lace, buttons, wind, creams, hats, photos, notions, cast-offs……..


i can’t believe it, but i managed to sew like three things today on my crazy sewing machine!!! i’m not a seamstress at all. i’m not even a a straight line sewer. i can hardly turn my gosh darn machine on for crying out loud, but today was project day, so persistently i sewed. and sewed. and then i did a whole bunch of crap to the machine because i couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while and then i sewed one last time before a wad of pink thread bunched up on a piece of lace.

i managed to make a little pillow cover front for this pinky pillow above that i found for a dollar at g.w. i get sew (ha haa) inspired by all you blogging ladies out there that have mother load sewing and collage talents and i just sit in AWE of your fabulous blogs everyday. i look and then i decide what my little brain can make. i embellished a few slips today, made a little makeshift craft bag that holds linens, ephemera, yarn, or whatever whatnots need a little storage other than a ziplock bag….i say that because i am the queen of ziplock bags.

i was inspired by this palate today….all the pinks, creams, pearlies, buttons, the sheerness of the prisms….


i dyed this slip pink, added the little trims and added bows to the top. it’s really not one to wear, but it looks sweet just hanging in the laundry room or bath area or hanging in the front yard in my case. i’m sure my neighbors are calling those little white coat people as we speak.



here is another half slip i added a trim to…a tulle flower i made with a glass button and 3 lil doilies. i bleached and then tea stained the lace on the top of the slip. when i find trims that are too harsh or stark or dark, i bleach them and then see what happens to the color. if they lighten up enough, i tea stain them or dye them pink.



i also embellished this doll below that i found in a lot box of stuff. she was just plain white, so i added trims, bling, lace, and a little chenille hat. i think she’s pretty fancy now. quick, easy project.


another very quick project….paint out cast off mirrors pink, shabby the sides with sandpaper, add little lace bits and a pearl….


i have people that give me cast off stuff all the time. i was blessed with some cast off hats that had no hope…..i altered them with buttons, pins, lace and whatnots. i am in the process of tea staining one i just got and i took a photo of this one i finished last night.


i actually sewed the tulle in the back of the hat ad added a flower. not it is a hat that went from crap to phat.


little collage on cast off book back….


i love the look of old books that are naked. old book guts…..why does this look make me happy???? well….here they are…booth ready.



i managed to crank out this waify shell of a craft bag. there is a little pocket on the front for papers and the bag can hold lace clippings, trims, etc….  for those of you that sew, i hope i don’t offend you with my naive….very naive…sewing skills. i was just playing around to get to know my sewing machine. if i can understand it enough to make little collages and pillow fronts and maybe some lace jewelry, i’ll be very happy.


i made this little fabulous collage from a key chain a friend gave me. i knew i wasn’t going to have a fabulous key chain, but can i throw any little bit away???? i guess this collage answers that question.

when i clean my craft area after making a huge mess….and i complain about the kids….i try to put something back a little cuter than it was before i started. it helps motivate me to clean up….and i need that motivation. i made a little jar collage of my buttons and pearls….and this divine lady looking for a way out of my jar.


okay…time to pick up the kiddos. i still haven’t brushed my teeth and i’m still in p.js. what does that mean?????????? crafting before grooming. it’s my new mantra. hey …. at least i took the time to eat a healthy lunch……fat free yogurt, whipped cream and yogurt raisins. it looks like something i would give the kids.


okay….i need coffee to get thru AMERICAN  IDOL tonite!!!! between that and the bachelor, i am set for the week!! i wonder who jason is going to pick. i just don’t think either of those ladies will keep the romance going after they have to clean the stinky little boy and BIG boy urine up off the bathroom floor 4 times a week! good luck ladies….you gonna need it.

peace out and let me go get my mary poppins umbrella to blow me to arek’s school. the wind in insane out there!!!!! i couldn’t even do outdoor projects today. yesterday i flew a barbie kite with the kids and i thought we were all going up with it!

take care,




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5 responses to “lace, buttons, wind, creams, hats, photos, notions, cast-offs……..

  1. Wow – you go, girl! That’s a lot of stuff you made today and I love it all! Your embellished slips are just wonderful. I collect slips too, and I dye some of them and embellish them too! Your craft bag is especially lovely!

  2. SOOOO pleased to have found your cute and funny blog!
    Happy Crafting!

  3. Way to go! I love all the stuff you made today…especially that pink slip…tooo cute! It’s windy here too..and rainy…and soon to be sleeting…then snowy…I’m so done with winter!


  4. Cindy

    Sue, LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink slip and the remade hat. Can you imagine what my HOA would say about a SLIP hanging out front after threatening to fine me for my old window frames?
    But I do love it!

  5. YOU, mylady, are FABULOUS!!!!! I’ve been gone.. I’ve been cooking, cleaning & walking all while nursing my TMJ pain & finding proper help! Now I feel good about making something! Let’s try that 123 idea again.. here we go.. ok well maybe this weekend… Hubby wants to go to a couples service at chuuuurch! LOL

    BTW.. Have I told you lately that you inspire me????? If not…. “YOU inspire me!”

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