shopping delights and too much lace……


hi all…..i want to take a post to self promote a little and tell you about CRAFTER’S CORNER, the craft mall where i have my booth. i know i’ve showcased it bit before, but today i wanted to show some photos. i’ve had some bloggers ask me where my booth is. i’m located in crafters corner….copperas cove, texas off 190. if you are out and about and passing thru this part of central texas, stop by!!! the staff is friendly and helpful. kids are welcome. small dogs are welcome. monsters and live hermit crabs are welcome. whatever…’s a laid back shop with lots of treasures…..a little of this and that. there is a fridge full of drinks and an entire booth up front filled with old schoold candy, chocolate and gum for all the shopping energy you need. there are two fabulous resturaunts located next to the shop….a thai (the best spicy beef salad) and china rest. (the most amazing mongolian beef i’ve ever tasted!!) and a wonderful german bakery right down from the shop as well (amazing cheesecake).

CRAFTERS is filled with lots of finds…… some new and some old. lots of craft items…tons of costume jewelry…vintage, antique, modern, primitives, candles, soaps, baby items, wedding items, collector items….you name it. vendors are great about restocking and packing their spaces with fun, great items!!!! i would link you to the website, but it is down for now.


i’m booth 030 in the back. i sell mostly shabby, vintage goodies…lots of frill, pink, and time worn stuff. i make lots of collages and trash to treasure projects. i sell vintage clothes, hats, shoes, accessories, vintage kids things, home goods, buttons, notions, plates, teacups, lots of lace, very time worn items…lots of ephemera and post cards, some european treasures and who knows what will strike my fancy and be taken for the week to sell. i will also mark items down if they sit around too long…….here a few photos from today…..


cast off lamp painted out with shad decoupaged with vintage patterns…..tags….painted candle holder….


sign…statue, pink shelves, linens, garden pots to hang on the wall with decor mags in them….


here are several shots of the store. there are soooo many vendors i didn’t take photos of. i ran out of time. i will try to post again next week with more photos…..lots and lots of vintage jewelry, painted furniture, an entire isle of primitives, country and vintage kitchen….an isle of victorian and romantic country….an isle of craft items and fabric…’s copperas cove’s best kept secret!!!! come stop by….
















that is it for the tour. for the vendors i did not inclued, i will include you next post. i will also have try to have a list of vendors with links to their websites. audrey sells wonderful candles, and i will try to get photos of her booth as well…..great gifts….great scents!!!

okay…..i totally got carried away with lace today!!! one of crafter’s vendors has tons of lace for sale in her booth. she will be very happy with today’s sales!!! i bought quite a bit from her!!! i got a great deal and i love lace….

i started tea staining some of it tonite…..just boiled some tea and stuck that lace right in. really does make it look much older than it is! i can’t wait to start projects with this batch…….



about 6 cups of water…….10 small tea bags……….lace soaking for 2 hours.

if i put tea stained items on the grass in the sun to dry….the uniformity of the stains are uneven which makes the item look even older!!! its great.


out of control!!!! love this all. will look great on collages and jewelry.


i also made a sign out of those ubiquitous letter i found a few weeks ago. i can’t stop…..


heart and star pendants in the making……..


that is about it for my junking/thrifting/crafting adventures. i’ve been doing really well with my haitus…even after the impulse lace purchase!!! i’ve been purging and organizing. i have so much stuff. it’s maddening really, but it is so much darn fun to find it!!! the thrill of the hunt…right?

zoey in her pop up house taking up more space in the house….a house in a house….


zoey feeding fluffy some princess juice. have fun zoey….that is as close to a puppy as we are going to get…. this poor pink poodle is covered in lip gloss and sticky juice. so are my floors. so is my couch. oh the joy.


hope your weekend is filled with abundant yard sales and thrilling thrift adventures……

thanks so much for stopping by….

take care




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7 responses to “shopping delights and too much lace……

  1. Rachel Knoblich

    I am loving the pendents…they are so cute! May have to try some of my own!

  2. Ron

    Great post Sue! Zoey is darling and I miss her…….and Arek I miss you too.

    Love ya, Ron

  3. Love your booth, Sue! That Eiffel Tower is especially fabulous! And I love your framed sign!

  4. I am in the shopping mood today and wish you lived close enough I could stop by at lunch, oh well, maybe soon I’ll get out your way. Hope you have a great Friday, T

  5. Debbie P.

    Your new shappy green shelf/cupboard looks right at home in your booth. And I’m going to try some of that tea-staining! Thanks for all the pics–that place looks fun.

  6. Theresa

    What a great place to shop and have a booth!

  7. Thanks for the tip on tea dying. Everything looks so doggone cute, especially Zoey and her painted nails.

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