it is midnight and my glass slippers are just old socks with holes….and i should be out of sight…like sleeping that is….


but instead i’m going to go on and on about a bunch of random crap.

first off….THE BACHELOR. okay…jason…get a clue. what is the deal???? molly was that right one from the start. good move way too late jason. heartbreaks all over the place this season. either way, those girls will still have to clean the urine up off the floor…4 year old urine or 34 year old urine.  don’t matter neither way…it’s still a chore only certain spouses can endure. no more nights in exotic places, ladies….time to just chill at the house. molly will get bored. get over it molly. now go get ty a peanut butter sandwich already. and for melissa….prince charming is an illusion. you are better off kissing toads girl. now go back to college and get a cat. i’ll stop now.

why else can’t i sleep??? i am nervous about the TAKS 3rd grade reading test arek has to take in the morning. i would be worried if i had to take it, much less arek.  lord knows he will barely pass it if he does at all. part of this is a reflection of the loss i’m feeling w/out dad around the house to help.  i should push arek harder to study every night, but i am tired and understaffed, so i let stuff slide. oh well. arek is smart, but he needs to slow down when he tests.  he can get a second chance if it doesn’t work out this time around. he will get some special help with the test, so i hope that works in his favor. i’m crossing fingers, toes and strips of lace for you arek. i sent you to bed early with a belly full of very, very healthy captain crunch cereal.

zoey pooed in her little potty for the first time today!! the potty had to be dragged all around the house and sat on in several different areas, but she finally settled on the hallway to do her business. it was a decision she made. i am not really a potty pusher. i’m kind of a slacker mom when it comes to grades and potty time. what can i say???? you push em too hard on the potty and they end up smoking by the time they are 4. zoey will get the potty thing w/out a big giant power struggle from me. go zoey!!  if the potty was a 3rd grade TAKS test today zoey, you would pass with a big 100 percent.

i worked on projects today… between all the drama of kids, i managed to squeeze out the paris flea mart sign above. it cost me less than 50 cents to make. all cast off stuff…even the board it used to put it on. i plan to dangle a prism from the bottom and use a big, rusty wire to hang it. i also worked on a little collage w/ a cast off door front i trashed….


i used some doilies, gloves, ribbon and some pearls. oh…and vintage wallpaper. she’s in need of a wire hanger and she is booth ready. speaking of booth….very slow lately, so i decided to snap some shots for you bloggers out there that may pass thru copperas cove, texas. please stop by….

CRAFTER’S CORNER…..lots and lots of stuff….vendors galore. come check it out!!!!

i was also inspired today by these old ledger pages…i found them in a hatbox i had hiding under a table. oh…this is my life, eh?


i also plan to make a ‘hat’ collage from all this mess. i’ll share the after photos when i am finished…..


okay…on to crafter’s corner photos. there really is no particual order to these….just random shots of the store and new displays for spring…..























does my skin look clearer???? i’ve been using anti wrinkle cream, sun screen, and i’m been taking a skin, hair and nails vitamin everyday. do i look fetal? do i have a face like a baby’s butt? i hope not, but i sure am tired of looking old. can these creams really do what that promise??? small, small changes. that is what i see, but i do see a change.

i need a face like this….



minus the green snot. yuck. zoey has been ill, so she’s a little green around the nose.

you all have  lovely night. i’m soooo tired now and angus just threw up. see what a little blogging can do to weaken the soul? kids, pets, junk….oh my. where is my glass slipper??? where is my prince???? he needs to come rescue me from the poo, throw up, yucky nose, TAKS test, endless chores and bad skin. molly….your life has just started girl. good luck.

you all have a lovely evening or day or middle of the night or whatever it is….

i need my glass of water and i’m curlin up like an old cat…next to my cat and hopefully not in the throw up.




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6 responses to “it is midnight and my glass slippers are just old socks with holes….and i should be out of sight…like sleeping that is….

  1. Love your Paris Flea Market sign! And hey, do you come across a lot of vintage shoe bags at all? I would love a pastel coloured one…

  2. marie

    sales are slow all over. your “stuff” is great. i’d love to shop at your store, i’m in jersey (boo-hoo). i have a booth and well, there are days & days before someone even walks in. i keep creating. do you have a web site, etsy? do you offer your designs on your blog? have a great week.

  3. Debbie P.

    I, too, love your creations; always things I never would have thought of. And yes, your skin is looking fabulous! I’m hoping sales will pick up this spring; americans can only go so long without spending money!

  4. Sue, I am looking for a box of word flash cards and saw some on this post. Do you have a box for sale? Please email me. Your baby looks so sweet in her dress up clothes. Thanks.

  5. Rachel Knoblich

    Everything looks great as usual. Zoey the little princess can come live with me in this overwhelming house of boys. Just one girl…is that too much to ask? LOL
    My sales are picking up this month…yeah! After 2 months of only making rent. Thank goodness…I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I still spend…why doesn’t everybody else? LOL

  6. Michele

    pots & sex!
    see, i made you laugh.

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