO my friend sally once told me that she always likes a SPLASH OF YELLOW, so i took some photos of stuff around the house with a splash of yellow.

first….some weekend finds….


found a BIG box of red plastic letters this weekend. i spelled a bunch of stuff with them and put them in bags for the booth. i also made a LOVE garland from them as well.


found this lil sweetie….she is cute chips and all….


found this coat for $1.25. i LOVE IT.


i can’t find vintage hats like i used to anymore, so i buy anything i can dye, tea stain, etc…. to make look like a vintage hat. found this one and tea stained it. it was 50 cents at g.w. i added the flowers…..


plan to add prisms to this sugar bowl. i love the little rose heart. i will also add a tea light.


what to do with a cast off mop bucket???? paint it out and add linens….



purse i made for zoey….pitiful little thing….


OKAY….VINTAGE YELLOW SUN TIME….a splash of yellow. it’s uplifting and i hope inspiring. just some random things around the house…..


















that is about it…..

i was asked by lovely how i keep the glitter i put on objects from not falling all over the place. a few tricks…..i use a TON of glue and cover my item completely. i dip the item in the glitter (trick 2…use FINE glitter) and let dry really well before i knock off excess glitter. i make sure i knock off all the excess glitter i can. that is it.

if i use the chunky glitter, i press it into the item i’m glittering with my hand. i wait for it to dry and knock off excess.

if i use glitter for a piece of jewelry….i paint more glue over my already existing glitter. it’s stuck on there well now!!! i still have a glitter trail in my booth too, but it’s not that bad.

falling asleep as we speak. never enough time to junk!!!! better go to sleep and wait for that yellow sun to come up. you all take it easy….



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all that glitters……


i hear strange noises coming from my television set. must be cartoon time. does arek ever get tired??? he is watching the powerpuff girls. i called them the powderpuff girls for the longest time. i was strangely dissapointed when i learned the truth.

i have been overwhelmed by glitter today….if glitter would stick to it, i glittered it!!! i finished out some of my projects and priced them for the booth. i have more trash to treasure ideas….cheap, fun, fast and easy!!! the heart necklace above as so simple. i glittered a cheap, plastic heart…glued a silver heart into it and painted it with a touch of pink paint. i wired and beaded the top and hung it on a piece of pretty ribbon. cheap, fun, easy and fast!! i made another, but zoey swiped it!! she’s still wearing it and sleeping like a puppy.



used some fine gitter to put on this metal wreath. i added a mill flower and some pink lace for hanging. drama and glitz. i also glittered some of those primitive hearts that hang on a string??? i will take some photos tomorrow. i have several small projects that i stuck in a basket for the booth……i will try to get photos tomorrow at the booth as well.

i finished out the chandie…this is the start and the finish below that……




i trashpicked this home interiors window from my neighbors trash can…..i mean i pulled it DIRECTLY out of her trash can….cars driving by me and all. no shame, i got game. anyway, it was too cute to toss but the panes are cheap plastic. one was a little cracked, so i altered them with these french book pages, old photos, a postcard, a cheap, brown tray i painted out and added an old book page to and a sweet, glittered set of wings cindy gave me. i like it better now. trash to treasure!


i am always thinking of new ways to alter those wood hangers. i found a ton of them overseas, but i only have a few left. i found this one today and totally covered it with glitter. i added this tea stained collar, stamped the word love directly on the fabric, added a pearl earring and some roses. i think it’s kinda of cute. quick, easy, cheap and fun….sounds like a bad night in vegas.


what is all of this foolishness???? does anybody else have like tins of this stuff just hanging around….completely unorganized and randomly put in a box on a shelf???? it’s the way i work. what can i say?

all priced and ready to go…..


okay…better take my cold sore lips (yes terry lee…another one!!!) and bad back into the living room to fish out arek. i miss the old days when he went to bed at 7:30 and i had the night to myself. not anymore!! between zoey fighting sleep and arek resisting bedtime, i am soooo tired by the time they actually fall asleep, i don’t want to alter anything, but the syrup i put on my ice cream….do i mix it with nuts, sprinkles or whipped cream???? whatever i do….i better not get too tired and sprinkle glitter by accident.

happy friday….lol


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project corner and loud mouth kids!


zoey wears this dress almost everyday. she has cherry chapstick on her lips and she tried pulling all the teacups off my new chandie project tonight. quick…before she strikes twice, i’d love to share some pending projects with everyone. i worked hard this afternoon on pending projects for the booth. it was my worktime for the week. tomorrow is not project promising at all. i have WAAAYYY too many phone calls and errands to run. how boring. i feel like arek when he does not want to go to sleep, school or anywhere else that interferes w/his creative music making on garage band. i get it arek….i do and i’m not 8.

i had way too much to do after school today as well. i am an errand running machine this week. i had to go to the booth to pick up some paintings. i took arek and zoey and one of arek’s friends to the thai rest. by my booth. arek in his loudest voice, asked his friend if her oldest brother has hair under his armpits yet. okay….customers trying to enjoy their pad thai and fried wontons. not anymore. then he said he wanted to make out with his 7 year old little friend and he chased her out of the restaurant. i can’t go out in public ever again.

between the cuts on all of my fingers, my poor posture, my chapped lips, female issues, long lists of to dos, cottage cheese curds on my rug i just vaccuumed, report cards, bug spray smell from spraying a huge water bug roach thingy on my wall (i spray them like 5 times and then hit them with a fly swatter and then i scream at the top of my lungs while it pick them up with a huge wad of paper towels. i hate roachy bugs sooo much), dirty cars that just can’t get cleaned out, another 3 loads of laundry, endless papers to sign for arek’s school, report cards, doctors appts, lack of sleep and fear that i will miss an episode of american idol, I HAD TO MAKE projects today. it was a must.

most of these projects are incomplete and i took several photos of them outside in the dark….where my mind is most of the time. almost all of these are trash to treasure projects that i made with very inexpensive objects.

i trashpicked a very scary 1970s orange flower oil paiting. i painted over the frame and the painting and made a little collage. it says ‘she created her sweet old hat’. i used lace and mill flowers.


what do you do with those cheap, cast off candle sticks? i painted this one out and glittered the top. i used a discount pink taper that i bought at a dept. store. i have been loving glitter lately. i use the really fine glitter, cheap glitter glue, big fat glitter, and just plain craft glitter…’s like bubba gump glitter. glitter of all glitter.


cast off chandie that was in my $20 box. cut the lights off and took apart the hardware to cut everything off. reworked this with a coat of sky blue paint ahd some transferware teacups. i am embarassed to say the cost of this project. she isn’t finished yet. i will add some ribbons and prisms. she will be booth bound soon.


what do you do with those primitive hearts that you don’t really like? paint them out pink and add curtain tiebacks to them. these medallions are actually curtain tiebacks. i unscrewed them and added fine glitter to them. i glued them onto the hearts. i will try to find a short candle for these or just glue a tealight holder onto them.


i have been wanting to do this project for some time. my friend cindy gave me all these onate boards. i painted this one out pink and glued some cast off glass lids to the board. i added glitter. this will take about a week to dry really well. i used just a craft glue. i will hang this with a wide, satin ribbon. should be very cute.


zoey trying to steal my new tear drop prisms i just bought. i found them at crafters, but they were expensive. lol. had to have them anyway.



what do you do with cast off christmas stuff??? this was a HUGE christmas ornament that was gold. i painted it out and plan to glue little roses on it or something like that. maybe decoupage some ladies on it???? i’m not sure yet, but i will hang it with a beaded wire when i’m finished with it.


what to do with old, rusty kids toy trucks…….turn them into candle holders. i had this tonka i found a while back. i paid almost nothing for it. i plan to finish painting it and then put candles in it. it is hard to picture right now, but these look really sweet when they are complete. i actually got the idea from an old mary engelbreit book.


basket painted out and a little wood heart added to it. i decoupaged the heart with a rose napkin. this would make a great magazine storage.


just purchased this sweet apothocary jar and filled it with lace. also, just bought this pink tole tray.


what to do with cast off lightbulbs and old light fixtures???? i pulled out the wires and glittered this bulb and just hung it as is. i like it’s simplicity. i plan to add a little picture behind that little square on the fixture….make it into a small makeshift frame.


until next time….enjoy all your trash to treasure projects. rachel…i can just see your hearts. i know they are divine. i can only imagine. you have mean talent. your swap partner is lucky.  i wish my stupid sew machine really was so simple. it would make my project corner just a little bit more user friendly….more so than a couple of loud mouth kids.


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stong transition….still junking strong…..


between MLK day on monday and today’s big change in politics….i’m feeling patriotic and optimistic. there are soooooo many news stories, blogs, online news media clips, tv programs, washington politics stories, media blitzes…blah, blah, blah about today’s big strong transition into the new presidency, that i have very little to add. i can say that inauguration day 2009 has left america feeling hopeful, happy and secure. i wish president obama and first lady michelle all the luck and support they need for the next 4 years (like they are reading this). i also hope they get out a little to some really cool antique stores in washington and the surrounding area. the two strike me as antique loving folks. they seem down to earth, eco friendly, and creative. maybe they will shake things up a little at the white house and put a new decorating spin on a few of those timeworn rooms. i hear they are doing some ‘redos’ at the white house for this presidency, so that makes me wonder where all the old timeworn stuff is going??? did george and laura take a few occupied japan figurines, limoges, and silver spoons to dallas, hoping nobody will notice??? is someone hosting a ‘white house yard sale” that i don’t know about???? i don’t think they are allowed to do that, but i certainly would be the first in line. i would call my mom to go stand in line at least. what could she afford??? maybe a button off of a vintage first lady gown??? oh..may i also add how FABULOUS first lady michelle looked during the parade and at the ball dance. don’t know if she has a stylist….not sure if it matters, but i like her sense of style….she’s got a timeless look. her dresses today were incredible. she’s elegant, gorgeous, but very up to date and fancy. i can’t wait to see what she puts on her body for the next 4. it’s the shallow, little things i care about…eh? makes me actually want to start watching cspan again. am i allowed to write that???

i grew up right outside of d.c. i spent all my field trips going to the white house and the smithsonian as a child. i remember those rooms in the white house. even then, i remember thinking how i would decorate my barbie house based on what the green room looked like and how cute those first lady gowns would look on me!!! crazy. oh…i’m just blahing.

okay….I AM still junking strong. i plan to junk thru the good economic times and the bad dollar days. that is the great thing about thrift….if you only have $10 to your name, you may possibly get a chair, a candle, a stack of vintage linens, a pillow, 2 side tables a basket of buttons and a cup of coffee (cup included) . i have pictures of a bunch of whatever. pics of some of my goodies from the weekend. pics of my bathroom makeover and pics of other stuff too. i have been reluctant to post lately. i have been very overwhelmed with the kids lately. motherhood is pushing weights on my head and trying to hold me down. i’m trying to be strong….junk strong…stay strong. it’s tough. this weekend was tough. i’m a one woman act for such a needy cause. i want a bigger staff. i need a volunteer. i want a part time cashier….actually…ron…i just miss you!!! dad, we love you.

on with the junk….in no particular order….finds from the weekend…button flower vase cindy made


various pretty clothing from a thrift store that i plan to bring to the shop……i am in love with these colors.


my girl again…i took out some color from the photo to give it an aged look….i got the antique photo too and the pic on the wall is a painting my friend sally did…soooo cute. zoey says the lady doll has BOPPIES. that means boobs. i thought that was cute.


altered painted tea plaque cindy made….love it. love the potholders too. it’s in my kitchen now.


more plates. i know, i know….why?


another sweet vase…the one in the middle.


gorgeous pink tassle tie backs from germany!!!!! from cindy. these are sooo shabby cute.


pink vase from cindy’s booth. i found the jar for $2 this weekend and filled it with old lace. love it.


more pearls i wrapped around my candle sticks. got the pink tea cup and flowers from cindy.


found one of these barkcloth pocket thingys to hang stuff in for $1.


sweet purse handmade by cindy.


wrapping paper on sale in the christmas bins….love it.


projects….this one got completed today and taken to the booth. used a plate, hankies and a board i painted out. used the bow knobs as hooks.


what do you do with 25cent christmas cups???? make tea light compotes of course.


long story….table/stool below was junked in germany…brought here by cindy. bought by a dealer from cindy in belton. sold to me. i probably was with cindy when she junked it the first time. well…i took the little table/stool and added the white picket fence pieces to the back. i hung the sweet rose lid on the fence and made a little makeshift chair. it’s very shabby, but it think it’s pretty cute. cost was about $10.


one of my drawers of lace….


BATHROOM REDO….i spent a little time this weekend reorganizing my sad little bathroom. between the mess in the tub (too many kiddie bath crayons) and the urine on the floor, i thought the WC could use a little TLC. i found a sweet shower curtain for $5 at the flea mart this weekend. i bought a tension rod and the rest is history….i love my new tub look. i also hung a few new things on the wall and took some stuff down. here is a little cheap yellow shelf with some vintage goodies on it. you can see the shower curtain in the little mirror. cindy found the vintage hat below for $1 this weekend. i put a few postcards up and i added a PINK light bulb to my lamp. I LOVE these pretty sweet pink light bulbs. they are cheap and look so good in a vintage lamp that does not have a shade.


shower curtain…..


hard to see…but here is a board i found curbside (all chippy and worn). i added some nails and a rusty wire. i often wonder what the &^%$ my neighbors are wondering about me. between the hammering, banging of plates, and screaming at the kids…they must think i am some junk raving lunatic. oh…i am.

i hung vintage hats on the board and placed the it above my sink mirror and lights. this pic. is not very clear. sorry.


found this cutie vase at a yardsale. i adore it.


i think i’ve gone on long enough. i will post some photos tomorrow of more project ideas and cindy’s booth. i have a great JUNK lamp makeover that i worked on this weekend. SOOOOOO SIMPLE. strange, but pretty. must share. i also have a chandie/tea cup project in the works, more heart/valentines projects, glitter birds (found some cheap, holiday birds and just added glitter to them today and they looked soooo sweet), mop bucket project (don’t ask) and some other creative ideas.

okay…my chest is tired. i need more exercise and sleep. really. but when???? in my sleep? no, because i don’t get enough of it. see. that is why i junk. thinking is way too hard. junking keeps me strong enough. you all have a great night….sweet american dreams.



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a day in the life…..of a shopaholic junker…..


my, my, my……..WHAT A FUN DAY. my friend cindy graciously…very graciously…volunteered her husband and kids to watch arek and zoey while cindy and i hit the junkin trail!!! we trailblazed indeed. we had a flexible itinerary of flea market haunts, antique stores, craft stores, thrift shops and yardsales to hit within a maximum 5 hour time. somehow, we managed to hit all of them…still with time to get brisket sandwiches, donuts and starbucks. how did it all go by soooooooo fast??????

i’ll tell you one thing, it takes a very patient and giving friend to take your kids, offer you transportation, a smile, a laugh, an acceptance of and understanding of the junking fever and a conversation and dinner. cindy did all of that for me today…very candidly and sincerely. THANK YOU CINDY. really. very, very kind!!! arek even flooded her kitchen with a monster stew he made at the kitchen sink, poured a glass of milk the size of a fishtank without asking and said BLAH, BLAH, BLAH after the amen during the dinner prayer. my apologies. many apologies. i think all zoey did was cry for mom and show off her lipstick and dress clothes. really, it takes someone with an understanding of my arek to live thru a day in the life…..of a crazy boy and his shopaholic mom.

my way to say thanks is to showcase what amazing talent cindy has. she is a gift. she can sew, craft, paint, alter, construct, saw, nail, glue, mosaic, drill, assemble, blah, blah, blah. (i wonder where arek gets it??) she can turn something so simple into something soooo amazing. she has several pieces at the Hosanna House in Belton. please stop by if you are in Belton, TX and check out the store. it’s such a cute little place…inside and out. Mark and his wife sell such neat stuff…good prices…sweet smiles and a great attitude go with it. i found waaay too much there today. i love everything i got. i will save it all for another post. my find of the day is unreal. i won’t say how much i paid for her, but she had to come home with me cuz i knew i wouldn’t ever find one like her again for the price i paid.


here are some photos of the Hosanna House. such a great place!!





the sweetest kitty…david bowie eyes indeed….ziggy stardust baby…





picture of mark and my store finds…..most cindy made….soooooo sweet and GREAT prices. i am ashamed to tell you i bought like 15 plates. why???


cindy’s work….sweet altered fabric frames. soooo cute.


carriage of fabric tussies, boots and little pillows made cindy.


lace wrapped sliverware and old string from cindy….


linens from germany….cindy and i met there!! the junking stories we could tell….


pillows that cindy altered and made.


old german window sash with a quilt cutter….so sweet and a great price!!


love these swags that cindy makes from plates,shabby chippy wood and hankies and pearls. my my….cottage sweetness indeed.


more photos of the inside of the hosanna house. so many cute items…..


neat old cabinet from germany….it is not for sale…sorry. cindy sold it to mark and he is keeping it for his house. i would too.


linens and kitchen goodies….



luray for a STEAL……


cindy surrounded by many things she made here…..


finally….my bags of goodies from today’s shopping extravaganza…….i will need 2 more posts to complete this ordeal. this is just the beginning…..



cindy also has a booth snicklebritches in temple….i will showcase her work there in part II of a day in the life…..

i hope you all enjoyed and i think it is time i rest my weary shopping bones and get my kids in order….it’s late and we need rest. tomorrow is movie day. yay. i look forward to a crazy day in the house. it’s supposed to be cold and dreary tomorrow. we will bake and eat all day. not that i don’t do that when it isn’t cold.

you all take care…thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. and cindy….you rock. thanks again.



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