saturday salvage and junking haitus……


i have decided to do a saturday salvage each week. either that or a sunday salvage. depends on my schedule. i am soooooooooo sleepy right now because i took medicine, but i haven’t posted in a couple of days, so i am going to try to struggle thru this.

i am taking a slight junking haitus. i started going thru my things and separating what i want, what i want to sell and what i need to pay forward. okay now it is morning. could not finish the post last night cuz of the meds. probably won’t finish the post now cuz of the kids. kids….meds….oh my.

i have decided to use some of the things i have in shed storage, my yard storage and other storages….oh my….to make my collages, altered things and stuff for the booth. i have been bringing more junk home than i can process out…that is like a bad economy for my junking habit. the law of supply and demand are out of sync. need to remember that it’s about consistency, resistance and focus…..OH SURE…junkers junk cuz they love it. i know that~ha. give me a week of haitus and i’ll give myself a HUGE junk run the next week. it’s like quitting coffee and salt because of my ear. i’ve been told i have fluid in my ear and coffee and salt will make me retain fluid in my ear. this is a strange concept for me. i understand my fingers getting big and my feet sweeling and that bloated feeling around my waist is familiar, but retention in my ears???? glad i don’t have to wear my favorite skinny dress around my head.

okay…zoey is on her 5th piece of gum for breakfast and i think she may have eaten 9 pieces or so last night. i’m such a good mother. she keeps saying just one more piece and i not eat it and i not swallow it and i just chew and i spit it out. then she does not spit it out. then i give into her and give her another piece cuz she’s 2 and she is cute and i want a moment’s peace. i’m such a pushover.

onto the salvage saturday pics. i have defined salvage as anything that is rescued because it is very, very old and worn. can be books, old jewels, arch. pieces, old boards, old linens, dolls, reclaimed stuff…whatever suits me as something that is very time worn.


















hope you get inspired by things all gacky and timeworn…salvaged and loved again.

arek cracks me up…he made a house (talk about salvage) for his bear bear out of a box. i helped him glue in the window treatments and a button for the doorbell, but other than that….he rocked on with his own interpretation of bear, bachelor living. hope we don’t get 25 stuffed bear females looking for a husband. that would be the strangest reality show ever…that an how many different ways one can retain fluid.



potholders for rugs. a little eifel tower. a fish for a pet. wontons for the bear and tea.


lovely eruo chic curtains…..



arek, you are a crack up.

you all have a great saturday and good luck with all those saturday finds and pink saturday posts!!! happy junking…….and hope you salvage something great.




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4 responses to “saturday salvage and junking haitus……

  1. Susan Broyles

    Loved your pictures. You son has the creative gene. Let them grow with him. Loved his creation.

  2. Ron

    OK, that is the coolest bear bear club house I’ve ever seen. Excellent job Arek! I am very proud of you.


  3. terrylee

    hey sue,

    have been meaning to email or call to check on you. i’m bad. i’m bad. but i HAVE been thinking of you and your ailments. hope you are feeling better. we’ll have to discuss the health issues in a private setting. 🙂

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. what IS that big round metal thing in your yard, by the pink bike? love it!!

    arek’s bear bear cabin is AWESOME! is he his mother’s child or what?! love the color scheme and eiffel tower! ohmygosh cute. my favorite part though, i think, is the “home sweet home” sign in his sweet little handwriting. how flipping precious is that?! squeeze him tightly and kiss his cheeks for me!!!

    okay, love your saturday salvage idea. i really need to do the same. but how can i resist the barn or sally or any of the others, when they call my name so seductively?!?!?!?! terry lee … terry lee … come on … you know you want to … and my mouth starts to water at just the thought of finding some perfect treasure for 25 or 50 cents.

    it’s a sickness, an addiction. but that’s old news.

    i do hope you’re feeling better. continue to do what the doc tells you to do, missy!

    terry lee

  4. Such great pictures–I love all of the textures. Also what a wonderful little house–I love it when my kids get creative.

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