stong transition….still junking strong…..


between MLK day on monday and today’s big change in politics….i’m feeling patriotic and optimistic. there are soooooo many news stories, blogs, online news media clips, tv programs, washington politics stories, media blitzes…blah, blah, blah about today’s big strong transition into the new presidency, that i have very little to add. i can say that inauguration day 2009 has left america feeling hopeful, happy and secure. i wish president obama and first lady michelle all the luck and support they need for the next 4 years (like they are reading this). i also hope they get out a little to some really cool antique stores in washington and the surrounding area. the two strike me as antique loving folks. they seem down to earth, eco friendly, and creative. maybe they will shake things up a little at the white house and put a new decorating spin on a few of those timeworn rooms. i hear they are doing some ‘redos’ at the white house for this presidency, so that makes me wonder where all the old timeworn stuff is going??? did george and laura take a few occupied japan figurines, limoges, and silver spoons to dallas, hoping nobody will notice??? is someone hosting a ‘white house yard sale” that i don’t know about???? i don’t think they are allowed to do that, but i certainly would be the first in line. i would call my mom to go stand in line at least. what could she afford??? maybe a button off of a vintage first lady gown??? oh..may i also add how FABULOUS first lady michelle looked during the parade and at the ball dance. don’t know if she has a stylist….not sure if it matters, but i like her sense of style….she’s got a timeless look. her dresses today were incredible. she’s elegant, gorgeous, but very up to date and fancy. i can’t wait to see what she puts on her body for the next 4. it’s the shallow, little things i care about…eh? makes me actually want to start watching cspan again. am i allowed to write that???

i grew up right outside of d.c. i spent all my field trips going to the white house and the smithsonian as a child. i remember those rooms in the white house. even then, i remember thinking how i would decorate my barbie house based on what the green room looked like and how cute those first lady gowns would look on me!!! crazy. oh…i’m just blahing.

okay….I AM still junking strong. i plan to junk thru the good economic times and the bad dollar days. that is the great thing about thrift….if you only have $10 to your name, you may possibly get a chair, a candle, a stack of vintage linens, a pillow, 2 side tables a basket of buttons and a cup of coffee (cup included) . i have pictures of a bunch of whatever. pics of some of my goodies from the weekend. pics of my bathroom makeover and pics of other stuff too. i have been reluctant to post lately. i have been very overwhelmed with the kids lately. motherhood is pushing weights on my head and trying to hold me down. i’m trying to be strong….junk strong…stay strong. it’s tough. this weekend was tough. i’m a one woman act for such a needy cause. i want a bigger staff. i need a volunteer. i want a part time cashier….actually…ron…i just miss you!!! dad, we love you.

on with the junk….in no particular order….finds from the weekend…button flower vase cindy made


various pretty clothing from a thrift store that i plan to bring to the shop……i am in love with these colors.


my girl again…i took out some color from the photo to give it an aged look….i got the antique photo too and the pic on the wall is a painting my friend sally did…soooo cute. zoey says the lady doll has BOPPIES. that means boobs. i thought that was cute.


altered painted tea plaque cindy made….love it. love the potholders too. it’s in my kitchen now.


more plates. i know, i know….why?


another sweet vase…the one in the middle.


gorgeous pink tassle tie backs from germany!!!!! from cindy. these are sooo shabby cute.


pink vase from cindy’s booth. i found the jar for $2 this weekend and filled it with old lace. love it.


more pearls i wrapped around my candle sticks. got the pink tea cup and flowers from cindy.


found one of these barkcloth pocket thingys to hang stuff in for $1.


sweet purse handmade by cindy.


wrapping paper on sale in the christmas bins….love it.


projects….this one got completed today and taken to the booth. used a plate, hankies and a board i painted out. used the bow knobs as hooks.


what do you do with 25cent christmas cups???? make tea light compotes of course.


long story….table/stool below was junked in germany…brought here by cindy. bought by a dealer from cindy in belton. sold to me. i probably was with cindy when she junked it the first time. well…i took the little table/stool and added the white picket fence pieces to the back. i hung the sweet rose lid on the fence and made a little makeshift chair. it’s very shabby, but it think it’s pretty cute. cost was about $10.


one of my drawers of lace….


BATHROOM REDO….i spent a little time this weekend reorganizing my sad little bathroom. between the mess in the tub (too many kiddie bath crayons) and the urine on the floor, i thought the WC could use a little TLC. i found a sweet shower curtain for $5 at the flea mart this weekend. i bought a tension rod and the rest is history….i love my new tub look. i also hung a few new things on the wall and took some stuff down. here is a little cheap yellow shelf with some vintage goodies on it. you can see the shower curtain in the little mirror. cindy found the vintage hat below for $1 this weekend. i put a few postcards up and i added a PINK light bulb to my lamp. I LOVE these pretty sweet pink light bulbs. they are cheap and look so good in a vintage lamp that does not have a shade.


shower curtain…..


hard to see…but here is a board i found curbside (all chippy and worn). i added some nails and a rusty wire. i often wonder what the &^%$ my neighbors are wondering about me. between the hammering, banging of plates, and screaming at the kids…they must think i am some junk raving lunatic. oh…i am.

i hung vintage hats on the board and placed the it above my sink mirror and lights. this pic. is not very clear. sorry.


found this cutie vase at a yardsale. i adore it.


i think i’ve gone on long enough. i will post some photos tomorrow of more project ideas and cindy’s booth. i have a great JUNK lamp makeover that i worked on this weekend. SOOOOOO SIMPLE. strange, but pretty. must share. i also have a chandie/tea cup project in the works, more heart/valentines projects, glitter birds (found some cheap, holiday birds and just added glitter to them today and they looked soooo sweet), mop bucket project (don’t ask) and some other creative ideas.

okay…my chest is tired. i need more exercise and sleep. really. but when???? in my sleep? no, because i don’t get enough of it. see. that is why i junk. thinking is way too hard. junking keeps me strong enough. you all have a great night….sweet american dreams.




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4 responses to “stong transition….still junking strong…..

  1. Ron

    I miss you to Sue, Arek, and Zoey! I’m greatful to have such a wonderful family. Hang in there babe. Once again your comments funny and right on the money and I love reading your blog. Love ya, Ron

  2. Wow, some good stuff there. I’m write up your alley with my writings on junk too.

  3. Michele

    I would work for you in a heartbeat….let me organize your buttons and wear those rhinestones…that’s all I ask 🙂

  4. Rachel Knoblich

    Glad you got projects to keep you going. Me too…working on fabric hearts for a swap. I’m making them out of quilt blocks…old ones. They are turning out so cute.
    Tell Cindy I love the purse she made. Very cute!

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