junk spells junk and vintage yellow sun!!

my, my….sunday is an overwhelming day for me. i almost didn’t post, but i am hoping it will raise my spirits and inspire me. i read sooooo many good blogs today…..teresa, donna, and others that visited junk palace this weekend. if you go to 2 or 3 of these blogs…it just conneccts you to another fantastic blog and another and another. i just get so inspired by the texas antique and junk vibe. it’s really, really unique…such a mix if stuff…cottage, european, junk, french, found, etc….thanks ladies for having such enthusiam for the world of found objects, antiques, and the uniqueness that makes junk so cool. i love your blogs, stories, and pictures that you share with us all.

i stayed quite a bit these last 3 day.  i helped my friend out and let her kids spend the night this weekend and then she took my lovelies the following day and let me get my ‘junk’ on for a few hours on saturday. my responsibilities were supposed to take me grocery shopping, but my heart led me to junk. that meant another couple of nights with just apples, raisins, and homemade mac and cheese for dinner. my friend told me specifically NOT to go grocery shopping. she ordered me to spend time doing something fun. fun i had. i found a new thrift store and shopped while arek and zoey played at a birthday party and went shopping for m&ms and chapstick. thanks sally…really.

today i piddled, but i felt the urge to really clean. after  6 loads of laundry, 4 dishwasher cycles, and 5 bags of garbage????? i don’t get it. it wasn’t even the good kind of garbage….i finally felt like i could breathe. i was not very attentive to arek and zoey. sometimes i have to just make them find something to do while i get stuff done. it’s frustrating and i admit i yell way too much. zoey wanted to wash dishes (flood the kitchen), eat cheese (throw shredded cheese all around), have umpteen snacks (put stuff on the carpet and smash it) and wear her brother’s lipstick (carmex). she kept squeezing it real hard and smearing it on the couch. ugh. and of course she was only wearing her high heels and kept slipping on them.

arek on the other hand, tracked mud in the house 3 times and wore some angel wings all day pretending he was john travolta in HAIRSPRAY while he played enemy attack with his ‘army’ buddy across the street. i found 2 steak knives outside and 2 of my blankets on the trampoline. the night before, he and his friend made a ‘garden’ in his room.  it was awesome, but this morning, i had rocks, plastic flowers galore, beads everywhere, stuffed animals, papers, and scarves (i didn’t get the scarves, but i think they were the ‘edging’). it looked like some kind of art installation project. it was so avant garde, i couldn’t even begin to figure it out. kids….they keep ya guessing.

anyway, it’s all calming down for the night finally. the week awaits me with lots of doctors appts, junk pickups, grocery shopping, cubs (i wish it was clubs), and not so many projects or fun stuff. oh well. one day at a time…..

i leave you with my some of my junking finds from the weekend. i found lots of stuff, but only managed to take a few shots. i also made a purse for zoey with my pitiful sewing skills. i have NO CLUE what i am doing. zoey did not seem to mind at all. she was happy she got a little purse. ALSO my friend sally once told me that she always likes a SPLASH OF YELLOW, so i took some photos of stuff around the house with a splash of yellow.

first….some weekend finds….


found a BIG box of red plastic letters this weekend. i spelled a bunch of stuff with them and put them in bags for the booth. i also made a LOVE garland from them as well.


found this lil sweetie….she is cute chips and all….


found this coat for $1.25. i LOVE IT.


i can’t find vintage hats like i used to anymore, so i buy anything i can dye, tea stain, etc…. to make look like a vintage hat. found this one and tea stained it. it was 50 cents at g.w. i added the flowers…..


plan to add prisms to this sugar bowl. i love the little rose heart. i will also add a tea light.


what to do with a cast off mop bucket???? paint it out and add linens….



purse i made for zoey….pitiful little thing….


OKAY….VINTAGE YELLOW SUN TIME….a splash of yellow. it’s uplifting and i hope inspiring. just some random things around the house…..


















that is about it…..

i was asked by lovely how i keep the glitter i put on objects from not falling all over the place. a few tricks…..i use a TON of glue and cover my item completely. i dip the item in the glitter (trick 2…use FINE glitter) and let dry really well before i knock off excess glitter. i make sure i knock off all the excess glitter i can. that is it.

if i use the chunky glitter, i press it into the item i’m glittering with my hand. i wait for it to dry and knock off excess.

if i use glitter for a piece of jewelry….i paint more glue over my already existing glitter. it’s stuck on there well now!!! i still have a glitter trail in my booth too, but it’s not that bad.

falling asleep as we speak. never enough time to junk!!!! better go to sleep and wait for that yellow sun to come up. you all take it easy….




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7 responses to “junk spells junk and vintage yellow sun!!

  1. What a great weekend post. I love the word “piddled”. Haven’t used it in a while, but girl, I’ll tell you right now, you will be seeing it used in a future post. Such a fun word to describe work, that maybe we don’t want to do but have to do. Besides it’s fun to say! My mother used to say it all the time to explain everything from cleaning out closets to what the dog did in the floor. Thanks for the smile and the memory. Debbie

  2. Hi Sue: is the mop bucket for sale? If not, please keep your eye on one for me, I’ve been looking for a while for one. Thanks, have a great week, Theresa

  3. Cindy

    The purse for Zoey is cute but what is more important than how it looks is that you got the sewing machine to work and sewed those seams. You go girl!

  4. Oooh, I like all your items. Can I come over and we can create together? haha, I also love vintage hats. I just found a woman’s bucket hat today at a thrift storethat I’m loving. No pic yet but you’d probably love it.

  5. Hi Sue ~ I love the purse you made for Zoey…too cute! I love all the things you found at the thrift, especially that little cup hanging from beads! And all your splashes of yellow…makes me think of sunny days…here in the middle of frigid Wisconsin!


  6. WOWEE…you found some fabulous goods!
    Lucky gal!!
    Anywho…I know what you mean about blogs…I have been so out of the loop lately & have had more fun today playing blog catch-up!
    Have a great week…

  7. Ron

    The doll heads in the opening picture are very scary…….kinda like scary clowns…good job on the purse…..I’m sure little Zoey loved as she does all her purses but the one you made is very special. Love ya,


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