ps…i love you……now why is my phone sticky?


brrrrrrr. it’s cold in texas and icy. what is that about? shorts, ice, snow, shorts, coats, tank tops, wool socks, sunscreen, lemonade, hot cocoa, gloves, garden gloves….welcome to texas. hot and cold. foolishness.

well….i was busy today looking at the ice covered trees and piddling away at new valentines tags for the booth and LOVE collages to plug up the empty spaces on the wall there. i went to my booth. i ate good thai food. i went grocery shopping. picked up kids. made a junk delivery to a friend. came home and snacked out with the kiddos and had a hot beverage. let arek play with his friend. worked on more collages. played with zoey. let the kids watch a move and then… remember that tonite was the premier of the bachelor an hour after it came on. boy do i love trash t.v. not that the bachelor isn’t educational television, i just don’t think anyone watching it will learn how long it will take before the sandhill crane will become extinct or what the toxicity levels are in our overfilled landfills. whatever. i hope i don’t OFFEND anyone with this post. okay… i was late into the intro tonite, so i didn’t get to see jason stare at hot girl boobs for an hour while he pretended to care what they were talking about. after last season on the bachelorette, i felt just slightly sorry for jason, but not really. how can i feel sorry for any of these people. they are young, successful, gorgeous and handed their 15 minutes of fame. what more does one want??? ohhhh..that is right. the trips! the cat fights…the one night stands, the misery, the drama and the…oh must we not forget….the LOVE. the love. isn’t that what the contestants are there for? love and a marriage proposal.

this season should be fun…a little repetitive…but fun. jason has a son. i can’t wait to see these beautiful, single, young successful ladies greet jason’s son and have to deal with the reality of him spilling out their expensive make up, using their gucci bags for weapon bags, using their expensive necklaces for pretend boat anchors, putting a huge sticky footprint on their most favorite white rug, using their IPOD like a walkie talkie, asking them the same question over and over and over again, stealing the big pack chewing gum from their gucci bags and chewing the entire tub and then spitting it out into a tissue that later gets stuck back into their purses. i can’t wait until the runny nose starts, the mud gets tracked into the house, an entire box of cereal gets dumped into the bed, teddy grahams are stuck to the side of cell phones, expensive china gets used for a science project, and the flat screen tv has power ranger stickers stuck to it. will it still be romantic then? will it still be a long night staring into the gorgeous sunset or a tandum bungee jump into the bliss of a babbling creek? will there still be moonlit walks into the soft path of the meadow or late night binges in bed with champagne and candied fruit? or will it be three’s company baby….cover up those expensive breasts with my faded tee shirt and hide that bootylicious with these baggy sweats and help me hammer this swing set together, in the rain, with no instructions and the wrong tools. no, i will not get a babysitter. you need to help.


i really am not bitter. i’m just old and i’ve been there. that’s all. i am still a believer in love and romance….and i still think by the end of the show, these woman will develop feeling for jason, but i think it takes a special one to really live up to the name of the game….partner. i wish these ladies luck and i think the most beautiful woman is the one that can have the capacity to love both jason and his son….and the life she will spend with both of them….cheetos in the couch and all. lol. happy valentines day.

onto today’s projects. i’ve typed myself silly, so let me stop with the blah, blah, blah as arek would say and show you some tags and a couple of collages. i was sooooo excited about going to my booth today. i really stocked, redid displays and gave great thought about placement of new things and then….drumroll…..i sold $1.25 for the day. oooohhhhh, ron would say. you can buy a whole bunch of stuff with that. well, ron…at the right yardsale, i might.

i’m optimistic though. i’ve been thru these tough selling months before. they come and go. this is not the time when folks are looking for shabby cottage decor and quirky little cast off collages for their house. folks are trying to put food on the table and gas in their cars. i know this. spending will pick up soon. i’m optimistic. for some of us, like myself, it’s not about spending. it’s about buying. i love to buy things. i can spend 25 cents on something on be happy. the cheaper the better. i love ange’s blog entry about collecting. that is why i shop…to collect….to rekindle my spirit over and over. so i junk and i watch bad tv. it’s great.



one of my swanky, favorite junk stores here is going out of business soon, so i went there on sunday with the kids. what a riot. we were all dressed like freaks. i have been wearing the same sweat pants, and was wearing them sunday (note to jason), for like 4 days now and arek had (note to his bride to be whomever you are) one of my 1980’s big purple taffeta tops on…yes with puffy sleeves and big bow. he wore it with sweat pants and crocs. don’t ask. i just pretended not to notice. zoey was wearing her pjs in the middle of the day. anway, we were in this store for almost 2 hours….that was after 2 meltdows from zoey, arek reading an entire comic book and buying 2 bags of penny rolls, an old, dirty bank bag, a big vintage child’s bible with tape on the binder, and a bag of pencils so old the lead content alone will make us all zombies. then arek got stuck in the stuffed animal bin. 2 lolipops later and zoey scooting on the dirty floor, i thought i had finally hit bottom and left. i left looking like nick nolte’s mug shot when he was busted for a DUI. i did buy (only i would) 3 BIG packs of vintage envelopes. hey….what great tags you would make. and they do. i also bought 2 BIG bags of white, vintage mens’ hankies. why?????????


i bought some charcoal pencils finally to spruce up my little collages. i added some tea stained flowers and french ephemera.



just a painted out board, stamping, glitter and a decoupage print, white paint, and heart ballon. easy, simple.


i love this vintage chocolate box top copy i made years ago. i had the original box and glued lil rhinestones to it several years ago. i sold the box, but i made a color copy of the top.

i love that ‘kings choc. for american queens’. i didn’t know we had a queens in america? oh mike long…..stop laughing.

i will continue to find things that inspire love. i really am a sucker for valentines day. it’s a great shopping time, a great eating time and a very friendly day to celebrate with people you love…..husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, secret admirers, and of course….your friends and your children…cheetos in the couch and all.

you all take care and you texans be safe out there. don’t speed to get the good junk…..and i hope the rain does not spoil a good trash picking day for you!!




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11 responses to “ps…i love you……now why is my phone sticky?

  1. Girl, if his little boy eats their gum, they will be p—-d! What will they have for their meals? I know you bought that bag of hankies for all the tears you will be crying with the girls as they exit the show. Sounds like you had a lot of fun at that GOB sale. Things will pick up, you can bet on it!!! Deb

  2. Rachel Knoblich

    You crack me up…you say I should write a book…oh no, you should! Maybe if we put our money together we can buy something out of that booth we like on our fav. blog. Looking for a house for you and me as I type. LOL You know what I’m talking about!

  3. Imp

    You wouldn’t happen to be talking about First Choice Consignments, by the county annex, would you?

  4. Sue, thanks for your sweet words, this is why you inspire me! You find the best things, say the most heartfelt things, even when it involves your kids gum and dirt and all, and you are just so genuine. I’m so glad I got to meet you in person because you are just as pretty on the outside as the inside. Hope you have blessed day and week!

  5. Renee

    Enjoyed reading your blog this am, it is warmer and raining cat’s and dog’s now. i love the first print on your blog.. You find the best stuff.

  6. vintagesue

    thanks renee…i actually altered a couple of images in photoshop and made a little collage. i find tons of images from playingwithbrushes on flickr. it’s great stuff. take care.

  7. Ron

    I was laughing out loud……write a book woman…… would sell millions and I could buy a bass boat..oh is it about me again…

  8. Kathy Robison

    I just wanted to say how I love your blog. You have a gift for sure!!!!. How inspirational you are, makes me want to run and create. What I want to know is where do you get all your energy, with family and life going on all the time, that just amazes me.

    Anyways, just wanted to say “hey”.

    Kathy from IL

  9. Michele

    dude, you so need to write a book.
    There is only one YOU and the inspiration you give to all of us is unreal.

  10. Lady you are the best.. I need to grab a cup of hot chocolate laced with java and be inspired yet again!!! LOL

  11. This is a great post. I can So relate… love your outfit.. you make me feel normal… and I worked in the NYC fashion industry.. only to be reduced to 4 day old jeans, an old tee, sneakers, my husband’s old leather jacket & a hat… LOL

    And yes, I LOVE to collect & buy! hee-hee

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