project corner and loud mouth kids!


zoey wears this dress almost everyday. she has cherry chapstick on her lips and she tried pulling all the teacups off my new chandie project tonight. quick…before she strikes twice, i’d love to share some pending projects with everyone. i worked hard this afternoon on pending projects for the booth. it was my worktime for the week. tomorrow is not project promising at all. i have WAAAYYY too many phone calls and errands to run. how boring. i feel like arek when he does not want to go to sleep, school or anywhere else that interferes w/his creative music making on garage band. i get it arek….i do and i’m not 8.

i had way too much to do after school today as well. i am an errand running machine this week. i had to go to the booth to pick up some paintings. i took arek and zoey and one of arek’s friends to the thai rest. by my booth. arek in his loudest voice, asked his friend if her oldest brother has hair under his armpits yet. okay….customers trying to enjoy their pad thai and fried wontons. not anymore. then he said he wanted to make out with his 7 year old little friend and he chased her out of the restaurant. i can’t go out in public ever again.

between the cuts on all of my fingers, my poor posture, my chapped lips, female issues, long lists of to dos, cottage cheese curds on my rug i just vaccuumed, report cards, bug spray smell from spraying a huge water bug roach thingy on my wall (i spray them like 5 times and then hit them with a fly swatter and then i scream at the top of my lungs while it pick them up with a huge wad of paper towels. i hate roachy bugs sooo much), dirty cars that just can’t get cleaned out, another 3 loads of laundry, endless papers to sign for arek’s school, report cards, doctors appts, lack of sleep and fear that i will miss an episode of american idol, I HAD TO MAKE projects today. it was a must.

most of these projects are incomplete and i took several photos of them outside in the dark….where my mind is most of the time. almost all of these are trash to treasure projects that i made with very inexpensive objects.

i trashpicked a very scary 1970s orange flower oil paiting. i painted over the frame and the painting and made a little collage. it says ‘she created her sweet old hat’. i used lace and mill flowers.


what do you do with those cheap, cast off candle sticks? i painted this one out and glittered the top. i used a discount pink taper that i bought at a dept. store. i have been loving glitter lately. i use the really fine glitter, cheap glitter glue, big fat glitter, and just plain craft glitter…’s like bubba gump glitter. glitter of all glitter.


cast off chandie that was in my $20 box. cut the lights off and took apart the hardware to cut everything off. reworked this with a coat of sky blue paint ahd some transferware teacups. i am embarassed to say the cost of this project. she isn’t finished yet. i will add some ribbons and prisms. she will be booth bound soon.


what do you do with those primitive hearts that you don’t really like? paint them out pink and add curtain tiebacks to them. these medallions are actually curtain tiebacks. i unscrewed them and added fine glitter to them. i glued them onto the hearts. i will try to find a short candle for these or just glue a tealight holder onto them.


i have been wanting to do this project for some time. my friend cindy gave me all these onate boards. i painted this one out pink and glued some cast off glass lids to the board. i added glitter. this will take about a week to dry really well. i used just a craft glue. i will hang this with a wide, satin ribbon. should be very cute.


zoey trying to steal my new tear drop prisms i just bought. i found them at crafters, but they were expensive. lol. had to have them anyway.



what do you do with cast off christmas stuff??? this was a HUGE christmas ornament that was gold. i painted it out and plan to glue little roses on it or something like that. maybe decoupage some ladies on it???? i’m not sure yet, but i will hang it with a beaded wire when i’m finished with it.


what to do with old, rusty kids toy trucks…….turn them into candle holders. i had this tonka i found a while back. i paid almost nothing for it. i plan to finish painting it and then put candles in it. it is hard to picture right now, but these look really sweet when they are complete. i actually got the idea from an old mary engelbreit book.


basket painted out and a little wood heart added to it. i decoupaged the heart with a rose napkin. this would make a great magazine storage.


just purchased this sweet apothocary jar and filled it with lace. also, just bought this pink tole tray.


what to do with cast off lightbulbs and old light fixtures???? i pulled out the wires and glittered this bulb and just hung it as is. i like it’s simplicity. i plan to add a little picture behind that little square on the fixture….make it into a small makeshift frame.


until next time….enjoy all your trash to treasure projects. rachel…i can just see your hearts. i know they are divine. i can only imagine. you have mean talent. your swap partner is lucky.  i wish my stupid sew machine really was so simple. it would make my project corner just a little bit more user friendly….more so than a couple of loud mouth kids.



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  1. Wow oh Wow! Your projects are fantastic! I wish I had that much inspiration in my head!! Maybe I need a couple screaming kids?! LOL

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