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been distracted by everything…..but it’s all good.


i guess my brain has turned and i have been neglecting my blog….sort of the way i neglect my purse or cleaning out the back of my car. it’s in my junkin blood. it’s the way i operate most of the time. i have responsibilities, but i put forth the effort for junk or projects instead of what i have to do. then i complain that i’m stressed out. anyone else do that???

i have been fortunate enough to have energy to blog almost everyday, but lately i have been distracted by everything…..but that isn’t a bad thing. i have been distracted by the lack of energy i have at the end of the night when it’s blogging time.  i have been sleeping instead of blogging. i’ve been playing with the kids instead of blogging. i’ve been watching the chiller channel late at night with arek instead of blogging. i’ve been cleaning out tons of neglectful piles of crafting stuff instead of blogging. i’ve been folding and putting away the leaning tower of laundry in my computer room instead of blogging. and mostly…i have been reading at night instead of blogging. i love to read, but reading has been on a hiautus since ron left. i read and nothing gets done. that’s the kind of reader i am. if i start, i stay up all night and then nobody gets breakfast the next day. anyway……i have just 3 books i want to read.

this one is turning my brain….


i love reading books that help me understand arek a little better. it helps reassure me that i only have so much control over what i can get from him. this book is facinating and brilliant. i can’t wait to finish it. it also make me understand that arek has his own brilliance that i can’t even begin to understand. all his garage band songs, music that he makes, little piles of things he creates, endless destruction to my things that he says aren’t destructful, his noises, distractions and lack of focus….it’s all just a part of who he is. it gets better and better every year. i am an optimist.

okay…on with the junk and some zoey photos for dad. i spent most of the day cleaning out my piles of crafting stuff, booth overflow and general clutter. the strange part is that my house does not look any less cluttered now. does this happen to you all when you clean stuff out? nothing looks leaner anywhere in the house. what does that mean??? i just moved crap around from one place to another is what ron would say. why? who cares really….it’s just fun.


my new living room rug. isn’t it fab????? yum.


way too much crap. i know, i know. LOOK.



here are a bunch of close up shots of random stuff that inspired me today……..


found the great fur collar for a song…like 10 cents or something…on the way to brenham. love the rusty clasp.





altered necklace i made from junk….



loving the doll head from marta’s shop!!!! she has a hook at the bottom of her head for prism hanging or baby shoe hanging or spare key hanging…whatever.


pretty lil mirror from crafter’s…donna’s booth…$4. can’t buy lunch for that. how sweet. i love it.


neatest old rusty tom’s rack holding old gacky books. i know…most women would be happy with a new metal baker’s rack or something and i can’t get enough of a rusty rack holding books that are eaten away from who knows what kind of critter. why?




zoey is still going strong with the cheese smile and all her makeup. she talks about makeup all the time. she loves barbie. she loves dressing up like a princess (although you would never know from these photos). she told me she is not a dragon nor is she a prince or a scary man. she is zoey….all 6 chins and cheeks of her.

how many purses does it take to change a lightbulb???? none…because they are all on zoey’s arm….


she has more than this and a basket too. all filled with makeup. whaa??? please, learn to read first. hey…she can count her purses…smart and fashionable. nice.  she loves this little dog. we call him club dog and he plays ludicrus (don’t laugh…i can’t spell)…shake your money maker song and he does a lil dance. she is crazy about him. rachel’s lil doll she made is also very comfy in this stroller. note the makeups and the purses again. i’m in trouble.


okay… all take it easy and enjoy the remaining 5 minutes of your weekend.


i know angus will….

now i am going to check out ROUND TOP blogs. i can’t wait to see photos and hear all the stories. hope you texas girls are whoopin it up and having a good time. the weather is better but this wind is just not fun for a flea market good time. it’s so strong, even those garden statues might blow away….maybe a really cute old one will blow into my yard.

got my reading eyes ready….where is my tea???




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booth info and spooky brenham photos….


as promised to you ron…here is the OBSCURE AREK GHOST PHOTO SERIES. i wish i had the energy to write something tonight, but i’m way too tired. it is already very late. the time escapes like an animal. i would too.

no funny stories really….took the kids to the doc and arek played his recorder really loud in the patient wating area. i was mortified. he would not stop. he would play okay and then get nuts and blow really hard so the recorder squealed and made my head hurt. oh well….

okay…i’m falling asleep. here are the photos we took in brenham and i altered to make them look haunted. arek would only pose this way if i would pretend he was a ghost. um…okay…creepy. he’s 9.










i will post more tomorrow about the booth. i restocked today and took some photos. CRAFTER’S CORNER is having a sidewalk sale april 4th. if you are in the area, come check it out.  okay….night night. i am yawning so.

good night….



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dodging responsibility while becoming inspired by marta…


how can it be that dodging responsibility has become a responsibility lately…yes…the laundry needs washin, there are dishes in the sink, my car needs attention, there are other millions of things that i need to do, but i had to go to the doctor close to marta’s shop today, so i stopped by for inspiration and conversation….both of which i was very fulfilled. thank you marta for your hospitality. it is very important to me to see what other shop owners and vendors do to keep their spaces current, stocked and displayed. marta spins this philosophy way better than i do. she’s always looking for ways to improve everything she touches. she has amazing displays all the time…fresh, current and unique. her imagination never stops……i HAD to take photos and i have TONS to share.

i also thought about all the vendors in round top today. with imposing clouds looming (really…they were loitering and proximity became and issue with me), i hoped those warrenton folks were staying dry. all i could think about was arek telling me they were probably funnel clouds. i believe they were. i do. i have never seen a sky so angry. texas sky is big and wild. it was an awesome sight today. nobody seemed to notice those angry clouds, but i couldn’t stop staring at them while i was driving home. like the loud drunk in corner everyone either pretends not to notice or ignores. i can’t. i’m too nosy and i don’t want to get hurt.

onward with photos…..sorry this post is boring ron…..let’s see….a quick story for you. zoey made this tower of junk. i didn’t help her. i didn’t even notice she did it until she called for me to take a look. i’m scared we share the same problem…poor girl. a cup, vase, fabric, mirror, and another cup in the cup…stuff stacked in that and all on a wood pedestal….so beautiful. it could be worse…it could have been a tower of broken china, old rusty scissors, large long nails and 7 spiky flower frogs…


marta photos for those of you that enjoy these as much as i do……her spring displays are coming along and her inventory is changing out as i type….please visit her if you are passing thru….highway 190 in belton/nolanville off g.wilson blvd.   she is open tues-sat and she has layaway!!!!

























hope you all enjoy these as much as i do….

i have just a few projects i completed. i have been inspired by dreamy, cream colored pillows and i can’t sew of course, but i did manage to attempt something like this…



used tea dyed lace and made the little roses above from some ruffle trim.

also made this collage necklace from an old photo, buckle and tea dyed doilies…i hand-stitched most of it, but used glue as well.


marta….thanks for the lovely ROSES. i put them in this shabby basket i found at a yard sale via brenham……



okay…will try to stay focused for wednesday…i know i can’t be the only one out there that gets distracted by fabulousness, beautiful things, friendship and the awesome power of loving old stuff….oh…i was talking about myself…’s all about me ron.

you all take care and thanks for stopping by….



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springbreak 09!!! it was a break….right????


okay….we made it thru a springbreak 09 ROADTRIP. me and the kiddos! i think i was the only mom w/o a dad, grammy, auntie, friend or nanny of some sort w/me. everywhere i went, it was me and the crazy kiddos minus one. we looked a little misplaced, but we did have a great time. somehow, i become a little bit gypsy like when i take off w/the kids w/o dad. sorry ron, but it’s the only way i can manage!! like for instance, i hit a million yardsales on the way to the BLUEBELL ice cream factory in BRENHAM even though i should have stayed focused on the task. for those of you that know texas, you know that BRENHAM is a stone throw away from ROUND TOP. what a neat, old town. i think it’s haunted, but it has the right to be. it’s in washington county…..the birthplace of TEXAS. naturally, that constitutes grounds for haunting….but back to the yardsales.

okay ladies…do any of you have the same challenges i face when we are ALL in a car together and driving to a certain destination???? my husband refuses to stop anywhere but our destination. what ever happened to enjoying the scenery as you go along….you know…enjoying the process and not the solution…enjoying the trip along the way and not just the destination???? well….i did indeed. when i saw a yardsale sign, i WENT!!! arek screamed out the window for me to hurry up, so i almost felt like you were there ron. oh….and you texans…no offense…drive WAY too fast for me. who can enjoy the scenery if they are driving that fast??? not me. i had to pull over in the stupid breakdown lane a million times to let crazy people pass me. how rude. get off my bumper already. i was going between 70 and 80 mph and that wasn’t fast enough. even in europe the truckers can only go 55mph. i don’t get it. i grew up in the city where i used public transportation all the time and when i didn’t, i was stuck in traffic, so i didn’t really drive fast. blah, blah, blah.

when we got to BRENHAM, i became infatuated with this town immediately!!! all those old homes, azeallas, big trees, and old buildings. what a gorgeous little town, but that isn’t where the story starts. it starts at the BLUEBELL ICE CREAM FACTORY. yes, that was the intent of the trip. who knew that the creamery IS spring break. was the entire state of texas there on friday afternoon????? just about. we had to wait over 2 and a half hours to get into the factory. by then, we had eaten our ‘free’ ice cream before we got it free and i had witnessed like 5 meltdowns (not ice cream ones)  and 150 ‘i just want to go to our hotel’ sentences over and over and over again. i remained as calm as i could. it was very hot and folks were started to get annoyed. hey….my thing is, if you can’t help me…don’t judge me. i’m a skeleton crew. the folks behind me had the ‘most well behaved’ 2 boys of ALL time. the were soooooooo good. of course, dad was there and had that look. if he left for 2 days, i bet those boys would take down the roof. who knows???? anyway, they (the mom and dad) kept stepping away from me and staring at me like i had a disease. hey….count your blessings mom. you HAVE someone to help you. now stop staring already.

the folks in front of me were sooooooooo super nice. they actually kept a place in line for us while i tried to keep the kids busy. they pushed the stroller for us in line (it was a mom and her mom and 3 BOYS. they GOT IT, so they helped me. really…there are generous people out there still. i can count on the human race again. it’s nice to know strangers can still help each other). i tried to take the kids to a bouncy castle that looked like a giant gallon of ice cream, but they weren’t buying it. arek couldn’t bounce in there because it was all GIRLS and just him. zoey got scared. oh well….moving on. only 2 hours left to wait.


i had to bribe arek to not freak out completely. we walked all around, went to the bathroom twice, went to the country store (that was a mistake), and went to visit the big metal cow in the front of the building. who knew the cow was soooo popular. there was an ambiguous line started for ‘cow’ ride pictures. did i know that? was it official? some woman yelled at arek because he was standing somewhate near the cow while she was trying to get a picture of ONLY the cow and NO kids????? wth?? i don’t understand people sometimes…really. i didnt’ know she was the cow police. she didn’t have a badge or name tag with the cow police on it.  i wanted to start a fight, but i knew that was rude and i couldn’t change a old woman’s mind about her manners or lack of style. it is a PUBLIC cow lady. anyone who wants to can stand near it. back off…stop being rude and go get some ice cream already. i told arek he did nothing wrong and that some people are just rude.

by the time we got to the cow from our ambiguous line of kids waiting….arek was too scared to sit on it and so was zoey, so this is all i could take…..



after the whole ordeal, we were all loosing our patience…so i found another way for arek to understand and interact with the history of this famous texas creamery…….




there is a statue of the three men that led their innovations to establish this company and then there is arek and bear bear. i think they had something to do with the establishment of a new flavor of ice cream or the company bonuses each worker gets if they eat at least a scoop of birthday cake ice cream a day.

we did make it thru the factory….we did make it to the hotel. the creamery is fun if you have time to visit and are passing thru brenham. really….it’s worth the stop, but i don’t know if it’s worth 2 hours in the hot sun w/2 kids kinda worth the stop.


we did make it to the hotel…..


this is THE most important thing about a hotel, right????? zoey has donut sugar all over her face and arek SWEARS the floating orb to the right of him on the wall is a GHOST. there were orbs in a lot of our photos. i swear brenham is haunted, but why the best western hotel outside of town????? it’s not old, but maybe some old spirit is still encountering the joy you get when you jump on a soft, hotel bed.  anyway, i think arek and i have been watching WAAAAY too much chiller chanel television.

between this activity and the pool, i was surprised we got to make it downtown to see anything. we did….i found some great shops (arek was not impressed) and a few bargains. lots of old books for $1 and some other goodies. the three of us walked around and i screamed at the kids to pay attention to crazy fast downtown drivers a million times, but we still had fun……




i thought these were cute. i made arek kiss this chick. germs….i know, i know. and i wonder why we are all sick all the time.

i didn’t share any restuarant photos, cuz i was too busy trying to eat while i could. restaurants are tricky with the kids. the first one we went to, arek went thru my purse looking for quarters for the jukebox and left a mess. zoey was wild and throwing food and drinking creamers. i was hungry and trying to scarf food down. arek did go get our fruit salad at the counter w/o my help. he did that on numerous occassions this trip. this is a HUGE improvement from where i was with him last year. kuddos to you arek. i also managed to have zoey stand up in a chair in the fanciest restaurant we ate in and announce to the entire dining area that she was pooping. STOP. i couldn’t even share a laugh w/anyone really. arek and i got big eyes and took her to the potty right away. arghhh……

you know i can’t get thru a trip w/o at least one fabulous store that just takes me all in…….this store was called PARIS FLEA MARKET at LILLY’S. located downtown brenham, this sweet, neat cottage funky shop packed a HUGE shabby inspired punch. i was wooed by all the vintage, shabby madness…..wonderful displays….super cottage colors….great prices. the owner was so kind and helpful. i bought a HUGE hooked rug, a rose painting for only $12 and a vintage hat that was handmade with blue tissue flowers. i kept arek busy by allowing him to take photos and zoey slept in the stroller while i shopped. it was tricky, but we got thru it.


i love that she used canvas make her store signs….love it. very clever.


lots of tole chandies, garden fancies and pink, aquas and yellows…..and purples. wonderful.


shabby manq. window display….love the lace.


pink cabinet madness. love it….shells in a net on a manq. in the background….


big sign and metal tiles on the ceiling add sophistication and shabby delight…..


lots of lighting for sale….


baskets…trays everywhere, mosaic crosses and shabby furniture…..all displayed so cleverly.


i fell in love with this chair and sewn slipcover made from cast off linens….it is darling….


pretty blue repainted furniture and colorful columns…..


cherubs….more lighting and doilies….



lots of mccoy and other type planters….figurines…baby pillows embellished with pins…..mirrors…and furniture galore.


this fancy lady resides behind the checkout counter. my rug is peeking up in the left corner. it is large for an old wool rug.

if you are passing thru BRENHAM on your way to round top, this store is MUST!!!!! so clever and eye candy everywhere….

before we headed out, i had one more cup of coffee and took the kids to a ‘vintage’ store as arek would say and made them smile for the camera…



onto arek photos. i wanted some photos of arek near some old buildings, but he only wanted to act like a ghost. whaa???? okay….so i made a small series of photos of arek acting like a ghost in scary, haunted downtown brenham…..most folks take their kids to olin mills for fancy, studio shots and i take scary photos that arek won’t let me put on this posting, so i will save it until next post.

you all have a great sunday…….hope you get a break.



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calm before a trip always leaves me blue…..


i have been reluctant to post. i am like carrie bradshaw on the episode during season 5 when she and her friends had a dry spell and carrie had nothing to write about but french fries and men like socks….her column socked and i feel like this blog post might too, but ron told me to post something new, so here goes.

i have been in the house….still sick (me this time) and up to my armpits in arek and zoey. we have just piddled and rested and hung out and i’ve watched them fight and play and then fight more. my project list has been very diversed week. i do projects as i can, and sometimes i get a few brief moments when arek is actually playing with zoey and not taunting her. i have also been preparing for a small road trip, so i’m distracted by that. it’s calm now, but the day has been crazy.  sometimes it is a home, home sweet….but today it has been a home, home wreck. i’m so messy with kids home all day. it’s CRAZY. i’m also still in my blue phase…how many more things can i paint blue??? me and picasso.

my projects have been quick and easy this week….simple, but they keep my mind rolling. small projects are better than no projects. this day is a blur now. i’m trying to block it out. it started out with a picnic in the backyard, followed by a half of box of wasted goobers, soggy choc. chips, (i know, i know…what the ^%$ kind of picnic is that?) and wet clothes and a huge fight over a pink plastic teapot. whatever???? who has the sweet kids that sit still and shy on the grass and pour tea for each other….serving each other with a smile and grace???? not me.

i think after that zoey had a fit because she couldn’t wear my hair pin and then zoey lost her lipgloss lids and it went down hill quickly after that. arek is a homebody and want to stay around the house and zoey always wants to go to the store to buy something. just like grownups….the men watch tv and chill and the ladies are busy finding treasures. is this foreshadowing??? i’m not sure. i managed to get us out and about for a couple of hours tonite, but before that, arek and zoey had a fight over the hose and a mud puddle. why? how can they both think that is all the dirt in the world? i have more than that on some of the stuff i drag out of the trash. they could rinse off my junk pile and have mud hole large enough to water safari animals. i give up. oh…then zoey drew all over her hands and stomach w/red marker. i had to clean the car before our trip. zoey touched stuff and smeared marker on the NICE family car. no ron…i didn’t let her. i stopped her and you would have thought i cut off a limb. between that and brushing her hair tonight, i’m sure the neighbors think i’m taking candy away from a baby…..and i am so to speak.

here are my projects in the making and some complete……





i’ve been making egg pictures lately….they are so easy. i have soooo many cast off frames. i just attach a frame to an old sign or book cover…add words, some grass, egg paint, wire to hang and i’m finished. i the little bird on the top will hang from the bottom of the sign.

i also made a little sign that says porch. i find so many old drawers in the trash that are falling apart. i take the wood apart and voila….a board great to make a sign instantly!!! i printed this word out…decoupaged it….added some small rhinestones, shoe polish to make it look aged and a prism and buttons.

the angel above is actually a candle. i just painted it blue. i may add a little halo or crown atop her head. i’m not sure yet. i just thought she needed to be blue. she was a cast off and now she’s as good as a statue.

oh…i was recently asked how i make everything look so distressed….my BIGGEST AND BESTEST FRIEND….really rough sandpaper and acrylic paint. a semi-gloss will actually peel better and i let the paint sit out w/out the lid so it will get super thick and goopy. it will sand off easier if i let it get thick. i just paint and scrape with the sandpaper and that is it. NO tricks or special techniques at all. i’ve tried wax and petrolleum jelly and i can’t make those work. i’ve also tried those in collages and couldn’t get them to work. i also PAINT EVERYTHING. i don’t even prime stuff. i just paint right on top of whatever is there….other paint, fabric, metal, whatever. the trick is having really thick paint.

i found the greatest silver flower frog at the sally for only $1 yesterday. you can’t see the detail in the bowl part, but it’s gorgeous….tarnished and perfect. i am using it to store smalls…..


also been printing words to use for collages and tags. i print them out on heavy stock paper and they work as well as the ones pre-bought. they are cheaper and you can just type what you want. i have been typing little sayings to add to my booth lot bags i’ve been making…..below i painted a vintage bracelet pink. it was a dull goldtone and brown stones. i wasn’t feeling that, so i painted it a shabby pink. i will add something to each stone. i think typewriter keys would look awesome or small broken china. i also have some old, small cameos i could glue to each or a mother of pearl button and pearl.




found these sweet, sweet, sweet trio of vintage birds at the sally for $1. i have no plans for them yet. they are very small and adorable. may dangle them from a collage.

i put them on a compote i glued today. i find the prettiest mis-matched plates and saucers. i also find lots of tea cups, candle holders, tins and vases. marry the two and you have a sweet, unique compote…..


i happened to glue this plate to the top of an old flour shaker. there was only one shaker and i didn’t know what to do with it. this would look great in a kitchen with a bar of soap, or holding a glass with your favorite measuring spoons in it. you could do this with tins that say coffee or tea and have them hold glasses with cute silver teaspoons in them. make it stop….


found this little bunny in a BIG yard sale craft bag. he is so adorable and made from clay.


i got so nuts, i even painted my knock off crocs blue……..ron….are you reading this???? what has happened to me? i think i will glue some cuteness to these too. what the heck. my fancy shoes…..mary randolph carter has a pair of shoes she photographed for one of her books. i think it was GARDEN JUNK. i loved that her shoes became another one of her junk displays. they say to walk in another man’s shoes, but i haven’t ever heard to walk in another junker’s painted cast off crocs….


it (the craft area) has stayed in this debaucherous state all week….it’s like a party here that doesn’t end….someone needs to go home so it can clean itself up.

i will leave you with photos of  arek and zoey playing with my lazy susan…nothing lazy about these two. they were spinning each other around on it. why??? they have tons of yard toys and a BIG ole trampoline and they insist on getting right in the middle of the junk…electrical cords…lamps…frames….old boards….oh…this is safe and what is arek wearing???? and why isn’t zoey wearing anything again???? hey…she has a bag of makeup.



arek planting seeds for cubscouts…..



he is wearing an indian outfit that is 3 times too small for him. we had the meeting at my house, so he was in his PJs. i wish i could get away with that…oh wait…i do.

some art from arek. why does this bear have pins in his head? why does arek decorate his stuffed animals with my vintage straight pins? this is papa bear that my mom made me when i was 8. i don’t remember ever putting straight pins his head when i was little. hmmmm. boys….


it is a cd cover for one of arek’s garage band cds. nice. trent reznor in the making. yikes.

okay….i smell catfood, but i’m nowhere near angus’ bowl. better go investigate. you all have a great night……

blah, blah, blah…..yes dana…my husband tells me CONSTANTLY that i am a giant run on sentence and this blog entry has no theme and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…..



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hill country…wine country…and a couple of small projects….


it’s the first day of spring break, and i spent it spazing about who knows what??? i had great intentions to make it a stress free day with pretty little birdies, sunshine, sweet kids playing in the backyard and lemonade……


not quite…..

instead i got a very, very, very intolerable toddler that cried almost all day long…….she insisted on wearing her bathing suit the entire day. i tried to keep her and arek busy today, but it was a day that fell flat. i’m lying if i say it was great and i was the happiest mother on the planet. i felt like i was the only mother on the planet. argh. one demand after another for this…for that…nuts. i wanted to go somewhere, but we had to stay home and wait for a UPS candle shipment. it didn’t come. it will come tomorrow. i’m confident. i need to sign my sig for an undisclosed amount that i spent on candles???? they should give me the shipping FREE after i bought that much. arek, zoey and i will sneeze tons tomorrow smelling all our new candles and i’m smitten that at least one will shatter on the very minimal area of floor tile that i do have. and oh…those packing peanuts??? don’t get me started. then all day, zoey had a low grade fever. of course she felt bad and clingy. i wanted to make a craft, put that dreaded stack of laundry away, clean the kitchen floor, wash the bathroom, clean the backyard up from the rain, get 2 loads of dishes done and try to take a bath. i think only 1 of these things got done today. zoey wanted to be held all day. i did manage to do 2 projects and zoey helped me paint this cute chair above blue…cuz i’m in my blue phase….but that is about it.

do i sound stressed? well….i was, but then i remembered what ron said to me a couple of weeks ago when i was complaining on the phone that i really missed his help and that the kids overwhelm me sometimes……RON said to have a glass of wine when i felt a little stressed at night. WEEEELLLLLL that would be every night, ron, but i will pick the worse nights….i remembered the bottle of pinot grigio that i had in the back pantry….ready for consumption. i was saving it for ron and i to share, but i decided that the texas hill country sunshine day couldn’t wait any longer for me to have a couple of small glasses, so i did. I MUST ADMIT….life got better instantly…like in less than 15 minutes. it was like the epideral that i needed during the transition time of the day. what is the difference really???? labor….stress??? sometimes a little something something takes off the edge. i try soooo hard not to rely on something that instantly gratifying very often, but if any of you have gone thru a deployment w/o your DH for a long, long, consecutive time, and no family around that you miss everyday for years and years, sometimes mother’s little helper needs to be a sweet little italian grape. i’m not afraid to say it. i’m not ashamed to drink it. mom…..are you reading this? no, a grape could never replace you.

anyway…blah, blah, blah. i’m just having a slumpy day. i miss you again ron. this blog is turning into a i miss my husband very much and oh yeh…by the way…i’m a junker blog, so on with the projects and fun stuff. i will try to be more uplifting from now on….so on with the fun stuff. I LOVE to make button flowers. fun, easy, somewhat quick, but i decided on a little variation today. i made some button flowers, but i added some small doily parts, tulle, some old book page cutouts and a few plastic prisms that look a little like leaves….i like it….fun, easy and zoey helped me pick out the buttons. i find sweet, cheap vases all the time, so little arrangements are the perfect, quick craft…..



i also made a lil junk arrangement today as well. totally rusty trashed picked wire from germany….lots of little rusty baubles and a photo i plan to alter some and put a little saying on her to finish this out…..i just dangled a bunch of keys, prisms and cast offs from rusty, bent wire. would also look sweet with feathers and white roses or dried hydrangeas…



i found this lamp for about 75 cents at the g.w. i added the blue band around the bottom and rusty, naked shade. i added the prisms too…..


i love these light bulbs…they last forever and they don’t cost very much. about $3.50 or so a bulb. they are a halogen (you know i can’t spell)  light, but don’t cast that blue tint that so many of those types of lights cast. the light is bright, clear and white…..and the bulb is gorgeous…very heavy and cut like crystal….nice.


can you tell i LOVE THIS BLUE…..i plan to decoupage this french paper and painted rose to this old framed pic i painted over. i will add the words pink rose cottage i think. i’m not sure.


i find these candle holders all the time. i painted this one out and added the glass holder. i plan to fill it with moss and a couple of bird’s eggs. i think i will dangle a small sign from it that says nest or something….when i get time to…when i have the energy to….when i’m not so drunk (i’m kidding).


okay…..i’ll leave you with my new favorite song…..i’m old, so i can say that i’ve followed (yes, i will follow) U2 for a long time…..i’m not the most political, biblical, poetic or literate song interpreter by any means, so i’m not so sure i can even pretend to know what this song is about, but i have my own ideas. i just love it though……i’m so proud that this band has stuck together for over 25 years, and stayed true to their sound, their message and their rock and roll spirit. i remember being in 11th grade and thinking the name of the lead singer was pronounced BO-KNOW. like sonny and cher….whaa?? but after hearing the edge play and seeing that sweet face of larry mullen jr., i was HOOKED. that was well….over 25 years ago. seeing U2 play makes me feel my youth again for only a moment and listening to them now reminds me that i still have that young part in me. not to mention these guys look still look amazing….way to go….sorry i can’t actually put the video in this post. for some reason i can’t remember how to. must be all that wine.


i’m tired…must sleep…after all…tomorrow is another day to wait for the ups man…and enjoy this sweet texas sunshine.

you all have a great night. you too ron…



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i found my camera, but i left my heart at chuck-e cheese….


good sunday afternoon…okay…i lost my dang camera in the pile of clean clothes that i haven’t put away yet. seriously…it was stuck somewhere between a large bath towel and a wad of arek’s pjs. i didn’t post yesterday because i couldn’t find my camera, so i spent last night watching the chiller chanel with arek and saturday night live (why do i let my 9 year old watch that with me?). i’ve decided after watching the chiller chanel that i need a UNICK to walk with me and the kids. she can become my nanny so to speak and help us out until ron gets back. she will be perfect for early morning yard sales and long lines at carnivals. i would dare someone to touch the 25 cent flower frog yardsale pile with her standing next to us….anyway….i’m diverting.

okay….soooo much to talk about. i spent the better part of the afternoon at chuck e cheese today with crazy arek and zoey. zoey wanted to go there to get lipstick. whaa? she’s terrified of chucke, but will give herself whiplash trying to find him in the crowd!! zoey was shaking all over and said she was scared of chuck. i believed her until an hour later she was burning up with a FEVER. AGAIN. ack. why do i try? i let her eat 15 lolipops (well, she opened them and then got them stuck in her hair and threw them away) for breakfast and plain bread without the wrapper (crust) as she calls it. i have still been pretty sick too…on and off, but i felt so creative this weekend, so i worked on what i could with demanding zoey and hungry arek (i had to stop every 3 minutes of working to help arek get something from the kitchen). arek and zoey both did a little craft with me yesterday. arek made a voodoo doll out of old quilt parts and a sharpie marker. don’t ask. okay….blah, blah, blah…..

i will get to this YUMMY paint color above in a minute, but i want to link you all to LINDA’S GIVEAWAY over at My Shabby Rose Cottage. i haven’t read an issue of PORCH magazine yet, so i am crossing my fingers i win her giveaway!!!! if you would like to participate, please feel free to check out her fabulous blog and enter a chance to win!!!!!!!


thanks linda…..also i have 2 blogs that i want you all to check out!!! my blogging buddy Rachel has started up her blog the CHIPPY COTTAGE CHARM HOUSE. good luck rachel…her wit and charm and talent should not be missed!!!! also Jessica at SUGAR MOON…stunning photos…tons of talent, style and time-worn treasures to fancy your roving junk eye!!! thanks ladies for such cool blogs.

alright (or is it all right?)…onto the blue paint color above. I LOVE OOOOOOPS PAINT and i love this blue color sooo much. it’s such a perfect cottage blue. i found the little can for $2. i will paint everything in my path this blue for this next week. yikes. kids….hide your toys and pets. not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but it is very thick and goopy, so only 2 coats is all i need!!!! i usually open a can of paint and let it sit for a couple of days open so that it will thicken up. rachel ray may know how to thicken her sauces when she cooks, but i have a way with oooops paint…..and i can paint a bunch of trash in less than 30 minutes.




i love to paint cast off junk jewels with regular house paint or spraypaint. if i don’t like the gold or silver tones or it’s a piece i don’t think will work, i’ll paint it.  doesn’t all that junk jewelry look yummy painted blue? i see a collage or pillows maybe? i also found these cheap chandie shades for like 50 cents for 6. i just painted them out blue and i’ll spray them with glitter spray and maybe add a jewel to each. that’s it!! tie a bow around them and they are booth bound…….above is a LARGE lazy susan. i can’t wait to just paint it out blue and add some cute bird and nest inspired things to the top for the booth. collage in the works with the blue frame and the candle holder will become a tart holder with a tea lite and a little bowl on it. perfect.

i was also inspired by cream colored things this weekend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DREAM IN CREAM BLOG. i want to change my entire existence when i link to this blog. i’m such a tacky knock off and blog idea theif…but….



here are the finished altered shoes from the g.w. i found these for $1 and altered them with lace and beaded medalions i found off a 10 cent silk shirt. i found the shirt cheap and tea stained it (kathy….it’s coming your way!!) and was going to make a pillow out of that. i cut the beaded disks off the front of the shirt and tea stained them. i really do find a purpose for EVERYTHING. it’s sad. i also tea stained the shoes. i see all these neat, victorian altered shoes and boots and i LOVE them, but i can’t find the old shoes, so i’ve been appropriating with newer ones and copying the antique look. i painted a pair (kathy they are on they way to you too) and just white washed them. i loved them like that. when i find a pair i think i can paint, i snag them up. for a buck, it’s worth the haul.



i found these primitive stars at the g.w. friday. i paid a quarter for 3 of them. i decided to try my hand at stitching and put these lil vintage photos on them. i stitched a button and lace to the top to hold them and made little star collages. arek kept trying to take the needle to put in his voodoo doll. stop.


25 cent heart pillow….tea stained and i added a doily and a pin that i painted pink. i plan to add a few more embellishments to this and it will be cute hanging from a door knob. i may start rusting safety pins and hanging keys and rusty charms from pillows and what not. even wrapping this in rusty wire with an old photo and some buttons would be interesting.

this is the start of a new collage…..


i’m not sure where to go with her yet. i added a buckle at the bottom and another cast off one on top of that with words. i plan to give her a crown of lace and bling…she will get buttons and a saying of some sort. and i think i will add some wire wings i found somewhere crazy to her as well. maybe add some prisms hanging off of those. i also have some neat white wire garden fencing that would look awesome attached to this as well.


what does one do with a 25 cent hand made kitty???? i tea stained this one and added eyes, mouth of rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, lace collar, doily, painted pin and buttons. a kind of whimsy project that was quick and fun. zoey had fun helping me with this one.

that is all the project stuff i could squeeze out this weekend. sad. i did clean my back porch off and that was a HUGE accomplishment. between too much bad tv and waaaay too many sugar snacks, i have to take a craft break. i just have to. i look at other blogs and i am soooooo amazed at what accomplishments folks make with their crafts. there are some seriously talented artists out there. so much imagination. it is just awesome. thanks ladies sooooo much for sharing all of your ideas. it’s wonderful. it’s a necessity for me now. it’s food.

that and a snack break….cuz i have such a BIG sweet tooth. i can’t eat enough sugar. i’ll blame that one on my thyroid. that and my coffee addiction. i had a dose of childhood nostalgia last week and bought some malted milk. arek said it looks gross and he made a face when i asked him to try it. he would have not made in my childhood days. i lived on powdered milk and malted milk during our winters in maine. yum. takes me back, although i don’t like powered eggs…sorry…no green eggs and ham for me or sam and no powered eggs and ham for me…..but i can’t speak for sam.

i made a super yummy sweet tooth hot beverage today before i blogged…..BIG OLE GLASS OF MILK…on the stovetop with white choc. chips, malted milk and a wisk and milk steamer wisk…..heat milk, chips, malt and stir….



enjoy with a dollup…or more like a big, giant, fat spoonful…of whipped (wahiiiped…no whipped) cream. that is for you ron. top with sprinkles, jimmies, cocoa, little gnome hats…whatever. and SIP…..

okay…i am having more lolipop demands and arek roller coaster tycoon demands, so i need to go…..i tell them they both need to go some place where a kid can be a kid…oh…that is in my computer room.



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