anniversary goes solo…..


well…thank you ron for such a lovely flower bunch. it is officially our 21st anniv. today…feb 1….and to you ron i say here is a short walk down memory lane.  i have to keep the writing short and sweet tonite cuz of the cuts on my fingers. they hurt so bad, i can hardly type. that is what dry weather, crafting, and cleaning up after your sweet children has all day has done to my sad little finger tips. it feels like i have hundreds of paper cuts on my fingers. ouch.

ron…thanks so much for thinking of me this day. i spent yet another anniversary w/out your profound conversation and dry, crazy wit. nobody to cheer with…no wine to toast with. just arek and zoey…bouncing off couches, making messes with cake mix and making demands on me with the gum requests. wish you could be here so we can celebrate together. we have managed to squeeze another year out…..trudge thru all the craziness and still be together. 21 years and a 2 year old. what is that about.

21 years of watching me collect junk, sell junk, collect more junk, trash the house, hoard, paint the house, repaint the house, trash my cars, lose keys, lose purses, have emotional fits, go thru a million haircuts (i had that mullet when i met you), go thru too many 6 packs,  go thru too many packs of smokes, stay out too late, go thru too many years of art school, have way too many jobs at once, have no jobs at all, worry about having kids, argue about stupid stuff, be a control freak, be obsessed with making stuff, not cooking well at all, not having a well stocked fridge, not support you for so many years you needed me there, spend way too much money on candles, purses and other impulse items, and the list goes on. i remember so much of the fun we’ve had, but the most fun of course has been with the kids……they miss you dad……thanks ron for hanging in there with me. i am a crazy junkin fool that is rasing crazy junkin kids….





zoey is actually clothed.


see what you are missing……..a wad of gum on my paper towels from arek……

bygone times….yes, i have an arm.









that man is staring at my ass….nobody does that anymore unless it is in the way!!!





trust me….you would smile too if you gave birth to the supersize me baby.





i miss you ron….we are proud of you…i love you. the kids love you….even if we are old as dirt.

your crazy junking, artsy wife…




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10 responses to “anniversary goes solo…..

  1. Sue: what a sweet tribute to your man and your many years together. My gosh, 21, are you telling the truth? You don’t look a day over 21 yourself!! Happy Anniversary, hopefully it won’t always be this way. I know I’ve told you before but you have the cutest kids, just adorable! Have a great day my friend.

  2. Marta's Room

    happy anniversary friends!!
    thank you for sharing such an intimate moment with us. you are both very special beings. yes! you are all aliens, specially your kids. Who else got kids that cute and 21 years of marriage and still look the way you both do? I’m so proud to be your friend and be another Sue fan.Cheers to many more!!Love,Marta.

  3. terrylee

    sue, this was soooo precious, so sweet, so loving. i know it wasn’t for me, but thanks for sharing just a glimpse of your life, your family. gorgeous, gorgeous pics, all of them.

    congrats on 21 years and 2 beautiful, funny, creative children. you are truly blessed.

    and i am truly blessed to know you and call you friend. you’re a very special lady!

    terry lee

  4. Just a stranger dropping in, you made me smile this morning! That was a beautiful post, thanks for sharing. Jacque

  5. Renee

    How old are you? I thought you might be 30 something when i met you, you have good genetics.

  6. Sue

    Congrats Sue , great photos! Hopefully your next anniversary will be spent with your hubby too!

  7. Michele

    If anyone deserves happiness, it’s the 2 of you.
    Happy 21 years guys!

  8. Congratulations! We celebrate our 21st in July. Thanks for sharing so many fun photos.

  9. Ron

    Sue, great post and thanks for the wonderful memories. I miss you and kids everyday….I’m drying my eyes….sorry I couldn’t be there with you and the kids.


  10. Amy

    This made me cry. I’m so impressed and proud to call you my dear friend.

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