thyroid mania, inner ear illness and MY ACHING BACK…..


why, why, why do i not listen to my body????? well….i can officially blame it on my thyroid. i have been told by my doctor that i have a hyper thyroid. now i know why i’m so hyper and tired at the same time…..

i’ve been out of commission a bit these past couple of days. i have been slighted by an inner ear illness that won’t go away. i have fluid built up in my inner ear cyber space. i don’t exactly know where the fluid is. i understand it can’t been seen with that ear scope thingy or the human eye for that matter. i am told it’s because of the inflamation surrounding it or something. all i can picture is that foam insullation being sprayed in my ear. that is what i feel like. maybe there is an old vintage pearl in my ear or a rhinestone earring. anyway, ron would say i my whole head is cyber space…but that is beside the point…i have a whole bunch of dizziness, headaches, and nausea that just plain makes me feel like crap. it sucks actually and i’m darn tired because of it. on top of that, i found out my thyroid is out of whack. i think i can blame that on having a baby 2 months shy of 42. i will blame it on that. why not. my hormones are all unajusted and it makes me feel wacky and hyper, but very, very tired and worn at the same time. i thought it was anemia, but it’s not. at least now i know i’m not lazy. i have a reason for being tired. that is good. i also know why great amounts of time i feel very, very creative, motivated and driven. that is the thyroid working overtime. anyway, i need to listen to my body’s cues. i need more rest and i need more sleep. doctor’s orders. what the doctor does not know is that i am in desperate need of my missing partner!!!! i know if he could, he would help me out with some chores, some errands, some laundry, some organizing, some homework, some cub scout stuff and believe it or not……even my booth!! ron, i’d have you jb welding all kinds of crap and dremeling strange lamp parts!!! hee hee. oh well. i will try to sit with the kids more and let some stuff go, but it’s hard to let it go. if i let it go too long, i have to work twice as hard cleaning or fixing it up. i have let my cars go…..sorry ron….i sort of live out of them and don’t clean them out much. i also let the back porch ‘studio’ go. i don’t maintain that very well. i also let the backyard go somewhat with the kids toys. oh well. i have found a friend to take my fish off my hands. one less mouth to feed and cage to clean will ease the stress. now if only i could find someone to clean out my junk drawers…..haa. that is a full time job all by itself!!!

before all this sickness in my ears came back, i got a little over motivated the other day and redid my craft area. it is not a real craft area. it is a dining room. some dining room….we don’t even eat there because i use it to craft. i got tired of looking at the clutter, so i decided to do something about the stark white walls hoping it would camouflage the clutter. i can’t paint or wallpaper because we rent,  so i hung fabric in blocks to mock wallpaper. I LOVE the way it turned out!!



i also moved that HUGE @#* PYLON in the corner from one part of my living room to this part of the craft area. that column weighs over 200 pounds. i slowly pulled it to the ground, rolled it and lifted it back up. my husband keeps saying it’s going to fall on us and put an end to our lives….well….it almost put an end to MY BACK. i now have pain in my lower neck (i feel like i can hardly hold up my head), middle back and shoulders that i will describe as…well…painful.

between the moving pain, the inner ear illness and my thyroid mania, i feel old and doomed. it is 10pm and arek is fighting sleep. he won’t put the book down. he loves to read. arek keeps asking me which presidents are still alive. he asked if rosevelt and taft were stil alive. what…huh???? am i still alive? geeze…go to sleep.

okay…on with the redo show. my house is completely trashed right now. i take photos after i clean, but then it does not look like this for long. there are stamps all over my craft table now, tickets, dolls, and clothes. project stuff is piled here and there and zoey has dress up clothes strewn about like the dressing rooms at tj maxx.

anyway…this is a new look…..




found this cast off plaster lamp base for 50 cents. i love that it looks like books. i painted it out white and shabbied it up. put the doll head on the top. it’s weird, but i like it.









15 dollar old window sash. hot glued 50 cents worth of rose fabric behinde it and i love it.

that’s about it for the craft redos…..

i want to give a shout out to Lisa at Harley and Maudes at the Warrenton Show in Zapp Tent. lisa emailed me and said she has been doing the show for 2 and a half years, but will be unable to attend this coming show. lisa is working on a website and will send info on that for me to post to all of you.

her booth was the one i called “insanely cute” with hankie covered slipcoved stools and super big, fabulous furniture. you can check out my link

this will take you to that post from last year’s Warrenton Show. please take a look if you haven’t already. good luck lisa!!! can’t wait to see the website!!!

i have also been thinking about a new weekly post that has a theme. i’m sooooo bad about blogging like a should with giveaways, giving out awards, tagging folks for things, etc.  so i thought i would start my own blog movement. i thought i would pick a day….either sunday or wednesday and the post about either collections of things or stuff grouped by color. i may even make like every sunday a ‘surprise sunday’ or ‘mystery monday’ and post 10 pictures related to something unexpected…..either by collections, color, projects, finds, or secret stash….like 10 pictures of vintage clothing i haven’t done anything with in a hundred years. i’m not sure. i’ll let you know. it’s the thyroid working overtime……

i’m still taking my vitamins and using my facecreams. have not seen an improvement in my skin, but my hair feels thicker. hmmm.

you all have a fabulous night and i am going to go lay down….doctor’s orders. morning comes quickly. wish i could sleep in. i hate alarm clocks. i hear enough buzzing in my right, inner ear!!

OH… is a coupon for 20% you next purchase at my booth. please use only once before the expiration date. it is good for anything in the booth and on your entire purchase. just print it out and redeem at the checkout. if something is already marked down, you can take 20% additional off the markdown price. 






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8 responses to “thyroid mania, inner ear illness and MY ACHING BACK…..

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    I’m sorry you don’t feel well…I feel like I haven’t talked to you forever. Now I know why. I hope you get well soon!

  2. Oh how sad she won’t be there; I love to hang out with Lisa and her family. Her cutie Maggie is a hoot. She was our tattoo artist at the last show and she drew one on my leg last time and then said ok, that will be a dollar. I gladly gave it to her. I will have to email her. Thanks for letting us know, T

  3. Sue

    Thankyou for sharing such gorgeous photos, the fabric drops look spectacular! You are so lucky you dont have a bunch of critics living with you, everytime I do something ‘creative’, they just bag me out so much until I cave, and give up! I just recently put a flyscreen door on the front, and its all chippy. Do you think they are happy? No, it needs to be painted! They just dont get it…..Really, it all looks great, and you definitely take advantage of your hyper thyroid!
    Hope you are feeling better soon, and I know how you feel when hubby isnt around, mine is usually around the country somewhere!

  4. Hope you are feeling better. Love your Blog. Photos are fabulous as well as your home. Can’t wait to come back and visit your blog again….Tiina

  5. Hi, Sue!! I can’t figure out how to email you directly. You commented on my Morrissey post and gave me some great compliments and I wanted to say thanks!!! I loved the Cure and Susie Souix, too!! I’m really enjoying your blog. Thanks again!


  6. Cassie

    from one middle aged friend to another. My secret is the chiropractor. I go every 3 weeks to keep from feeling like I’m 80. I’ve had vertigo twice once for months this last time for a few weeks. You need to cut all salt out of your diet. An ENT will tell you that. Take something like Mucinex D it dries everything up tears, muscus, fluid and whatnot. It used to be a RX but know is over the counter. As for the thyriod look on the bright side, at least it keeps the weight off. You aren’t fighting the middle aged middle like some of the rest of us.

    Deployments just plain suck! And no one really gets it unless they’ve been through it. You need a bubble bath and your mommy. She coming to visit any time soon?

    If it makes you feel any better I hate NJ, I hate winter, I hate being cold and if I could I’d run away from here as fast as I could I would in a heart beat.


  7. ohh nice pictures , great done , take look on mine maybe you will find it interesstin,

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