loooooonnng weekend ends with a golden globe reward……


i blog at night. LATE at night. last night was a very unproductive night. i did not have the energy to blog. arek was making some photobooth videos anyway, and i’d had such a tough weekend with him and zoey by that time, there was no conquest for the computer. i didn’t care. i am not sure what i did this weekend. it is a blur. the kids were very, very demanding of my time. i felt like the only waitress in a restaurant of 200 hungry customers. it was a cottage industry this weekend. i was a skeleton crew. i survived, but i felt like i made many bad choices and my conduct was lacking. that….and the sewing machine i was sooo excited about officially pissed me off. i don’t know if either one of us will ever recover.

i spent alllllll day saturday in my cute little rose house dress. i only went outside once. that was to carry the garbage to the bin. i screamed at kids all day and made endless meals and snacks…..a cake and popcorn cooked the old fashion way….on the stove with oil….in a big pan with a lid that got shaken back and forth until the kernels stopped popping. no timers. no dings. no steaming, hot microwave bags. i used lots of butter and salt. yum.

i think the kids and i watched 20 episodes of scooby doo and i watched arek and zoey fight over things like barbie shoes and ponytail holders. whatever. i tried to make some tags, but i still had to offer zoey 5 paper plates, a bag of buttons, a pair of kid scissors, a huge tub of school glue and a vat of foam stickers. she wore more than she put on her paper plates. the girl is a natural collage artist though.

the days were long this weekend. the highlight of today was going to a laserwash for the truck. arek got so excited, he screamed like a girl and jumped up and down. how can a kid get so excited about a carwash? guess we need to get out more. when we do, the kids beg to come back home. do i make it that comfortable for them here?

at least i had the golden globes to look forward to tonight. i haven’t seen the movies that were nominated, but that isn’t the point. it is entertaining just to see the glamour. the stars are always sooooooooo radiant, amazing, gorgeous and fit. they glow like waxed fruit. it isn’t fair. i will trade with them any day. they can sit around in the middle of texas with crazy kids and NO nanny….alllll day long. they can get paid almost nothing to revamp junk they find curbside, yardsales, and flea markets. they can wait on kids non stop with almost no breaks. they can have BAD skin and not enough money for good make-up, facials, botox, and whatever else fancies them. they can have not enough time to put makeup on anyway. they can have no energy to workout because all the energy they do have, they have to use for house cleaning, organizing, child care, school/cubs, playtime with the kids, meals, laundry, chores, crafting and hobbies, and other commitments that utilize time and energy that don’t have anything to do with the gym. they will have no personal trainers, no chefs, no nannies, no money to pay for private tutors or schools, no agents, no assistants, no designer clothing and no big house. they will have to spend their days doing endless chores and errands….spend their alone time digging in bins at gw…digging thru boxes of 50cent old items that nobody wants anymore. no designer bags. no cute shoes. just keep crafting. just keep cleaning. don’t stop.

i can go to hollywood and have a makeup artist, stylist, nanny or nannies, chef, personal assistant, agent, coaches and mentors, a producer, a director, a driver, a shopping assistant, a buyer, a press agent, tons and tons of money for botox, hair and makeup, a personal trainer and best of all…..i get to leave the house everyday to act in a movie or tv show. how hard can it be? don’t we pretend everyday anyway….pretend to be nice, pretend to be happy, pretend to have energy, pretend to care???? arek asks me stuff all the time and i say….’oh that is nice.’ or ‘i love that’ or ‘wow, that is great’. do i have any earthly idea what he is talking about half the time???? no. zoey will say something to me in her sweet 2 year old voice and i’ll say….’of course’ or ‘you bet’ or ‘i know’. i have no idea what she is talking about sometimes. i act everyday. i should have somebody pay me for it!!!!

oh…and those actresses and actors. are they not just gorgeous. flawless. fantastic. sandra bullock’s dress tonight was a knock out. i want to wear a dress like that somewhere. grocery store??? yard sales??? i don’t care. cameron diaz and drew barrymore were stunning. selma hayek (did i spell her name right?) had a baby less than a year ago and what a body. i had a baby 2 and a half year’s ago and stuff that should have gotten smaller, got bigger and stuff that should have stayed big, got smaller. nothing worked out right. argh. oh well….on and on. it was still such a treat to watch. a little reward for the end of a looooooong, tiring weekend. there was such an enormous amount of talent at that award event tonight, i couldn’t peel my eyes away from the t.v. all the big shots were there. of course my house was filled with toys and dress up clothes…..stuffed animals and blankets….toy cell phones and endless drips of water from frequent trips to the sink, but i didn’t stop watching. zoey pulled my hair and jumped on me. arek shook zoey’s big doll house pretending it was in a tornado and made lots of noise, but i pretended to be alone…..and relaxed. haa haa. oh well….kids will be kids.

i was so excited that bruce won for his song he wrote for the Wrestler. i’m not a huge springsteen fan, but what an amazing song.

okay….now on to the junking portion of this blog. i had a chance to work on some tags and a few small projects this weekend. i also went to an estate sale friday. i bought just a few things, but paid almost nothing for it all. nothing too amazing, but it was still a fun sale. i was also inspired by vintage kid’s books this weekend. guess cuz i spent so much time with the kids. had a chance to looks thru some that i’ve had in zoey’s room. i bagged so up for sale for the booth, and i took some photos of some that are my favs. that is about it. i’m starting to fade. i’m so tired. it’s almost nighty time, so enjoy

lil collage….





estate sale finds…..



this is a placemat. i found 3 others just like it. love the material!!!


sweet velvet pillows. i can’t wait to alter them somehow.


seed packs, vintage pink carnations, happy birthday plastic flowers. no…i didn’t find the flower frog at the estate sale.


love the iron. i needed one too. i found all the stuff above for $5. i also found a HUGE bag of sewing notions for $5. i had a good day


i put this together for the booth. had the suitcase. found the big alum pot. cast off cups, saucers, silver and pink napkins. what to do??? make a sweet, romantic picnic basket for val. day. it’s boothbound tomorrow. i plan to add a vintage tablecloth as well



if small kids like this were playing with a pitchfork, someone would not be smiling and there would be an ambulance involved.


arek and zoey would not be washing this dog so sweetly together. there would be an enormous amount of water and wasted soap. the dog would be in agony. arek would be covered in mud. zoey would not have any clothes on. this is why we have no dog.


once again…this is why we have no dog.


who wears a bow that big anymore???





silver dime is now a pack of $20s.


next time i wash clothes, i will hang them outside with my trunk.



i laugh, but i think these pages are precious. very sweet indeed.

i also found some photos around that house that inspired me this weekend. i found this great, chippy green shelf from my friend sally’s booth last week. i love it.


piece of an old apron i didn’t have the heart to throw away.


neat, vintage oil painting i found for 99 cents at goodwill about 8 years ago.

cascading pearls…..


small cameo like wall hanging with glitter….


that is about it. i’m tired again, so i guess i will go to bed. i’m still working on my skin. i’m still taking vitamins, still using creams. i will give it a week or so longer and take another photo. so far…i still feel old and i look NOTHING like those glamour girls of hollywood, but oh well. i’m not up for any awards, so i guess i will just be me.

you all have a fabulous monday…..




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10 responses to “loooooonnng weekend ends with a golden globe reward……

  1. Ron

    Good job Sue. It looks like you got it all off your chest. You are my Hollywood movie star so hang in there. I bought you some warm slippers….not glass slippers. Hopefully you get them by the end of the week.

    Love ya

  2. Fabulous, fabulous finds! That was a big score in my book for one weekend. And as for the the women in Hollywood, you know they’re not real people 🙂 I don’t even bother watching (I guess having a tv would help) – I rather go junking and hanging out in my (real) vintage universe (preferably without the 3 kids for a while, that is). Hope you have a better week.

  3. Marta's Room

    Ok, love the stuff as always, you sound a bit depressed. You are much prettier than any of those celebrities and real. Do you know that I got people come to the shop and asked about you? They wanted to know who the gorgeous girl with the amazing coat was. I told them you are a famous artist-designer that honor us with her presence. They know you have travel France and almost all Europe and managed to have a great husband and amazing kids at the same time. Thats all…Love, Marta.

  4. I enjoyed visiting your blog….being a mom is a little rough sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Love your finds, so fun. Thank for sharing all your treasures. I think there’s nothing like a little junking jaunt to bring up your spirits…..Have a great Monday Pinkie

  5. cheryl

    Yea! That’s right Sue…You are the best of the best! Don’t let anything or anyone get you down! I will let everyone out there in blogland know that you are my favorite friend in the world! You have distintive qualities that are very hard to find all in one person! “You” will be one to make it big one day! Take care of yourself, and I will have that special package in the mail for you asap! Love ya! Cheryl 🙂

  6. Cassie

    I must be one of your oldest friends. We’ve known each other since we were bucked toothed, dirty footed, straggly haired girls. I can remember being in your back yard and seeing all the cicada carcasses left on your tree for the cicada invasion. Don’t let life/shit get you down. It happens……….. to us all. It ain’t always pretty but it’s an adventure. I so love your creations. There are a ton of vintage old kid books sitting in my parents basement. I’m going to grab um and ship to ya. Otherwise one day when I’m cleaning out the “rents” house after they are gone they will end up in the big dumpster I’m going to have delivered to their driveway! Do you like old photos too? I’m working on my geneology and I’m getting rid of vintage photos if I can’t id the people in them. They are yours if you’d like them. Been cleaning out the house to get ready to move to Singapore this summer. I’ll never be cold again!! Been hating all the freaking snow and wicked cold we’re having in the NE. Email me with your TX address.
    Hugs, hugs and more hugs

  7. Rachel Knoblich

    Sounds like your weekend wasn’t good. Let me make you feel better. I slept in this morning (can’t sleep at night…all I do is pee), and Westin decided to pour out the entire brand new bottle of chocolate syrup all over my living room floor, all over my white coffee table and white armoire, all over the couch slipcover and the wall into the hall where he reached the kitchen and doused the kitchen with the rest of the bottle. (He couldn’t just dump it…he proceeded to smear it allover the place!) I didn’t even know where to start to clean up. He sat in time out for an hour while I cleaned up his mess. The floors are still sticky when you walk on them, but I’ve scrubbed and mopped and I’m tired. I guess I get to scrub them again tonight when everyone is sleeping so I can get it all. Gosh, I was so mad! So really, I’m feeling your pain. Even better is that Bryan leaves tomorrow for a conference for the rest of the week. I’m ready to put myself into a straight jacket and walk away from it all. You and me deserve a vacation, alone, together! Keep your head up! I will try to…if I don’t drown in chocolate syrup that is!

  8. Michele

    The cheerleaders are cheerleaders…but I am me, and I’m proud of it:
    Suck all the fat out of me, botox my face, make me drink green grass juice for 3 days, push my boobs up, squeeze me into a Galliano dress (black or purple please), hang LOTS of diamonds on me, coif my hair, do my nails, and then put me in front of photographers as I stand next to George Clooney……I’d still have a smoke in my hand, hand on my hip, whispering, “hey, can I smell you?”
    Let them have that life….PhotoShop, soft-lens filters, botox, stylists, construct that world into an unachievable perfection. There is no ‘real’ anymore.

    You are the most genuine individual I know dude…and you have a long list of people back here from CSU (I’ve got names!) that always have and continue to admire you for being you. Don’t let the bastards get you down….you forever rock our world in your flower housedress.

    Your #1 Fan,

  9. vintagesue

    dude…you rock too girl. half, half, half….lots of fish oil. i still haven’t gone there. i continue to think of that night you walked on your tippy toes all the way down 4 blocks to the car. you have been on my mind. i gave you great the thought the other night. i thought about your mom and dad and wondered if i too…could ask them for advise. would they send me a sign? would they send me a star? would the sun shine differently the day i thought about them. hope you are well with mike there and getting caught up on some well needed visiting time.
    you rock way harder than i do…i heard elvis costello pump it up today and it made me think of you. it made me have a better day. i thought it so and it happened. either that or your folks were shining some light on me too.
    love ya girl……thanks for the compliments.

  10. Michele

    They’re shining light on you.

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