dry skin, too many dishes, 14 power struggles and a house full-o-kids……….


i don’t know about you all, but a busy girl should not be standing in the kitchen cooking alone…yet alone be smoking as well. miss thing above does not look like a busy girl.  she looks like a waifish, i haven’t had time to eat any of this yummy food i am fixin for you youngins cuz i’m too busy so i’ll smoke instead, young mom. i say that, because if she was intended to look my age, she would have heavy calves and that tiny dress would be stained and too small. she would be holding a coffee mug instead of a smoke and she would be barefoot with bad toes and dry heels.

this reminds me of my weekend. this ad makes me laugh. i should be watching the academy awards right now, but i watched the golden globes earlier, so i figure i won’t miss much but a bunch of stars looking so incredible they will just reinforce how much work i’d need to look like that. i haven’t seen any of the movies up for an oscar. i’m out of touch with the entertainment world and the movie scene. i’m in better touch with my dishwasher, frozen pancakes and a dozen loads of dirty dish towels and play make up stained linens. that is my scene. i am my own episode…..season 1000. anyway, i had a houseful of kids this weekend. i helped a friend out and let her kids stay the night with me. between power struggles over the computer, games, turns, tv, food and everything else, arek cried and cried after his company left!!! my sweet 9 year old boy has emotions. BIG emotions for his friends that he fought with and didn’t want to share with take turns with half the time. he showed me that kids have their ways of getting over stuff….the power struggles they go thru with each other are almost erased 10 minutes after they happen. they have an amazing way of frustration recovery…they get over stuff fast and move on to the next thing they want to do and crave each other’s attention and company even if they struggle to get along.

why can’t i do that???? i struggle with the power it takes to get things accomplished. i don’t forgive my dishes for piling up so fast and i will not cry after i clean the urine off the bathroom floor. i don’t miss it that much. i have to work hard to not hold a grudge against the responsibilities i have everyday. i don’t want to be friends with the endless toys in the backyard and endless messes, errands and time it takes everyday to cook, clean and maintain a lifestyle that i feel is best i can do. i need to forgive myself sometimes for struggles i have against myself. i need to carry on to the next task even if the last one wasn’t as perfect as i planned and i need to like myself as much as a friend does even when i fail. it was good to see the kids all work it out with each other this weekend. it’s good for them. it allows them to express themselves and learn empathy, compromise and respect. i had a good weekend. i know the kids had a lot of fun and i got caught up on STAR WARS movies…old school…with muffins and chai tea.

blah, blah, blah. i didn’t do a salvage saturday. i did however take some photos of old magazine clippings that i thought were hysterical and so vintage chic at the same time.i had a lot of domestic time this weekend, so these ads are fitting to my weekend lifestyle. i have been wearing the same outfit for a few days now though, and the ladies of the 1940s would find that repulsive and offensive, but other than that…..we have lots in common.


like i always discuss the cleanliness of my bathtub when my girlfriends come to visit. that’s the first thing i show them after i have my manicure, hair styled and ruffly apron pressed. my bathtub looks more like grafitti on the side of a train. i’m not sure i use any cleanser…gritty or not. i don’t think it would make me want to wash that tub any more or less either way.


this one especially made me smile. i need tons of gay shelving in my house for all my crap for sure!!! especially for 6 cents. i can only imagine how i would decorate 9 feet of 6 pantries if i had them. 54 feet of shelves….54 cents…..oh yeh baby….tons and tons of cute teacups and sweet little pink figurines for sure. ron would move out.


above it says “now more than ever we need children that are hale, hearty and happy.”  i am not quite sure what hale is, but i’ve NEVER seen a child be so happy about doing his schoolwork. looks like his shady parents haven’t either. they look live they’ve secretly implanted some chip in this child’s brain that keeps him hale, hearty and happy without them doing much of anything. i like that….not doing much of anything part….i know all about it.

how good a parent am i???



i let zoey sleep on tables with paint on her arm and a big, grown up portion chapstick in her hand.



these 2 ads are especially sweet….indeed. if i gave zoey and arek pie made with tapioca and shakes made with molasses….they would spit it out. are you kidding me???? i think they would eat a salad before they would eat these. my mom made lots of stuff with molasses and tapioca when i was little and it was good, but that was before blizzards and cheesecake bites.


mom…this is for you. he has loose teeth that he might lose if he doesn’t watch it.


well….my pyrex certainly wasn’t 50 cents and i have never looked that good when i cook. i don’t look that good when i go somewhere fancy and i certainly am never that happy to bake a roast…or anything really…especially tempting vegetable dishes that wouldn’t be that tempting nor would get eaten. hmmm….all my pyrex is empty.


this is hysterical…..


which is your family???? which is my family???? well, we usually look like the folks on the left after i cook a meal, except i would never wear anything that color green and ron doesn’t come to dinner with a tie. i would, on the other hand, wear that sweet pink dress on the happy side if i knew it would make me a better cook.


how do i wash my slipcovers???? i use gain and a crapload of bleach…then i put them in a dryer. if i had to go thru all of this, i’d have to hire someone to hold up my arms.


my scrapbook of shutters are the old chippy ones i find in the trash.


now i know the secret…a good strong towel and a pretty hair bow. it’s utopia. but it will all be gone in an instant if she doesn’t stop wiping hot burner coils with a thin piece of paper. i keep wondering how cute those dishes are behind her. i bet the have the sweetest little roses on them.

i’ve gone on and on. i have some trash to treasure projects, but i will save those for tomorrow or whenever i finish them. i’m tired as usual and tomorrow is after all another day, but a school day nonetheless and it comes fast. i need to get zoey to bed. she was a wild young girl this weekend. she wasn’t smoking or cooking, but she did jump off the couch and hurt her back.



hey…at least she is wearing clothes and trying to help me get angus back in the house.

i also got some sweet goodies from terry lee and sally. thanks you two. sally made me a bootie lavender sash and terry lee gave me some rose fabric clothes, a vintage apron and a sweet hat i plan to embellish.


i can’t stop sniffing this little bootie. that just sounds crazy.


some sally store finds….hankies for a song and the prettiest little lace nightie…..



okay…i think i am hearing voices. am i that tired???? really. i think i might be.

you all have a great monday….funday….manic….magic




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2 responses to “dry skin, too many dishes, 14 power struggles and a house full-o-kids……….

  1. Ron

    Funny post darling. I wonder if any of the sweet ladies above ever made boggle biscuits? Don’t let Angus get out…………..a fox will eat him or he will drag in fleas the house that will get all over your old stuff.


  2. Michele

    You forever make me laugh and smile…..the vintage ads and your feedback were priceless….
    BTW: The gal on the cookbook needs is a Manhattan in her hand with that smoke. 🙂


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