a late day in the bins, a bunch of blah blah, rose inspired stuff, and part two of that impulsive day of shopping insanity!!!!!!!


the weather was very warm and sunny today, so i was inspired by anything spring like. i cleaned out the shed and got my easter wares together for the booth. i vaccuumed my car and went to the car wash. i cleaned out some stuff on the back porch. i am putting togther a HUGE lot bag for the booth and well…i was inspired again by roses. between the red valentines finds and the good weather, i think about pretty things so i hit g.w. today late, but optimistic there was still something sweet left. i found the toys were missing and kids shoes as well. i found out that all kids clothing with decals and kids toys and shoes are no longer welcome anymore (lead content), but it’s okay to sell old skis and tennis rackets. i don’t get it and i want thrift shops to remain the way they were back in the day….lots of cool old crap for cheap. what ever happened to the good ole’ days of vintage madness for pennies???? i could buy 10 vintage coats for $1. i am not kidding. i could buy 10 pieces of vintage linens for 99cents. i’m not kidding. i could buy vintage hats and composition dolls for $1. i’m not kidding. NOT ANYMORE. those days are gone. no kids clothing??? no kids toys??? we had lead paint in everything we played with when i was little. we stabbed each other in the eyes in third grade with lead pencils. we chewed on our pencils and ate the lead. our chalk and paste we used was probably white lead that you could use to write with and glue with. oh well.

so where is this post going today????? i’m not sure. must be all the lead i ingested in the 60s and 70s.

on that penciled in note, i did find some rose inspired finds and some other small goodies i didn’t take pics. of.  i found 2 beaded purses, a vintage skirt, a neat old mirror with rhinestones (plastic ones), a cool belt, and this incredible crafty wreath!!! i find these fabric wreaths all the time. i think they are tacky, but this one was so incredibly sweet. someone took a long time to make this and i love all the pretty rose fabric they used. i have also been making compotes out of cast off plates and cups. quick, simple, pretty..



i plan to add some embellishments and hang her up. i may even keep her. i’m not sure. i am crazy about that rose fabric.

zoey and i also sorted buttons today that i’ve been meaning to go thru for almost a year and why not? what kind of priority does button sorting take on the list of daily chores and needs for this family??? well…in this house, it’s pretty high.


i told zoey to keep all the white and red ones on this old milkglass plate. WHAT? so she just took handfuls of buttons and threw them in a glass bowl. she picked up the black ones and said ‘here are the red ones mom’. duh. poor thing. she is cute, but she is a little aloof. like her mum. oh well. i figure button sorting will help her with small motor skills, color coordination (well maybe not), sorting, and counting. right? she should have come along with me on that impulsive spending spree and helped me count up how much i was fixin to spend so she could stop me. maybe they should let kids count vintage buttons in pre-K. let them sort out vintage fabric by value scales of pink. let them count all the pearls on a vintage strand. let them color photocopies of vintage coloring book pages. let them color with vintage crayons. oh wait….there may be lead in them there crayons and fabrics. oh, i forgot….there still is.

well zoey did help me pick out some pretty savers…..sweet pink grapefruit cranberry tea lites at the dollar store!! also sweet pink clippies for my hair. a pack of three for $1. i plan to grow my hair out…gray and all…and i wanted to find some cute clippies i can use to keep it out of my face. zoey wanted to fight me for these, but she likes to put clippies in her mouth. i’m sure they are laced with lead. why can a retail store sell these, but a second hand store can’t? oh…here i go again.


i wanted to show you how my craft area just gets completely random and crazy. anybody else??? beads, buttons, shoes i’m planning on altering, wood beads i spraypainted blue, random stuff in jars, etc….anybody else do this? it goes on and on like this in my cabinets as well. i actually pulled a vintage bra out of a cabinet drawer in my kitchen during the holidays. don’t ask.


okay…finds from my crazy shopping extravaganza….i found some pretty things i just felt like bringing home. what can i say….i am in love with my pin cushion doll. she is so amazing. she was well worth the splurge.


love this old roses box. i don’t quite know where to put it yet. i don’t have an office, so it will probably stay in the craft area for now.



photos of people i don’t know. maybe it is better that way. i plan to make tags and so some alterings.

as promised I HAVE PART TWO photos of my impulsive shopping trip. ROUGH AND READY antique mall….i will just post the photos for you to enjoy. please stop by if you are in GEORGETOWN texas anytime. lots of really pretty things…all shabby and rough and ready.


















i loved these old french books with the roses…once again…roses. i didn’t buy them. see, i can control my urges. sure.

hope you enjoyed. i won’t post a saturday salvage, but instead i will do a sunday salvage. i think there is enough posted here to read for 2 days for sure.

you all have a great weekend filled with lots of valentines candy….yummy junk and great finds.




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9 responses to “a late day in the bins, a bunch of blah blah, rose inspired stuff, and part two of that impulsive day of shopping insanity!!!!!!!

  1. What a fun post, full of all the things I love. Roses. Antiques. Buttons…and on and on! Happy Valentines Day to you. 🙂
    xo Lidy

  2. Cindy

    Yes, where are those days of junk going for junk prices instead of junk going for treasure prices.
    There is something WRONG when a thrift shop sells wares for more than we can get in our booths! And same for yard sales where people think their used wares are worth a fortune! Bring back the good ol days, lead and all.

  3. That is some great eye candy. I also blog about thrift stores and really enjoy it. I especially love roses on linens.

  4. Amy

    Sue, I’m laughing my a off. Your writing is so funny and clever. We ingested more than lead…

    Love the photos.
    Blog on my love, you made my day today.

  5. Amy

    ps-sue, martha collects buttons. she has buttons in every dish all over her house. antique, glass, plastic, fabric. button button who’s got the button?
    she gave me two awesome fabric ones. one is a little victorian girl with her cat and the other is a little faierie cuddled up with a Bird. i’m going to photograph them and send them to you.

    Buttons are cool.

  6. Amy

    omg-I’m dying over the Pink Pumps & Pearls!!!

  7. I love all of your pictures. Those books with the flowers are wonderful–I have never seen anything like that. I also like the cake stands.

  8. ella

    Love all your pictures.

    If you are ever in Burnet Texas (i live near there) you must visit the Knot Hole. It’s an indoor flea market. Some good prices and some not so good but lots to look at.

  9. Ahhhhh…the heart of a junkmeister…do we know how to have fun or what…I’m with ya on the Good Will thing, now beat-up dressers for $300.00…where’s the good will there?

    I still buy all my clothes there and can’t wait for big garbage pick-up in the spring, great inventory for the grab…if ya ain’t shy…

    Theresa from Time-worn Interiors is coming to Iowa from Kentucky next weekend for a junkin soiree, we met on the blog and are great friends now…couldn’t have done that from a magazine…right!

    See ya…s

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