shades of winter whites bring a clean sweep into the new year


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! i hope you all had a safe and great new year….

to all of you that have supported me for 2008, thank you tremendously. i appreciate all the support and comments. i will try to continue to bring you some inspiring photos and fun stories that make you laugh for 2009. and for all the fabulous talented bloggers i follow out there…thanks for pouring your heart, soul, time and dedication to your work. it’s amazing talent out there in blogland. i have no epiphanies or big resolutions…no ground breaking thoughts…..just more about the junk i love and the ‘stuff’ in my life that inspires me and brings me joy.

i have decided to post photos that reflect winter whites…..even though it’s like in the 70s here…i think winter whites are calming and cleansing….a way into the new year. i don’t have any funny stories from new year’s eve because i am old and i could barely stay awake until 11pm….no drunk moments…no fights…no dancing until i rip my pants…no laughing until i pee. just a quiet…well, not really with zoey, night watching people on tv freeze on the streets of time square. brrrrrrrrrr. proposals….anniversaries….soldiers happy to celebrate…..families…friends….all freezing their asses off having the time of their lives!!!! what fun. arek thought the confetti they threw when the ball droped was snow. almost. and the clintons too…all there…all happy. and i watched it all from the comfort of my crumb filled slip covered couch.

okay…since my booth sucks right now and i don’t have too many project photos right now, on with shades of winter whites. i LOVE the various shades of white, beige, taupe, ivory, tan, browns and chips and cracks in and on dressers, mirrors, arch pieces, chandies, lights, tables, chairs, etc…. lots of textures. lots of patina. why is this so calming to me? enjoy…

























for you zoey fans….


and 2 project phots. i am trying to deal with about 10 projects at once but nothing is really finished. ack. so much fun though. cast off christmas cherubs, a broken rose medallion, a cast off heart and a board i painted pink assemblage.


cast off white rack with goofy covered up country heart in the center. i painted it out pink and shabbied it up. i added a plastic hard ribbon in the center that i painted out light and put glitter on. i added a pink ribbon for hanging and voila…


i am also working on some assemblages….one is a valentine angel i made from cast off heart cake pans, a aluminum lid, doilies, dominos for the feet and a plaster crown. it’s silly and fun. i’ll show pics tomorrow. all of these plus more are on their way to the booth on monday. i have some candlesticks i plan to make and some other cute things i painted out.

okay…lastly….antiquing finds from a few days ago. went antiquing with my hubby, a friend and crazy arek and zoey. what a mess. we only hit 2 antique stores, so i didn’t find much. what i did find was a HUGE cage frog for ONLY $7. yes. the little green one was $4…the bowl was $2 and the cup was $4. i love them all. very shabby cute.


okay…sooooooooooo much info above and now more…..for this year  i also have a skin challenge lined up for my blog.  i will share a photo soon of my BAD skin. i don’t take care of my face at all and my skin has become very neglected. actually, my hands and feet are terrible. i really need to take better care of myself. texas weather is hard on the skin. i have started a regimen of vitamins, cleansing, lotions, juices, fruits and water. i want to see if any of this will help my skin look firmer and clearer. i will chart my progress during the month.

you all have a great beginning of the new year and thanks again to my family, friends, fellow bloggers and others that make this blog as much fun as it is!!!




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7 responses to “shades of winter whites bring a clean sweep into the new year

  1. Sue: you should post these pics into a calendar, I’d buy one. Just beautiful!!

  2. Renee

    I love all the textures in your photos. I want to se more of the items, there were some interesting pieces.

  3. Michele

    – Love the white montage…the textures, the depth, old vs. new, dull vs. shine, soft vs. hard…makes me want to touch everything. Your eye for composition continues.
    – For skin I swear by Omega 3 fish oil soft gel capsules (1200mg). Take with food and I swear you’ll notice a difference with hair, skin, nails & cholesterol.
    – YEAH more Zoey pics!

  4. All is calm, all is white. Just beautiful including Zoey. I believe in minimal-jergens soap, jergens cold cream, tresseme shampoo(no conditioners) and leaving nail polish off at least one day a week. My secret weapon is lemon juice in a cup of warm water nightly. You’d never dream I was 70 would you? Just kidding! Debbie

  5. Sue

    You are my hero!!! You cant just sit and relax after the build up to christmas, and then celebrations for New years….you put me to shame, I cant get it together! Ive had too much rest, and now I just check your blog every day, and feel like Ive done a days work!
    Love the photos, I know you have talent , but I bet you just clicked, clicked,clicked, and wella!
    Sounds like Texas is as harsh as Australia with your skin.I have to say Im slack, and dont do much, forget to moisturize,Im last on the very long list of things and people to look after! Maybe I should start for the New year!
    Enjoy creating!

  6. VintageBethie

    I have recently found your lovely blog and adore it! Goodness, I’d love to have you for a neighbor. Every post is like visiting with a good friend that “gets” it! Thanks for sharing your adventures and style…totally cool!

  7. I love that… “crumb-filled, slip-covered sofa”! I feel like every piece of furniture in my home, if cushions were lifted, would wear an embarassing handful of dustballs and crumbs!

    And I love your winter whites. I find myself more drawn to the subtle and subdued lately. Maybe it’s the craziness of four kids eating me out of house and home… and leaving their trail behind them =) Blessings… Polly

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