all that glitters……


i hear strange noises coming from my television set. must be cartoon time. does arek ever get tired??? he is watching the powerpuff girls. i called them the powderpuff girls for the longest time. i was strangely dissapointed when i learned the truth.

i have been overwhelmed by glitter today….if glitter would stick to it, i glittered it!!! i finished out some of my projects and priced them for the booth. i have more trash to treasure ideas….cheap, fun, fast and easy!!! the heart necklace above as so simple. i glittered a cheap, plastic heart…glued a silver heart into it and painted it with a touch of pink paint. i wired and beaded the top and hung it on a piece of pretty ribbon. cheap, fun, easy and fast!! i made another, but zoey swiped it!! she’s still wearing it and sleeping like a puppy.



used some fine gitter to put on this metal wreath. i added a mill flower and some pink lace for hanging. drama and glitz. i also glittered some of those primitive hearts that hang on a string??? i will take some photos tomorrow. i have several small projects that i stuck in a basket for the booth……i will try to get photos tomorrow at the booth as well.

i finished out the chandie…this is the start and the finish below that……




i trashpicked this home interiors window from my neighbors trash can…..i mean i pulled it DIRECTLY out of her trash can….cars driving by me and all. no shame, i got game. anyway, it was too cute to toss but the panes are cheap plastic. one was a little cracked, so i altered them with these french book pages, old photos, a postcard, a cheap, brown tray i painted out and added an old book page to and a sweet, glittered set of wings cindy gave me. i like it better now. trash to treasure!


i am always thinking of new ways to alter those wood hangers. i found a ton of them overseas, but i only have a few left. i found this one today and totally covered it with glitter. i added this tea stained collar, stamped the word love directly on the fabric, added a pearl earring and some roses. i think it’s kinda of cute. quick, easy, cheap and fun….sounds like a bad night in vegas.


what is all of this foolishness???? does anybody else have like tins of this stuff just hanging around….completely unorganized and randomly put in a box on a shelf???? it’s the way i work. what can i say?

all priced and ready to go…..


okay…better take my cold sore lips (yes terry lee…another one!!!) and bad back into the living room to fish out arek. i miss the old days when he went to bed at 7:30 and i had the night to myself. not anymore!! between zoey fighting sleep and arek resisting bedtime, i am soooo tired by the time they actually fall asleep, i don’t want to alter anything, but the syrup i put on my ice cream….do i mix it with nuts, sprinkles or whipped cream???? whatever i do….i better not get too tired and sprinkle glitter by accident.

happy friday….lol



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6 responses to “all that glitters……

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    Come on Sue…you know I have lots of foolishness like yours laying around. I just can’t seem to my butt moving and organize it all. Love the trash picked window thing…very pretty!

  2. Wow, I LOVE all that glitters! Your stuff and pictures are amazing! I must see more of your blog! I’m off~

    Enjoy your day!

  3. terrylee

    call the man. get some zovirax. it’s an anti-dare-i-say-it-HERPES-drug. that’s what those damn things are. and you gotta nip. it. in. the. bud. first sign of it coming on, you start taking the drug and usually, it won’t even bloom. if you know what i mean and i think you do. believe me, i come from a long line of fever-blister-ridden folks.

    and btw, those cold sores are a SIGN from your body … “i’m stressed!! i’m stressed!! i need some rest! but whatcha gonna do? stress is the name of your game. call the man. get an appt. tell him what you want. if it weren’t illegal as hell, i’d give you some of mine.

    gawd i LOVE the projects you’ve got going. by the time i get my arse back over to cove, all those goodies will be snatched up. LOVE the re-do of the trashpicked window. soooooooo creative. and that chandie is killer. great work as always, sue.

    one day, you need to drop the kids over here and let me entertain them while you go do whatever you want to do. i’m serious, girl. i even have a pool they could play in. hahahahahaha!!!

    get some rest, have some fun, get some more rest.

    terry lee, RN (!!)

  4. Girl, step away from the glue gun! You make me look like a big ol’ lazy lump of dontwanna. All your finished projects look Fab U Lous. I am going to get to Belton one of these days. Oh and btw, I put ice on a cold sore when I first feel that tingling. For whatever reason, it always keeps it from turning into a raging monster. I don’t think I have a grade school photo without a fever blister present. Debbie

  5. As a newbie to glittering, what’s the secret to getting the glitter to stick well? I tried and left a trail of glitter all the way across town to my booth.

    BTW, that chandelier is gorgeous!

  6. Debbie

    Sue, I love, love LOVE your wooden hanger w/the collar, and the glass lids on the wood plaque, and… well, everything you do! You have so much cool stuff, I have tons of it, too but mine is all around the house in piles. Ask Cheryl, she’s one of the few people who have ever been in my house. She has travelled the pig trails! LOL!

    Terrylee is right, girl. You’ve got too much stress. I feel for ya. My mom was an army wife w/three stairsteps: we were born Aug.’54, Sept. ’55, Nov. ’56. My dad was gone all the time… no, not drinking, (lol, that came after he retired), but in the field and on maneuvers, etc. Army stuff. It helped that my grandparents (both sets) were around. So when people offer to help, LET THEM!!! And don’t be afraid to ask. You are important, too, and if you’re taking care of everybody else, who’s taking care of YOU? Give yourself the time, no, TAKE some time for you. My motives are obviously selfish, you know… if you spazz out, I and your many other faithful followers will be deprived of your talent, wit, observations, adventures, stories, and inspiration.

    By the way, you know you can buy edible glitter, right? šŸ˜‰

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