booth photos, make-up and idol night two!!


okay…quick post. my house is gross, my lips are chapped and i need to lube my face. i will start by saying that tonight’s idol was great! talent, talent, talent. love the singers. lots of hopefuls. lots of heartfelt stories. i wish them all luck. those judges would throw raw eggs and hot pizza on me if i tried to sing anything. even zoey tells me to hush.

i took some pics of the booth this week. i have showcased my friend sally’s boothspace. she is across from me…..i am VENDOR 030. crafter’s corner. copperas cove, texas. if you are driving thru…STOP IN. it’s a large craft mall. lots of vendors. lots of stuff to sift thru. for the diggers, treasure hunters and shopaholics, it’s a fun couple of hours. i will post a coupon sometime this month that will get you 20% off your next purchase from my booth. if you print it out, you can redeem it for a discount on anything in the booth. tell them you printed it from my blog and you will be golden.

sally has a flair for trash to treasure. she and i attended the same art college…strange by true…up in the north georgia mountains. that was years ago!! we were both textile/painting majors. i went on to another college after that to graduate. it’s a small world. sally loves photography, drawing and painting. she’s got mean talent and sells cute, sweet cottage and adorable shabby delights at great prices!!! stop on in to see her booth!!








she sells one of a kind handmade items…lots of pinks, tules, blues, birds, and plates.

i redid my booth this week, but had a big sale today that left me with empty spots!!!! always a good thing. i will be redoing again tomorrow. sold the true love collage, windows in the back, and the rose curtain. i trashed picked the toddler/baby crib box springs to hang my vintage valentines cards on. ron laughed at me. i can’t blame him.


sold the candle pillar with lace. sold the buttons on a glitter candlestick.



sold the lace top, and collage in background with blue lace.


sold the girdle collage!! so glad diane got it. lace curtains hanging on it are sold as well.


after a day of booth work and chinese food, i decided to let zoey play with my makeup. i told her i was going to buy her some today, but i forgot. she didn’t. she reminded me rather swiftly tonite that i owed her some makeup. okay zoey….you win.






this can’t be happening at 2, can it??? well, i don’t have time to wear it anyway. she is practicing for when i’m old and can’t see to put on my own makeup. wait…that is now.

i also found these photos of her…from christmas…wearing the SAME dress (it’s her favorite) and smeared with remnants of makeup santa brought her that day. she is singing opera and standing on a table.




it’s late, my teeth need attendance, and i am ready for another glass of water. too much MSG.

you all have a lovely night.




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6 responses to “booth photos, make-up and idol night two!!

  1. Ron

    What happened to my little girl? She is only two….how does she know about makeup? I hope she doesn’t ruin her tender little skin.


  2. Zoey is the cutest little mess I’ve ever seen. I guess we’ll see her on Idol in 2023. Hopefully we can count on our daughters to keep lipstick and dry diapers on us when we are old. That’s what I had mine for. Debbie

  3. Rachel Knoblich

    Tell Ron not to laugh. I have a crib baby box spring behind my bed with white lights and tulle and a frame with an angel. Mine is chippy white…and I love it…it’s so romantic when lit up. I’m in love with it. Thanks for the inspiring pics. I went thrifting today…found a few cuties…vintage aqua melmac plates and pink melmac bowls. A full box for $3. I hit paydirt!

  4. Sue

    Great stuff! Your stall looks fabulous! Glad to hear sales are picking up, they have finally picked up here too, I think people have recovered from Christmas!
    Zoey has such beautiful skin, I hope she doesnt wear too much makeup, she’s so beautiful! Though if she does, she really could do with some lessons!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful….she should be a Model!! Too cute 🙂
    Your booth looks amazing~ makes me want to get out there and shop!!

  6. cheryl

    Love all your booth photos! I wish I were there to shop! Your Ga friends miss going to the barn to get our “Vintage Sue Fix” It’s so addicting! Happy to hear your sales are picking up! ~Zoey is an adorable little mess! Too cute to ever need any makeup!

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