trying to keep it simple….NO WAY… can i????


i have NO idea where to start with this post. i have been extremely overwhelmed with my little slice of an existence. i almost need an oxygen tank to keep next to me at all times lately. that is how overwhelmed i feel. THYROID. a childhood friend of mine sent me a box of possible celluloid wares for a dresser and some vintage magazines. i found this photo in the box she sent me today. it made me laugh. i love it so much. i want to be these people!! simple, basic, uncluttered, manageable…schedules that dictate the ease of a day and lifestyles that dictate little distraction by junk hunts and crazy crafts. anyway, cassie….thank you sooooo much. you did brighten my day and you made me laugh. i adore the goodies you sent me. they are phenomenal. i will keep some, redu some and sell some. i love them. thanks so much.



i had arek’s birthday party this past weekend, valentines day (i made myself a juicy tbone steak that tasted incredible and did so…kids in tow…nipping at my ankles. i did it without someone stocking my pantry or cleaning my dishes….all by myself with a million distractions and i did it in under 30 MINUTES. take that.) i’ve been battling time managment with shopping, boothing, crafting, homework, cub scouts, dirty house, tons and tons of laundry, meetings, errands, appointments and kids that don’t want to go to sleep at night and don’t want to eat what i make them for supper….all while trying to stay creatively in touch with the world of blogging and the friendly and incredibly wonderful and talented crafters out there that have so much show and tell.

i have been super sleepy lately at night and have forgone the blogging to catch up on some much needed rest. my arms and legs get weak and heavy and i sleep where i rest….zoey across my lap….like an old man on a p0rch. it is sad. am i that tired? i used to be able to stay up so late and craft at night. not anymore. the demands of the day are just too tough and by night, my body is agreeing with me.

arek’s birthday was this weekend and he turned 9. that just puts me in a different demographic than i was when i had him, but it make the world of difference for him….he is so excited that he is 9…like a new skin…like he grew an extention of himself and there is just that much more of him to go around. i know he feels bigger and smarter. i know he is louder and more demanding….but he is smart, creative and on a road to an interesting life…filled with inventions, interpretations and great intent…..happy birthday arek……you are still my little boy…



okay…now onto some photos of something for you….let’s see…it is too late for saturday/sunday salvage, but i did take a few photos of some stuff i could use for that…



photos of folks i don’t know…but at least zoey and arek are sanwiched in there


love these old enamel tubs. i have 2 of them and i just love them. arek used to play in them as a little toddler….rust and all….the pan, not arek.


a broken, shabby blue purse that came to my by way of cindy. the color is this purse is so soothing to me. i just love it. it would be adorable with little roses planted in it….for the garden.

i also took a bunch of photos of zoey trying on one of my vintage hats. she took it upon herself to adorn her head without any prompting from me. i usually have to BEG her to put a hat on, but she managed to play hat dress up all by herself.






she looks like a turtle in the picture above and the one below looks like her dad when he’s tired and i know he would rather take a nap then help with the dishes.


speaking of dad….ron sent arek the most precious gift for his bday….this life like monach butterfly that plugs into the wall and flaps its wings rather slowly like a real butterfly. it amazes zoey. that is the best thing about it. when zoey starts to overwhelm me, i redirect her to the butterfly. she actually showed all her stuffed dogs and cats the butterfly today. she thinks its real….i almost do too. i thought it was going to flap around all crazy when i plugged it in. arek, zoey and i stood back and protected our eyes and face with our hands. i yelled to lookout and gave the butterfly a huge amount of space to fly. it just sat there and did nothing for about 3 minutes….then those little wings started moving really slow. arek said “is that all it does?” and seemed underwhelmed. zoey couldn’t stop touching it and i obsessed about what cute rose bundle to put it on.




stop touching.

today was trash tuesday. i kept arek home from school because he said he was sick with a cold. he is, but not so sick i couldn’t go trash tuesdaying…..i pulled this trio of crap from one pile and arek was too sick to say “hurry up”, so i continued with the trash plunge and found a few more things i could easily live without.


a stack of cute toddler dresses with roses and lace…..



a neat basket that needed a coat of pink paint. i plan to load it up with a variety of easter eggs for the booth.


and a box of incoming easter goodies for the booth…..


i am starting to fade and it’s only 10pm. sorry i’m so all over the place with this post. for the new visitors at the site, please check out my blogroll on the side panel of my blog. i have soooo many inspiring blogs for you to see.

hope you all enjoyed and have more willpower than i do to stay out of the valentine’s candy.




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5 responses to “trying to keep it simple….NO WAY… can i????

  1. And you truly wonder why you are tired? Girl, I got tired just reading. It was a fun post. I never get tired of seeing your kids. I sometimes wish mine were still small, but then I remember! Debbie

  2. Cassie

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the box. Yes the items are celluloid, my aunt gave them to me forever and a day ago. They have been following us around the world in a box. I hoped you’d have a useful and exciting way to use them instead of them sitting in a box in storage while we are living in Singapore. The picture is of some mennonite friends of my grandparents. It’s Henry Hearst and family of PA! Aren’t they a hoot! My grandmother was a mennonite. If I come across anything else interesting I’ll send it to you. Glad to have brightened you day a bit. Loved the pix of the kids. You & Ron make beautiful children! Hugs……..

  3. Debbie P.

    That Zoey is a card! And so cute to boot! Loving that blue purse!

  4. Oh, you do sound overwhelmed! And yet, you still managed a very lovely post. It’s appreciated.

  5. Wow, I love all your vintage finds, can I go shopping with you? What fun…Pinkie

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