i lost my head junking and it went straight to my wallet…….


i know it has been a few days since my last post….blame it on that angry texas wind. it shuts down my dsl. bad wind. i have been absent of a reliable, working computer for 3 days now. oh the stress. guess that is what threw me into my shopping extravaganza today and that is how i lost my head…me and carrie bradshaw….both in a BIG way.ย  bad economy????? what bad economy?????

i know i said i was on a junking haitus, but i didn’t say i was on a very enriching antique haunt haitus. i took some time away from it all today and visited GATHERINGS andย  ROUGH AND READY antiques in Georgetown, TX. those of you that have visited both of these places know how easy it is to lose your head there. I LOVE THESE STORES. i took a bizillion photos…..i was an extremist in all senses today. THYROID. oh well….my hubby is rolling his eyes and ringing his hands right now wondering what i am going to do with the pretties (he probably isn’t using that term) i bought today, but a girl just can’t help herself sometimes.

i look at it like this….i don’t spend much money on makeup, clothing, bath products, hair cuts (god knows i should), electronics, movies, music, and other grooming things that i probably should consider, so i make impulsive purchases on old stuff that looks adorable and gives me a sense of joy when i look at it. call me old fashion, but just don’t call me old. i just overspent a little. i can’t be the only one.

i have A TON of photos. i was super inspired by both places i visited today. the first sets of shots are gatherings and the rest will post tomorrow. please go visit if you haven’t before and you get a chance to make it to Georgetown Texas. great hospitality, incredible displays, fabulous merchandise and tons and tons of inspriratrions. the talent that’s poured into the store is completely delightful and breathtaking. give yourself some hours to take it all in. get lunch before you shop. get a drink of water. get some gum. get candy….anything to keep up your sensory strength and enjoy….

hope you like the photos….they are in no particular order because there are just too darn many….i will post the GATHERINGS pictures tonight and ROUGH AND READY photos tomorrow night. i just have too many for one post!!!!!!!!!
























THE GIRL ABOVE CAME HOME WITH ME!!!!! i think she is darling.
















MY, MY…photo overload. so many cute things….

this is what i brought home (okay…part of what i brought home)….


i lost my head…..

pics of zoey and arek. arek is wearing a $4 tux. i bought for him. i’m taking him to see a show tomorrow night for his bday. he plans to wear this 80’s prom tux….vintage bowtie and all. i know arek’s eyes are red. can you tell this is right before bed? what is up with the leif garret hair? cute.


zoey…all happy after helping me embellish a chair. she can’t affort any clothes because i spent up all the money on cute antiques. sorry zoey…you will have to share arek’s $4 tux.


NEW BUSINESS…..i just have a shout out to locals in the central texas region. i found a thrift store called the OPTIMIST THRIFT SHOP.ย  great little shop in copperas cove texas off 190. for any of you that have furniture you’d like to donate, please call WILLIE at 254-371-7175. he is willing to come get donated furniture. he is in BIG need of furniture or any donations you may have. ALL proceeds go to help benefit local children in the area that need assistance for costs related to cancer, cancer research, hopsital visits, and operating costs for families that take care of them. the thrift shop is open on fridays and saturdays. lots of great stuff….all for a great cause. thanks for your support.

i am in need of pain relief after this post. i think i damaged a kidney with all this backstrain and typing. you all have a great night. hope you fellow texans weren’t blown away with the wind last night. i think all my watering cans flew across the yard. i hope my neighbors didn’t get hit with anything….flying quilts, chairs, birdfeeders…who knows.

i’m going to bed. i think it is where i belong. i can’t buy anything there, but i can shop in my dreams.




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14 responses to “i lost my head junking and it went straight to my wallet…….

  1. Sue

    That was spectacular!! What a fantastic place, wish it was a bit closer to me!
    I think you were very strong, or are you hiding things from us….I would have bought so much, probably lucky Im not in the same country!
    That suit is fantastic, and so Arek should wear it, he’s the birthday boy, and you are right, he does look a bit like Leif !And Zoey can get away with not wearing much, for now, she is too gorgeous to cover up! As long as she knows when she reaches her teens it could be a real problem!
    Love that chair she is sitting on. I think you out did yourself this post!

  2. Oh, my gosh, Sue! I am SO jealous! You are so lucky to have places like that close to you – it’s to die for! Thanks so much for the photos. I will be going back a few times to take them all in – love everything there. Did I say how jealous I was?!! And I’m like you, I’ll cut back on the haircuts (God knows I’ve been needing one now for weeks), use very little makeup, etc., just like you, so I can get my vintage therapy!!!

  3. I had so much fun shopping with you…I’ll take the box with the two women holding the aligator…right up my alley…strange…we got the winds here in Ioway too…is it spring yet???


  4. Renee

    I dont read well, but Love looking at the pictures, I have revived my estate sale business, been working on one for a week.

  5. Ron

    I think a ghost is on Arek’s knee…..or maybe it’s Tinkerbell and little Zoey is a doll baby. Put some clothes on that girl! OK, love ya!


  6. Wow, I really enjoyed shopping via your photos, and can’t wait for the next ones! I really gotta get myself out to Texas soon!!

  7. I am so overloaded right about now… WOW… And Wow.. and WOW! Those photos are truly amazing! WOW…

    I am filled with ideas spurring from here…. BTW did I say…. WOW?!

  8. Debbie P.

    Excuse me while I clean the drool on my keyboard after looking at those pics! And I love that white chippy post/column you bought! And that green stool with the floral covering! And… And … (the list goes on!) And I’m with you! It may appear I’m spending a lot at thrift stores, sales, etc. but when you consider what I’m NOT spending on other things, this is actually a pretty cheap hobby/passion! So There Hubbies!

  9. I haven’t been able to go junkin’ for awhile, so I am enjoying living vicariously through this post with all the great photos!!
    Oh, I’m lovin’ the tux! My Brad (age 19) almost always buys his clothing at thrift stores; he has a great style (he’s in a band ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone can wear “what everyone else is wearing”, but it’s great when they have their own individuality/style….. Arek looks great!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wish I had known you were coming. I would have taken time to come meet you in person. If you come down this way again, give me a shout.

  11. YUMMY!!!!!! I ADORE that place!! The Girls went there a while back. LOVED it!

    Thought of you when we were in Stephenville last weekend. Killer garage sales. Especially one. LOTS of vintage stuff with obscene (in a good way) prices! I almost felt guilty when we were loading up my trunk (spent $6.50 there).

    Traveled west (to Cove) yesterday and visited your booth. Brought home a few of your lovelies. Gawd, I’m soooo under your magical junk-to-treasure spell!!! What the hell?!?! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you’re feeling better. We need to have coffee sometime soon and catch up!

    Terry Lee

  12. Amy

    All I can say is FABULOUS!

    It’s your soul’s expression – let it reign.

    Those shots of Arek and Zoe are absolutely precious.

  13. Those are two of my very favorite stores!! I always try to remember to bring my camera along when I visit them, too!

  14. Michele

    that pic of Arek needs to be photoshopped on an old Teen Beat magazine!!!!! geez, i remember when he was 2 in the washtub in your front lawn!

    Big & Carrie reference….so there!

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