a day in the life…..of a shopaholic junker…..


my, my, my……..WHAT A FUN DAY. my friend cindy graciously…very graciously…volunteered her husband and kids to watch arek and zoey while cindy and i hit the junkin trail!!! we trailblazed indeed. we had a flexible itinerary of flea market haunts, antique stores, craft stores, thrift shops and yardsales to hit within a maximum 5 hour time. somehow, we managed to hit all of them…still with time to get brisket sandwiches, donuts and starbucks. how did it all go by soooooooo fast??????

i’ll tell you one thing, it takes a very patient and giving friend to take your kids, offer you transportation, a smile, a laugh, an acceptance of and understanding of the junking fever and a conversation and dinner. cindy did all of that for me today…very candidly and sincerely. THANK YOU CINDY. really. very, very kind!!! arek even flooded her kitchen with a monster stew he made at the kitchen sink, poured a glass of milk the size of a fishtank without asking and said BLAH, BLAH, BLAH after the amen during the dinner prayer. my apologies. many apologies. i think all zoey did was cry for mom and show off her lipstick and dress clothes. really, it takes someone with an understanding of my arek to live thru a day in the life…..of a crazy boy and his shopaholic mom.

my way to say thanks is to showcase what amazing talent cindy has. she is a gift. she can sew, craft, paint, alter, construct, saw, nail, glue, mosaic, drill, assemble, blah, blah, blah. (i wonder where arek gets it??) she can turn something so simple into something soooo amazing. she has several pieces at the Hosanna House in Belton. please stop by if you are in Belton, TX and check out the store. it’s such a cute little place…inside and out. Mark and his wife sell such neat stuff…good prices…sweet smiles and a great attitude go with it. i found waaay too much there today. i love everything i got. i will save it all for another post. my find of the day is unreal. i won’t say how much i paid for her, but she had to come home with me cuz i knew i wouldn’t ever find one like her again for the price i paid.


here are some photos of the Hosanna House. such a great place!!





the sweetest kitty…david bowie eyes indeed….ziggy stardust baby…





picture of mark and my store finds…..most cindy made….soooooo sweet and GREAT prices. i am ashamed to tell you i bought like 15 plates. why???


cindy’s work….sweet altered fabric frames. soooo cute.


carriage of fabric tussies, boots and little pillows made cindy.


lace wrapped sliverware and old string from cindy….


linens from germany….cindy and i met there!! the junking stories we could tell….


pillows that cindy altered and made.


old german window sash with a quilt cutter….so sweet and a great price!!


love these swags that cindy makes from plates,shabby chippy wood and hankies and pearls. my my….cottage sweetness indeed.


more photos of the inside of the hosanna house. so many cute items…..


neat old cabinet from germany….it is not for sale…sorry. cindy sold it to mark and he is keeping it for his house. i would too.


linens and kitchen goodies….



luray for a STEAL……


cindy surrounded by many things she made here…..


finally….my bags of goodies from today’s shopping extravaganza…….i will need 2 more posts to complete this ordeal. this is just the beginning…..



cindy also has a booth snicklebritches in temple….i will showcase her work there in part II of a day in the life…..

i hope you all enjoyed and i think it is time i rest my weary shopping bones and get my kids in order….it’s late and we need rest. tomorrow is movie day. yay. i look forward to a crazy day in the house. it’s supposed to be cold and dreary tomorrow. we will bake and eat all day. not that i don’t do that when it isn’t cold.

you all take care…thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. and cindy….you rock. thanks again.




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6 responses to “a day in the life…..of a shopaholic junker…..

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    I got to go junkin today too! It made me feel so good. Found a few goodies for me and a few for the shop. I found the sweetest baby quilt in yellow with pink and aqua lambs on it. Keeper for the baby. Glad you had fun! And thanks Cindy’s husband!

  2. Ron

    I’m glad you had a great time Sue. Cindy, thanks for taking Sue out and about…..she needs that every once in a while. Thank you very much for watching my wonderful restless children.

    The kitty cat is very beautiful and I love the eyes.

    Love ya, Ron

  3. That sounds like the most perfect day ever 🙂
    Next time you go, will you swing by & pick me up??
    I’m going to think of that beautiful Lu-Ray set for the rest of the day!!!!!

  4. terrylee

    well! what a fantastic day in belton you had! love the pics from hosanna house. i’ve driven by it several times and have never stopped. but you can bet your booty i will now. cute cute cute stuff.

    love your peachy lady too. she’s definitely a must-have!

    thought i might run into you and cindy somewheres in belton. but the majority of my shopping time was at the expo (more about that on my blog … eventually). i went downtown but was kinda disappointed. maybe it was too late in the day and all the good stuff was gone? i DID walk away with a yummy brisket sandwich!

    glad you had a fun day, sue. such good medicine for the soul. amen. and blah blah blah … (that was PEE-IN-MY-PANTS hilarious!!!!!!) 🙂

    terry lee

  5. HeidiAnn

    Whoa – This is exactly the kind of post I love to read! I mean, great vintage stuff- and kitties! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  6. Lucky you. What a great friend! She really walks the talk. Glad you had a great day. Debbie

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