idol…and i have many too!!


well folks….as you all know…american idol season 8 is kicking off this week!!!!!! that is a good thing!!! i LOVE idol. i’m a 12 year old girl during the season. how can it be that these youngsters just make me smile…the good singers and the not so good singers. my blog is a year old now i think. i remember i started blogging right around the beginning of last season’s idol. must have been a year ago??? i just thought about it. can you believe it???? i know i should post a giveaway…a happy birthday blog something or another, but i’m just going to go on and on about my favorite t.v. show and my idol cheryl. i have many, but today i will showcase her.

i promise not to go on and on and on and on about zoey while i was trying to watch the first idol show of the season. i will just go on and on. how can one toddler eat sooo many barbie snacks? how can one toddler know the words to that annoying song Barbie Girl. i was ‘trying’ to hear the contestants sing, but all i could hear was zoey singing ‘i’m a barbie girl. i’m a barbie girl” over and over. she was bouncing from one cushion to the next…hurdling over me and and she was holding her duck, dog, cat, a necklace, a pack of snacks, and a handful of peanuts. arek was actually good during the program. he got it. he laughed with me during some of those tryouts. i only had to hear….will you get me a butter sandwich once. i know…i’m a bad mom. a butter sandwich. whatever. butter is needed in the body of an 8 year old to transport all the fat soluble vitamins they need to clot their blood when they scrape their knees. anyway, i let him make his own snack. the butter was smeared on the bread like a newly tarred road. i had to have a butter sandwich intervention and help arek understand the ‘a little will go a long way’ slogan for “use sparingly” food chain commodities. that boy.

as time ticked away, i realized that 2 hours of idol went a lot better than 3 hours of golden globes. tonite was a success and the season is underway!!!

i am tired and way too lazy to go to the car, get my camera and download photos from my camera. good thing my decorating idol cheryl sent me current photos of her house. there is always a change, a new vignette, a new shabby element of surprise and one of the best mccoy and barkcloth pillow collections i’ve seen. cheryl not only has amazing cottage flair, she also know her antiques. she has been collecting for years, but maintains a down to earth in her approach to decorating. she will display high end antiques mixed in with the 25 cent crazed figurine she found at a yard sale. i’ve showcased her home before and you can visit those postings on my catergory list. cheryl…you are my idol. thanks for hooking me up with all the great eye candy!!!! you make my displays look like a ‘free’ table at the local rummage sales…hee hee.

i spent many days walking, no sliding, thru her house on her fabulously polished hardwood floors. when arek was 2 he would run thru cheryl’s house until he slid on the floors and bumped his knees. good thing he ate lots of butter back then too. any hardwood scrapes healed faster i’m sure.

i hope you all enjoy!!!! look closely……soo much eye candy. thanks for sharing cheryl….you are going thru to HOLLYWOOD!!!!!











love it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

better go to sleep. i’m greasy from all the lotions and creams. i’m using a deep set wrinkle repair cream now. what does that mean exactly???? after 8 weeks, i should retain my youth and look like a crazed 12 year old idol fan…crying for the next american singing sweetheart. hope my kids notice who i am. haa haa.




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5 responses to “idol…and i have many too!!

  1. Ron

    Arek needs to lay off the butter mom and encourage peanut and butter sandwiches.

    Zoey’s teeth are going to fall out from all the barbie snacks. I hope she is brushing her teeth.

    Love ya!


  2. Cassie

    Just so you know Rick’s mother would give him a stick of butter to shut him up as a kid. He says he loved his sticks of butter, no spreading necessary. He grew up to be a big shot so…… let Arek enjoy his butter!


  3. Rachel Knoblich

    I use to eat butter and sugar sandwiches as a kid…so what does that make me? Mmmmm…so good!
    Idol is my favorite. I found my long lost twin sister on there last night. The tattoo’d girl with the yellow and pink hair and vintage clothes. She is everything I want to be. Not to mention an awesome voice and unique personality! I’ve got the tattoo’s, now I just need the pink hair. I’ve been toying with it…we shall see!
    Love Cheryl’s house. I’m so jealous. Some day when all of my kids are gone I can do more stuff like her. Love the white chippiness everywhere. I have to ask, “God, is this heaven?” LOL

  4. Cindy

    Peter eats mayoannaise sandwiches, instead of butter sandwiches!
    And my great uncle wate butter with raw onion slices sandwiches.
    all things in moderation………….
    except junk! LOVE Cheryl’s house. Esp. the lights in the bottom of the bird house with the plate.

    But don’t let Sue fool all of you. her house is jstu as great as these pictures. Maybe a little less refined because of kiddos but just as fabulous, jsut as chippy, just as shabby chic!

  5. What a charming home your friend Cheryl has!! So many wonderful vintage treasures!

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