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lace, buttons, wind, creams, hats, photos, notions, cast-offs……..


i can’t believe it, but i managed to sew like three things today on my crazy sewing machine!!! i’m not a seamstress at all. i’m not even a a straight line sewer. i can hardly turn my gosh darn machine on for crying out loud, but today was project day, so persistently i sewed. and sewed. and then i did a whole bunch of crap to the machine because i couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while and then i sewed one last time before a wad of pink thread bunched up on a piece of lace.

i managed to make a little pillow cover front for this pinky pillow above that i found for a dollar at g.w. i get sew (ha haa) inspired by all you blogging ladies out there that have mother load sewing and collage talents and i just sit in AWE of your fabulous blogs everyday. i look and then i decide what my little brain can make. i embellished a few slips today, made a little makeshift craft bag that holds linens, ephemera, yarn, or whatever whatnots need a little storage other than a ziplock bag….i say that because i am the queen of ziplock bags.

i was inspired by this palate today….all the pinks, creams, pearlies, buttons, the sheerness of the prisms….


i dyed this slip pink, added the little trims and added bows to the top. it’s really not one to wear, but it looks sweet just hanging in the laundry room or bath area or hanging in the front yard in my case. i’m sure my neighbors are calling those little white coat people as we speak.



here is another half slip i added a trim to…a tulle flower i made with a glass button and 3 lil doilies. i bleached and then tea stained the lace on the top of the slip. when i find trims that are too harsh or stark or dark, i bleach them and then see what happens to the color. if they lighten up enough, i tea stain them or dye them pink.



i also embellished this doll below that i found in a lot box of stuff. she was just plain white, so i added trims, bling, lace, and a little chenille hat. i think she’s pretty fancy now. quick, easy project.


another very quick project….paint out cast off mirrors pink, shabby the sides with sandpaper, add little lace bits and a pearl….


i have people that give me cast off stuff all the time. i was blessed with some cast off hats that had no hope…..i altered them with buttons, pins, lace and whatnots. i am in the process of tea staining one i just got and i took a photo of this one i finished last night.


i actually sewed the tulle in the back of the hat ad added a flower. not it is a hat that went from crap to phat.


little collage on cast off book back….


i love the look of old books that are naked. old book guts…..why does this look make me happy???? well….here they are…booth ready.



i managed to crank out this waify shell of a craft bag. there is a little pocket on the front for papers and the bag can hold lace clippings, trims, etc….  for those of you that sew, i hope i don’t offend you with my naive….very naive…sewing skills. i was just playing around to get to know my sewing machine. if i can understand it enough to make little collages and pillow fronts and maybe some lace jewelry, i’ll be very happy.


i made this little fabulous collage from a key chain a friend gave me. i knew i wasn’t going to have a fabulous key chain, but can i throw any little bit away???? i guess this collage answers that question.

when i clean my craft area after making a huge mess….and i complain about the kids….i try to put something back a little cuter than it was before i started. it helps motivate me to clean up….and i need that motivation. i made a little jar collage of my buttons and pearls….and this divine lady looking for a way out of my jar.


okay…time to pick up the kiddos. i still haven’t brushed my teeth and i’m still in p.js. what does that mean?????????? crafting before grooming. it’s my new mantra. hey …. at least i took the time to eat a healthy lunch……fat free yogurt, whipped cream and yogurt raisins. it looks like something i would give the kids.


okay….i need coffee to get thru AMERICAN  IDOL tonite!!!! between that and the bachelor, i am set for the week!! i wonder who jason is going to pick. i just don’t think either of those ladies will keep the romance going after they have to clean the stinky little boy and BIG boy urine up off the bathroom floor 4 times a week! good luck ladies….you gonna need it.

peace out and let me go get my mary poppins umbrella to blow me to arek’s school. the wind in insane out there!!!!! i couldn’t even do outdoor projects today. yesterday i flew a barbie kite with the kids and i thought we were all going up with it!

take care,




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dry skin, too many dishes, 14 power struggles and a house full-o-kids……….


i don’t know about you all, but a busy girl should not be standing in the kitchen cooking alone…yet alone be smoking as well. miss thing above does not look like a busy girl.  she looks like a waifish, i haven’t had time to eat any of this yummy food i am fixin for you youngins cuz i’m too busy so i’ll smoke instead, young mom. i say that, because if she was intended to look my age, she would have heavy calves and that tiny dress would be stained and too small. she would be holding a coffee mug instead of a smoke and she would be barefoot with bad toes and dry heels.

this reminds me of my weekend. this ad makes me laugh. i should be watching the academy awards right now, but i watched the golden globes earlier, so i figure i won’t miss much but a bunch of stars looking so incredible they will just reinforce how much work i’d need to look like that. i haven’t seen any of the movies up for an oscar. i’m out of touch with the entertainment world and the movie scene. i’m in better touch with my dishwasher, frozen pancakes and a dozen loads of dirty dish towels and play make up stained linens. that is my scene. i am my own episode…..season 1000. anyway, i had a houseful of kids this weekend. i helped a friend out and let her kids stay the night with me. between power struggles over the computer, games, turns, tv, food and everything else, arek cried and cried after his company left!!! my sweet 9 year old boy has emotions. BIG emotions for his friends that he fought with and didn’t want to share with take turns with half the time. he showed me that kids have their ways of getting over stuff….the power struggles they go thru with each other are almost erased 10 minutes after they happen. they have an amazing way of frustration recovery…they get over stuff fast and move on to the next thing they want to do and crave each other’s attention and company even if they struggle to get along.

why can’t i do that???? i struggle with the power it takes to get things accomplished. i don’t forgive my dishes for piling up so fast and i will not cry after i clean the urine off the bathroom floor. i don’t miss it that much. i have to work hard to not hold a grudge against the responsibilities i have everyday. i don’t want to be friends with the endless toys in the backyard and endless messes, errands and time it takes everyday to cook, clean and maintain a lifestyle that i feel is best i can do. i need to forgive myself sometimes for struggles i have against myself. i need to carry on to the next task even if the last one wasn’t as perfect as i planned and i need to like myself as much as a friend does even when i fail. it was good to see the kids all work it out with each other this weekend. it’s good for them. it allows them to express themselves and learn empathy, compromise and respect. i had a good weekend. i know the kids had a lot of fun and i got caught up on STAR WARS movies…old school…with muffins and chai tea.

blah, blah, blah. i didn’t do a salvage saturday. i did however take some photos of old magazine clippings that i thought were hysterical and so vintage chic at the same time.i had a lot of domestic time this weekend, so these ads are fitting to my weekend lifestyle. i have been wearing the same outfit for a few days now though, and the ladies of the 1940s would find that repulsive and offensive, but other than that…..we have lots in common.


like i always discuss the cleanliness of my bathtub when my girlfriends come to visit. that’s the first thing i show them after i have my manicure, hair styled and ruffly apron pressed. my bathtub looks more like grafitti on the side of a train. i’m not sure i use any cleanser…gritty or not. i don’t think it would make me want to wash that tub any more or less either way.


this one especially made me smile. i need tons of gay shelving in my house for all my crap for sure!!! especially for 6 cents. i can only imagine how i would decorate 9 feet of 6 pantries if i had them. 54 feet of shelves….54 cents…..oh yeh baby….tons and tons of cute teacups and sweet little pink figurines for sure. ron would move out.


above it says “now more than ever we need children that are hale, hearty and happy.”  i am not quite sure what hale is, but i’ve NEVER seen a child be so happy about doing his schoolwork. looks like his shady parents haven’t either. they look live they’ve secretly implanted some chip in this child’s brain that keeps him hale, hearty and happy without them doing much of anything. i like that….not doing much of anything part….i know all about it.

how good a parent am i???



i let zoey sleep on tables with paint on her arm and a big, grown up portion chapstick in her hand.



these 2 ads are especially sweet….indeed. if i gave zoey and arek pie made with tapioca and shakes made with molasses….they would spit it out. are you kidding me???? i think they would eat a salad before they would eat these. my mom made lots of stuff with molasses and tapioca when i was little and it was good, but that was before blizzards and cheesecake bites.


mom…this is for you. he has loose teeth that he might lose if he doesn’t watch it.


well….my pyrex certainly wasn’t 50 cents and i have never looked that good when i cook. i don’t look that good when i go somewhere fancy and i certainly am never that happy to bake a roast…or anything really…especially tempting vegetable dishes that wouldn’t be that tempting nor would get eaten. hmmm….all my pyrex is empty.


this is hysterical…..


which is your family???? which is my family???? well, we usually look like the folks on the left after i cook a meal, except i would never wear anything that color green and ron doesn’t come to dinner with a tie. i would, on the other hand, wear that sweet pink dress on the happy side if i knew it would make me a better cook.


how do i wash my slipcovers???? i use gain and a crapload of bleach…then i put them in a dryer. if i had to go thru all of this, i’d have to hire someone to hold up my arms.


my scrapbook of shutters are the old chippy ones i find in the trash.


now i know the secret…a good strong towel and a pretty hair bow. it’s utopia. but it will all be gone in an instant if she doesn’t stop wiping hot burner coils with a thin piece of paper. i keep wondering how cute those dishes are behind her. i bet the have the sweetest little roses on them.

i’ve gone on and on. i have some trash to treasure projects, but i will save those for tomorrow or whenever i finish them. i’m tired as usual and tomorrow is after all another day, but a school day nonetheless and it comes fast. i need to get zoey to bed. she was a wild young girl this weekend. she wasn’t smoking or cooking, but she did jump off the couch and hurt her back.



hey…at least she is wearing clothes and trying to help me get angus back in the house.

i also got some sweet goodies from terry lee and sally. thanks you two. sally made me a bootie lavender sash and terry lee gave me some rose fabric clothes, a vintage apron and a sweet hat i plan to embellish.


i can’t stop sniffing this little bootie. that just sounds crazy.


some sally store finds….hankies for a song and the prettiest little lace nightie…..



okay…i think i am hearing voices. am i that tired???? really. i think i might be.

you all have a great monday….funday….manic….magic



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purging, book racks, dentists, and enchantment by the way of buttery lace…..


it has been a few days since my last post. life is crazy busy right now. i’m in the process of purging. it is time. may be moving on soon, so i need to start getting organized. for those of you with the junking bug… know how hard this is to do. i have been organizing lace, trims, jewels, boxes of papers, what nots, etc, etc and that is just in my craft area!! i know…my priorties are a little skewed, but that is where i bulge the most with my junk. i have things in boxes…boxes of boxes…foolishness and crazy. i have tons and tons of buttons mixed in with my jewelry, mixed in with my pliers, mixed in with my wire, mixed in with a tangle of necklaces and old earrings. nothing was where it should be a few days ago. i had glue sticks mixed in with safety pins and scraps of paper i don’t even need. wads of old tape stuck to the sides of beads….utter debachery for a night of craft supplies….like a wild party with no supervision. it’s my way of storing stuff i can’t seem to stop buying. i love the way things looks when i buy them.

i become ‘enchanted’ (thanks sally for using that phrase) by the looks of old lace in a bag…sweet old buttons in a jar…a stack of old postcards or bottles of trinkets and what nots that have only a need to come sit on my craft shelf and wait for participation in my collages and lot bags. it’s complete madness.  junk is  the poison apple of my life. it tastes so good, but it is tricky and haunting when it comes to having too much. but clearing it out is my kiss of a prince….i become once again….enchanted by lace…buttery lace; sweet doilies; pearl buttons in jars; old broken shiny rhinestones in bags; old pearl colors; vintage purses; tattered, faded trims, ribbons and linens. vintage pretties cast their spells on me and i take the bite. what can i say???? i told my husband i was starting to purge my stuff and he told me to relax and go have fun. what does that mean????? it means X=LACE. i don’t have enough. the equation is solved. i will continue my hunt. thanks ron.

this is the AFTER. it took me 2 days to clean. it is only 4 shelves worth of stuff. argh.


i have started cleaning my back porch studio area too. same demise….same solution. just keep clearing and clearing until X=LACE and i can continue my hunt for more. i’m almost there. then there are the closets….oh dear….the closets. do any of you have those dreaded cluttered closets???? yikes. i used to store tons of my vintage clothes in arek’s closet when he was little, but if i do that now, his friends will tease him or become jealouse cuz their mommas don’t stash vintage bias cut slips in their closets. i can’t do that to arek anymore. a growing boy needs his space. i redid his room today because i’m trying to clear the clutter from his closets as well. arek is a MAJOR book worm. he loves to read. he loves his books. he still read the ones he read when he was 5. i trashed picked this fantastic rack from germany and i’ve stored his books in here for about 3 years now.


i also recently bought some vintage racks to store the vintage books….very cool…i bought them from a woman that lives on a huge farm. i had so much fun driving to her ranch and digging thru her shed of junk. i bought mainly big items and keepers. i thought it was time to not clutter me up with tons of little things for a change. big things are easier to see, so i know when to say stop (well….not really  little things get lost and hidden and shoved back into corners. it’s hard to know what i have or how much until i have to got thru it.



i know these are juvenile, but zoey sits here and draws while arek is playing in his room. i use both of their rooms as double duty. stuff both of them can play with in each other’s rooms. this is a painting i painted in collage. those dark artist college days….i don’t paint like that at all anymore. i don’t even paint. i craft now….i’m a mom. i don’t have time or energy to paint anymore. i just create. it’s a positive way to look at art making as busy mom.


found this cute french looking fabric face at a junk shop a long time ago for 50 cents. i glued it to a pillow and i thinks it’s super cute.


folk art i collected when i lived in georgia. i totally love folk art….it’s pure and narrative and fun. arek made the wizard of oz sign. i love it. dorothy has a poppy red head and toto looks like a bat. all of the characters only have 3 fingers. talk about folk art.


i also have some photos of cute things i picked up at crafter’s. i am in love with a white butterfly shelf i found for $3 and a gorgeous white cotton shirt i found for $3 as well. i became enchanted…..



sweet pink tickets i found at walmart today….enchantment….


bliss sign going to the booth…  i also altered a box, a little vintage clutch purse and made a huge refrig. magnet all going to the booth…..don’t have pics of the other things. i managed to make like 25 $2 grab bags that i will take to the booth this weekend as well….each filled with bits and pieces of my ‘enchantments’ i have purged to make room for more….lol.


i also took zoey to the dentist for the first time this past week. she did great. she has huge bunny teeth and a 90% overbite. how can a 2 year old have a 90% overbite? what does it all mean?





okay….wind is starting to get really strong….i’m wrapping this up before i lose my DSL. i was enchanted by lace today while the kids were jumping off the couch. they got really loud, so i walked away and hung pretty lace on my crazy, overpriced coat rack.


i also wrapped a big chair in a white cotton duvet cover and pinned it with a rhinestone bling. what a quick way to enchantment….


i’ve gone on and on….like my revolving junk habit….a continuing cycle of embracing small trinkets….like i find them, raise them, and then let them go back into the wild to enchant someone else.

you all have a great friday and hope your sat. mornings are filled with tons and tons of enchanting treasure hunts. blah, blah, blah. i can’t stop



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trying to keep it simple….NO WAY… can i????


i have NO idea where to start with this post. i have been extremely overwhelmed with my little slice of an existence. i almost need an oxygen tank to keep next to me at all times lately. that is how overwhelmed i feel. THYROID. a childhood friend of mine sent me a box of possible celluloid wares for a dresser and some vintage magazines. i found this photo in the box she sent me today. it made me laugh. i love it so much. i want to be these people!! simple, basic, uncluttered, manageable…schedules that dictate the ease of a day and lifestyles that dictate little distraction by junk hunts and crazy crafts. anyway, cassie….thank you sooooo much. you did brighten my day and you made me laugh. i adore the goodies you sent me. they are phenomenal. i will keep some, redu some and sell some. i love them. thanks so much.



i had arek’s birthday party this past weekend, valentines day (i made myself a juicy tbone steak that tasted incredible and did so…kids in tow…nipping at my ankles. i did it without someone stocking my pantry or cleaning my dishes….all by myself with a million distractions and i did it in under 30 MINUTES. take that.) i’ve been battling time managment with shopping, boothing, crafting, homework, cub scouts, dirty house, tons and tons of laundry, meetings, errands, appointments and kids that don’t want to go to sleep at night and don’t want to eat what i make them for supper….all while trying to stay creatively in touch with the world of blogging and the friendly and incredibly wonderful and talented crafters out there that have so much show and tell.

i have been super sleepy lately at night and have forgone the blogging to catch up on some much needed rest. my arms and legs get weak and heavy and i sleep where i rest….zoey across my lap….like an old man on a p0rch. it is sad. am i that tired? i used to be able to stay up so late and craft at night. not anymore. the demands of the day are just too tough and by night, my body is agreeing with me.

arek’s birthday was this weekend and he turned 9. that just puts me in a different demographic than i was when i had him, but it make the world of difference for him….he is so excited that he is 9…like a new skin…like he grew an extention of himself and there is just that much more of him to go around. i know he feels bigger and smarter. i know he is louder and more demanding….but he is smart, creative and on a road to an interesting life…filled with inventions, interpretations and great intent…..happy birthday arek……you are still my little boy…



okay…now onto some photos of something for you….let’s see…it is too late for saturday/sunday salvage, but i did take a few photos of some stuff i could use for that…



photos of folks i don’t know…but at least zoey and arek are sanwiched in there


love these old enamel tubs. i have 2 of them and i just love them. arek used to play in them as a little toddler….rust and all….the pan, not arek.


a broken, shabby blue purse that came to my by way of cindy. the color is this purse is so soothing to me. i just love it. it would be adorable with little roses planted in it….for the garden.

i also took a bunch of photos of zoey trying on one of my vintage hats. she took it upon herself to adorn her head without any prompting from me. i usually have to BEG her to put a hat on, but she managed to play hat dress up all by herself.






she looks like a turtle in the picture above and the one below looks like her dad when he’s tired and i know he would rather take a nap then help with the dishes.


speaking of dad….ron sent arek the most precious gift for his bday….this life like monach butterfly that plugs into the wall and flaps its wings rather slowly like a real butterfly. it amazes zoey. that is the best thing about it. when zoey starts to overwhelm me, i redirect her to the butterfly. she actually showed all her stuffed dogs and cats the butterfly today. she thinks its real….i almost do too. i thought it was going to flap around all crazy when i plugged it in. arek, zoey and i stood back and protected our eyes and face with our hands. i yelled to lookout and gave the butterfly a huge amount of space to fly. it just sat there and did nothing for about 3 minutes….then those little wings started moving really slow. arek said “is that all it does?” and seemed underwhelmed. zoey couldn’t stop touching it and i obsessed about what cute rose bundle to put it on.




stop touching.

today was trash tuesday. i kept arek home from school because he said he was sick with a cold. he is, but not so sick i couldn’t go trash tuesdaying…..i pulled this trio of crap from one pile and arek was too sick to say “hurry up”, so i continued with the trash plunge and found a few more things i could easily live without.


a stack of cute toddler dresses with roses and lace…..



a neat basket that needed a coat of pink paint. i plan to load it up with a variety of easter eggs for the booth.


and a box of incoming easter goodies for the booth…..


i am starting to fade and it’s only 10pm. sorry i’m so all over the place with this post. for the new visitors at the site, please check out my blogroll on the side panel of my blog. i have soooo many inspiring blogs for you to see.

hope you all enjoyed and have more willpower than i do to stay out of the valentine’s candy.



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a late day in the bins, a bunch of blah blah, rose inspired stuff, and part two of that impulsive day of shopping insanity!!!!!!!


the weather was very warm and sunny today, so i was inspired by anything spring like. i cleaned out the shed and got my easter wares together for the booth. i vaccuumed my car and went to the car wash. i cleaned out some stuff on the back porch. i am putting togther a HUGE lot bag for the booth and well…i was inspired again by roses. between the red valentines finds and the good weather, i think about pretty things so i hit g.w. today late, but optimistic there was still something sweet left. i found the toys were missing and kids shoes as well. i found out that all kids clothing with decals and kids toys and shoes are no longer welcome anymore (lead content), but it’s okay to sell old skis and tennis rackets. i don’t get it and i want thrift shops to remain the way they were back in the day….lots of cool old crap for cheap. what ever happened to the good ole’ days of vintage madness for pennies???? i could buy 10 vintage coats for $1. i am not kidding. i could buy 10 pieces of vintage linens for 99cents. i’m not kidding. i could buy vintage hats and composition dolls for $1. i’m not kidding. NOT ANYMORE. those days are gone. no kids clothing??? no kids toys??? we had lead paint in everything we played with when i was little. we stabbed each other in the eyes in third grade with lead pencils. we chewed on our pencils and ate the lead. our chalk and paste we used was probably white lead that you could use to write with and glue with. oh well.

so where is this post going today????? i’m not sure. must be all the lead i ingested in the 60s and 70s.

on that penciled in note, i did find some rose inspired finds and some other small goodies i didn’t take pics. of.  i found 2 beaded purses, a vintage skirt, a neat old mirror with rhinestones (plastic ones), a cool belt, and this incredible crafty wreath!!! i find these fabric wreaths all the time. i think they are tacky, but this one was so incredibly sweet. someone took a long time to make this and i love all the pretty rose fabric they used. i have also been making compotes out of cast off plates and cups. quick, simple, pretty..



i plan to add some embellishments and hang her up. i may even keep her. i’m not sure. i am crazy about that rose fabric.

zoey and i also sorted buttons today that i’ve been meaning to go thru for almost a year and why not? what kind of priority does button sorting take on the list of daily chores and needs for this family??? well…in this house, it’s pretty high.


i told zoey to keep all the white and red ones on this old milkglass plate. WHAT? so she just took handfuls of buttons and threw them in a glass bowl. she picked up the black ones and said ‘here are the red ones mom’. duh. poor thing. she is cute, but she is a little aloof. like her mum. oh well. i figure button sorting will help her with small motor skills, color coordination (well maybe not), sorting, and counting. right? she should have come along with me on that impulsive spending spree and helped me count up how much i was fixin to spend so she could stop me. maybe they should let kids count vintage buttons in pre-K. let them sort out vintage fabric by value scales of pink. let them count all the pearls on a vintage strand. let them color photocopies of vintage coloring book pages. let them color with vintage crayons. oh wait….there may be lead in them there crayons and fabrics. oh, i forgot….there still is.

well zoey did help me pick out some pretty savers…..sweet pink grapefruit cranberry tea lites at the dollar store!! also sweet pink clippies for my hair. a pack of three for $1. i plan to grow my hair out…gray and all…and i wanted to find some cute clippies i can use to keep it out of my face. zoey wanted to fight me for these, but she likes to put clippies in her mouth. i’m sure they are laced with lead. why can a retail store sell these, but a second hand store can’t? oh…here i go again.


i wanted to show you how my craft area just gets completely random and crazy. anybody else??? beads, buttons, shoes i’m planning on altering, wood beads i spraypainted blue, random stuff in jars, etc….anybody else do this? it goes on and on like this in my cabinets as well. i actually pulled a vintage bra out of a cabinet drawer in my kitchen during the holidays. don’t ask.


okay…finds from my crazy shopping extravaganza….i found some pretty things i just felt like bringing home. what can i say….i am in love with my pin cushion doll. she is so amazing. she was well worth the splurge.


love this old roses box. i don’t quite know where to put it yet. i don’t have an office, so it will probably stay in the craft area for now.



photos of people i don’t know. maybe it is better that way. i plan to make tags and so some alterings.

as promised I HAVE PART TWO photos of my impulsive shopping trip. ROUGH AND READY antique mall….i will just post the photos for you to enjoy. please stop by if you are in GEORGETOWN texas anytime. lots of really pretty things…all shabby and rough and ready.


















i loved these old french books with the roses…once again…roses. i didn’t buy them. see, i can control my urges. sure.

hope you enjoyed. i won’t post a saturday salvage, but instead i will do a sunday salvage. i think there is enough posted here to read for 2 days for sure.

you all have a great weekend filled with lots of valentines candy….yummy junk and great finds.



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i lost my head junking and it went straight to my wallet…….


i know it has been a few days since my last post….blame it on that angry texas wind. it shuts down my dsl. bad wind. i have been absent of a reliable, working computer for 3 days now. oh the stress. guess that is what threw me into my shopping extravaganza today and that is how i lost my head…me and carrie bradshaw….both in a BIG way.  bad economy????? what bad economy?????

i know i said i was on a junking haitus, but i didn’t say i was on a very enriching antique haunt haitus. i took some time away from it all today and visited GATHERINGS and  ROUGH AND READY antiques in Georgetown, TX. those of you that have visited both of these places know how easy it is to lose your head there. I LOVE THESE STORES. i took a bizillion photos…..i was an extremist in all senses today. THYROID. oh well….my hubby is rolling his eyes and ringing his hands right now wondering what i am going to do with the pretties (he probably isn’t using that term) i bought today, but a girl just can’t help herself sometimes.

i look at it like this….i don’t spend much money on makeup, clothing, bath products, hair cuts (god knows i should), electronics, movies, music, and other grooming things that i probably should consider, so i make impulsive purchases on old stuff that looks adorable and gives me a sense of joy when i look at it. call me old fashion, but just don’t call me old. i just overspent a little. i can’t be the only one.

i have A TON of photos. i was super inspired by both places i visited today. the first sets of shots are gatherings and the rest will post tomorrow. please go visit if you haven’t before and you get a chance to make it to Georgetown Texas. great hospitality, incredible displays, fabulous merchandise and tons and tons of inspriratrions. the talent that’s poured into the store is completely delightful and breathtaking. give yourself some hours to take it all in. get lunch before you shop. get a drink of water. get some gum. get candy….anything to keep up your sensory strength and enjoy….

hope you like the photos….they are in no particular order because there are just too darn many….i will post the GATHERINGS pictures tonight and ROUGH AND READY photos tomorrow night. i just have too many for one post!!!!!!!!!
























THE GIRL ABOVE CAME HOME WITH ME!!!!! i think she is darling.
















MY, MY…photo overload. so many cute things….

this is what i brought home (okay…part of what i brought home)….


i lost my head…..

pics of zoey and arek. arek is wearing a $4 tux. i bought for him. i’m taking him to see a show tomorrow night for his bday. he plans to wear this 80’s prom tux….vintage bowtie and all. i know arek’s eyes are red. can you tell this is right before bed? what is up with the leif garret hair? cute.


zoey…all happy after helping me embellish a chair. she can’t affort any clothes because i spent up all the money on cute antiques. sorry zoey…you will have to share arek’s $4 tux.


NEW BUSINESS…..i just have a shout out to locals in the central texas region. i found a thrift store called the OPTIMIST THRIFT SHOP.  great little shop in copperas cove texas off 190. for any of you that have furniture you’d like to donate, please call WILLIE at 254-371-7175. he is willing to come get donated furniture. he is in BIG need of furniture or any donations you may have. ALL proceeds go to help benefit local children in the area that need assistance for costs related to cancer, cancer research, hopsital visits, and operating costs for families that take care of them. the thrift shop is open on fridays and saturdays. lots of great stuff….all for a great cause. thanks for your support.

i am in need of pain relief after this post. i think i damaged a kidney with all this backstrain and typing. you all have a great night. hope you fellow texans weren’t blown away with the wind last night. i think all my watering cans flew across the yard. i hope my neighbors didn’t get hit with anything….flying quilts, chairs, birdfeeders…who knows.

i’m going to bed. i think it is where i belong. i can’t buy anything there, but i can shop in my dreams.



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saturday salvage and a funny story…..


today is saturday salvage day…..i was going to take photos of my outings today, but my i turned on my camera…it said “battery exhausted” and then it showed a little photo of me….ha ha.   SOOOO….

i took pics of stuff around the house. little odds and ends…abandoned and then rescued…..stuff some of you have seen before, but maybe with a new perspective. stuff i’ve salvaged over the years…..

before i show you photos,  i have a funny story about my friend sally….i’m sure some of you can realate. i gave my friend sally a bag of stuff today. i had some bits of lace in the bag for her. she went to the grocery store and before she decided to shop, she opened the back to see a pice of fabric i put in there for her and she said a couple of small pieces of lace flew out of the bag and blew under her SUV. for those texans that understand this wind here, you will appreciate this…..

determined not to let the lace win, sally got a wooden hanger (because die hard yard sale freaks like we are have one of those in their vehicle at any given moment) from the back of her car. she bent down under the vehicle and fished that lace from under the car. i know she was worried that her lace might blow across the parking lot and wrap around some old man’s prothestic leg, but shame didn’t deter her…she defeated that lace!!! some onlookers watched her. i asked her why they didn’t come help her. they had no idea what she was trying to get. she could have dropped a pet or her glasses or a pie. i would have asked her if she needed help if i was cruisin to my car and i would have been the first person helping her drag that lace out. i get it. sally risked getting her ankles run over by another car had it parked in the space next to her, but how can one let good, vintage lace fly away? i would have done the same thing….and with style, grace, dignity and confidence. go sally….

okay…onto photos. i took photos of simple things…old pillows, jewels, boxes, tins, lamp parts, fabrics…..salvaged from yard sales, thrifting, junking and antique stores. hope you enjoy…..





























that is about it. i know some are repeat photos, but what the heck….i had a hard time getting these uploaded tonite. i think i need to quit for the night. i didn’t watch SNL tonite cuz i was postin. now i’m sleepy and it’s time to crash. you all have a great weekend. thanks for stopping by……



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