purging, book racks, dentists, and enchantment by the way of buttery lace…..


it has been a few days since my last post. life is crazy busy right now. i’m in the process of purging. it is time. may be moving on soon, so i need to start getting organized. for those of you with the junking bug…..you know how hard this is to do. i have been organizing lace, trims, jewels, boxes of papers, what nots, etc, etc and that is just in my craft area!! i know…my priorties are a little skewed, but that is where i bulge the most with my junk. i have things in boxes…boxes of boxes…foolishness and crazy. i have tons and tons of buttons mixed in with my jewelry, mixed in with my pliers, mixed in with my wire, mixed in with a tangle of necklaces and old earrings. nothing was where it should be a few days ago. i had glue sticks mixed in with safety pins and scraps of paper i don’t even need. wads of old tape stuck to the sides of beads….utter debachery for a night of craft supplies….like a wild party with no supervision. it’s my way of storing stuff i can’t seem to stop buying. i love the way things looks when i buy them.

i become ‘enchanted’ (thanks sally for using that phrase) by the looks of old lace in a bag…sweet old buttons in a jar…a stack of old postcards or bottles of trinkets and what nots that have only a need to come sit on my craft shelf and wait for participation in my collages and lot bags. it’s complete madness.  junk is  the poison apple of my life. it tastes so good, but it is tricky and haunting when it comes to having too much. but clearing it out is my kiss of a prince….i become once again….enchanted by lace…buttery lace; sweet doilies; pearl buttons in jars; old broken shiny rhinestones in bags; old pearl colors; vintage purses; tattered, faded trims, ribbons and linens. vintage pretties cast their spells on me and i take the bite. what can i say???? i told my husband i was starting to purge my stuff and he told me to relax and go have fun. what does that mean????? it means X=LACE. i don’t have enough. the equation is solved. i will continue my hunt. thanks ron.

this is the AFTER. it took me 2 days to clean. it is only 4 shelves worth of stuff. argh.


i have started cleaning my back porch studio area too. same demise….same solution. just keep clearing and clearing until X=LACE and i can continue my hunt for more. i’m almost there. then there are the closets….oh dear….the closets. do any of you have those dreaded cluttered closets???? yikes. i used to store tons of my vintage clothes in arek’s closet when he was little, but if i do that now, his friends will tease him or become jealouse cuz their mommas don’t stash vintage bias cut slips in their closets. i can’t do that to arek anymore. a growing boy needs his space. i redid his room today because i’m trying to clear the clutter from his closets as well. arek is a MAJOR book worm. he loves to read. he loves his books. he still read the ones he read when he was 5. i trashed picked this fantastic rack from germany and i’ve stored his books in here for about 3 years now.


i also recently bought some vintage racks to store the vintage books….very cool…i bought them from a woman that lives on a huge farm. i had so much fun driving to her ranch and digging thru her shed of junk. i bought mainly big items and keepers. i thought it was time to not clutter me up with tons of little things for a change. big things are easier to see, so i know when to say stop (well….not really  little things get lost and hidden and shoved back into corners. it’s hard to know what i have or how much until i have to got thru it.



i know these are juvenile, but zoey sits here and draws while arek is playing in his room. i use both of their rooms as double duty. stuff both of them can play with in each other’s rooms. this is a painting i painted in collage. those dark artist college days….i don’t paint like that at all anymore. i don’t even paint. i craft now….i’m a mom. i don’t have time or energy to paint anymore. i just create. it’s a positive way to look at art making as busy mom.


found this cute french looking fabric face at a junk shop a long time ago for 50 cents. i glued it to a pillow and i thinks it’s super cute.


folk art i collected when i lived in georgia. i totally love folk art….it’s pure and narrative and fun. arek made the wizard of oz sign. i love it. dorothy has a poppy red head and toto looks like a bat. all of the characters only have 3 fingers. talk about folk art.


i also have some photos of cute things i picked up at crafter’s. i am in love with a white butterfly shelf i found for $3 and a gorgeous white cotton shirt i found for $3 as well. i became enchanted…..



sweet pink tickets i found at walmart today….enchantment….


bliss sign going to the booth…  i also altered a box, a little vintage clutch purse and made a huge refrig. magnet all going to the booth…..don’t have pics of the other things. i managed to make like 25 $2 grab bags that i will take to the booth this weekend as well….each filled with bits and pieces of my ‘enchantments’ i have purged to make room for more….lol.


i also took zoey to the dentist for the first time this past week. she did great. she has huge bunny teeth and a 90% overbite. how can a 2 year old have a 90% overbite? what does it all mean?





okay….wind is starting to get really strong….i’m wrapping this up before i lose my DSL. i was enchanted by lace today while the kids were jumping off the couch. they got really loud, so i walked away and hung pretty lace on my crazy, overpriced coat rack.


i also wrapped a big chair in a white cotton duvet cover and pinned it with a rhinestone bling. what a quick way to enchantment….


i’ve gone on and on….like my revolving junk habit….a continuing cycle of embracing small trinkets….like i find them, raise them, and then let them go back into the wild to enchant someone else.

you all have a great friday and hope your sat. mornings are filled with tons and tons of enchanting treasure hunts. blah, blah, blah. i can’t stop




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7 responses to “purging, book racks, dentists, and enchantment by the way of buttery lace…..

  1. Amy

    The soul loves what it loves – enchantment! I love the road to beauty you’re on, Sue. And the sense of wonder you have about the simple lovely things in life are such an inspiration to me. I’m now addicted to your blog, by the way.

  2. Ron

    Give Zoey a big old hug for me. She is such a sweetheart! Don’t forget my boy! Love ya!


  3. Cindy

    Your craft supply cabinet looks AMAZING! great job.
    Love the photos of Zoey that you altered.
    Don’t worry about the 90%

  4. Cindy

    oops compter sent message before I was done….
    don’t worry about the overbite yet. It can change a lot from this age. But save a few pennies for future orthodontics work just in case!

  5. Michele

    1. I so remember that painting of yours. I’m proud to say I have a “Sue original” from those dark college days 🙂
    2. Moving? Hope all is positive.
    3. You still showing at Dan’s Wood Barn down here? There’s a sign up for Booth 19 that I swear is your style.

    Miss ya,

  6. Jane

    Count me in as adicted to your blog. I can’t get enough of it – just the same feeling I get when I find good stuff cheap, and you are free!!! I too am captured by the beauty of old vintage things, and since childhood, I’ve been collecting small items that look beautiful to me, “growing” them up, and sending them out with new lives for others to enjoy. I’m so glad to know there are others out there like me.

  7. dana leigh

    I too am addicted to your blog. You are hilarious . Anyway I have a black storage rack very similar to the one you got in Germany. At my old house I always put plants in it and had it outside. In my new house I could not figure out what to do with it (I’ve accepted the fact that I kill plants) Anyway, thanks for the idea of using it for books!

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